I had a great weekend…

03 Dec

It was downtime and order…

I did my usual, clean, straighten, pay bills, run errands and then just enjoy it. I went to Dominic’s for lunch on Saturday. I took my car into the dealer to get the brake light fixed. They were too nice – they charged me $5.35 for the repair and they washed my car.

I did some yoga and six miles on the bike at the gym. I watched a little Netflix. I laid on the couch and read this month’s issue of Palm Beach The Island. This month’s issue has the social calendar of events for the season.

I went and got my toes done. Believe it or not, I take four bottles with me to get this effect. There’s a base color and then a see through metallic that I have them use on top. I love getting my toes done because I can sit in the massage chair and relax.

This evening I can sit back and relax in a clean house and with a really pretty nightgown and a cup of reduced calorie hot chocolate.

It was just a simple, every day weekend but it was a good one. And I was able to relax and unwind a little.

I took a full length lavender, satin gown in for alteration. I am thinking that I will wear it sometime this holiday season to HMF at The Breakers. It’s really pretty because it comes up one shoulder and the other should is sleeveless. We’ll see how it looks when it comes back.

Lavender eyeshadow is a good color for someone with green/blue eyes.

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