Busy, busy week…

05 Dec

M. is in Switzerland on business this week so I am handing things for her this week at the Worth Avenue store.

I’ve been interviewing for us to hire a new person to work with me. It can be very difficult to get the kind of fit we need. Like my businesses, Kaufmann de Suisse is about style.

We have really picked up speed on Pinterest. I’m picking up over 20,000 new followers per week right now. I think that by telling a compelling story though photos, it’s really starting to attract attention.

One of the boards I do is on Luxury – The World’s Best I include not only the best jewelry, but the best planes, travel, gowns, kitchens, houses, pet houses, cars etc. I work with luxury brands for a living so that experience comes in handy. It’s a board about style and I choose the items. The reaction has been very good.

On the Jewelry Showcase board, people see the work I’ve done in shooting the models with the jewelry. I’ve enjoyed working with all the girls and getting to capture their best through photos. Julie and I became very good friends after she began to model for us. Julie is a former Miss USA and first runner up for Miss Universe. We met a champagne reception for the mayor of Palm Beach. She’s the one I nicknamed #WorldPeace. We have a lot of fun together.

When there are social events, I tend to represent the brand at the functions.

And the Love Board is all about – Love It also has a compelling following. I developed the boards that were added in the past year. To check them out go to Jewelry Showcase is You’ll also see Miss Brazil on my board as well. Of the younger models, I think Kylie and Kristen really know how to rock it. Kristen was on the shoot when we house a house party, lots of champagne and music. I think she had fun with the shots.

We’re in a very sexy business and desire is what really sells jewelry. So the girls and I have a comfort level talking about what’s sexy and what’s a good look. I think some of our models are “pretty” but few are as “sexy” as Julie. But we sit down over cocktails and talk about poses and what works. And she’s in turn taught me about modeling. It’s harder than it looks. My comfort level is obviously behind the camera. I did a shoot for the store as a model for one of Guinness Book of World Records pieces. I hated the photos and 86′d them. It was a honor to be asked to wear the piece but I wasn’t ready for it. I felt like I need a lot of work on my look in front of a camera.

We’ve made substantial investments into visual assets. It’s rewarding to know that people like them. The new web site also continues to grow each day in numbers. There will be a lot more new content and inventory coming to web site in the next 12 months.


I actually started the new Pinterest boards 4 months ago. So we picked up over 100,000 followers in the four months. Last week we were at 80 something thousand, now we’re over 100 so we picked up speed.


The Publisher of the Palm Beach Guide was nice enough to call me today to tell me that the guide will be mailed to your house, if you own property on Palm Beach or you can pick up a copy from the Palm Beach Chamber. I did the ad on the back cover.

And of course Rolls Royce Magazine is set to roll of the press in January with our double page spread.

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