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08 Dec

I had a very unusual date tonight. A guy saw a photo of me with a plane and invited me for a date. It turns out he’s a doctor by day and owns one of the U.S.’s crazy acrobatic aviation air show companies because that’s his real passion.

I looked at his work. That’s insane. Where did you learn how to do these maneuvers? What do you do as your day job?

Dermatologist. Surgeon.

His next response was that he’s crazy in love with my skin. I’ve heard that many times before. It’s butter soft.

So I explain to him that I was born with Alexandra’s Genesis. It’s people who born with purple eyes that change color later in life. My eyes have been purple, then blue then blue-green It’s actually a form of albinism and we have super soft, butter soft, white skin. We are often born with higher IQ’s than most people.

He was fascinated. I said, “So take me up in one of your many planes.” As you know, I have a strong interest in Aviation. I fly planes.

He said, “I can’t believe you look like the photos!” I actually look better than the photos. I only post photos that are worse than meeting me in person. I don’t want the person to be disappointed when they meet me.

I dated a jerk once for a couple of month’s who kept insisting that I dye my hair darker. I hate to tell you this but my natural color is blonde. It’s very light. I need a guy who loves it.

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