The very, very hot debate…

04 Dec

This subject has been hotly debated amongst many people I know and everyone has a different opinion.

Some people think I should go back to contacts, which I haven’t worn since my 20s. And here’s the thing, at least briefly I have to go back to them in order to have my lenses changed in my glasses. My eyes get better every year as I get older because of a particular problem I have. I like the frames I have so I have to surrender my glasses at least for a few days. I know it sounds strange but true.

Here’s a shot of me today, without makeup and with my hair only being blow dried. To me the glasses are just part of who I am. This is me – no fancy clothes, no makeup, no fancy jewelry. This is what 49 looks like. There has been no Photoshop work done to this photo. I personally, don’t even like the way I look without glasses anymore. I cannot believe how much debate this has received amongst friends. People seem to be so opinionated about this one way or the other.

Any thoughts?

I’m not kidding when I say this subject has sparked downright screaming matches between people. It’s glasses people. That’s all it is.

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