That account’s on fire now…

06 Dec

Somebody asked today, how do you pick the shots of the planes to appear on the luxury board next to the jewelry?

Easy. When I first started one of my businesses years ago, I was a contractor for an aviation company. If you’ve ever flown the Gulfstream 450, 550 or 650 then you probably learned to fly that plane on an application that I was paid to do. I know those planes. I love the Gulfstream Airplanes. A Commanche doesn’t qualify as luxury. You know what I mean?

Most of the things (but not all) I choose for the luxury board, I’ve had personal experience with in my life.

When I go to the boat shows, the mega yachts will generally let me on board because I’m a designer.

And even the $7,000 bottle of wine – well I’ve had that too. A friend and I shared a bottle over dinner in Palm Beach. He brought the bottle to dinner for me to try. I guess you could say, I’m an interesting dinner companion because I’m not like most women.

And of course with the diamonds…you know the story by now. I make my living off of luxury items.


20,000 new followers a week just went to 20,000 in one day. That’s what happened today.  I love it when an account catches fire and now it becomes my job to keep fanning the flames.

I’m wondering where and if we are going to top out.

There’s part of me that wants to set aside the coffee table book project in order to keep the growth going in that account.

We’ll see.

It’s like the day you get discovered.

It certainly didn’t hurt that I blogged about the account last night.

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