The Ultimate Compliment…

01 Dec

It was a really nice compliment but was also laughing.

M. has worked with me for a while now and so Friday she says to me, “If only you were a man, I’d marry you. Why can’t I find a man like you?”

And we laughed. What’s she referring to is that I’m smart, I know how to go after something, I own beautiful real estate, I cook, I have taste in clothes, jewelry and places to go, I like to do adventurous things like fly planes, I’m a nice person, things like that. She’s told me all this before.

I thought to myself on Friday, “Is she in love with me or the deal we may get from the meeting I arranged….” I do know how to work hard.

If the meeting goes successfully, it could be the biggest deal she’s ever made.

We’ll see. I won’t say anything unless a deal is signed, sealed and delivered to our satisfaction.


M. thinks I’m beautiful but that’s the one thing I would dispute. I’m not so sure about that one. Jules calls me “Brilliant Barbie” but I always feel like that’s her kind, generous side coming out.

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