Santa Arrives in a Lamborghini…

28 Nov

Only in Palm Beach darling does Santa arrive in Lamborghini instead of a sled. My how times have changed!

Julie and I went to the Christmas Tree lighting in Palm Beach. She brought along a gentleman friend that lives in her building that’s a buddy of hers. The three of us had a fabulous time. Here’s the tree being lit.

We have photos but I’m not sure I want to post them of when I actually went to sit on Santa’s lap. I asked him if I was on the “Naughty List” and he nodded and I burst out laughing. Jules has pictures of all of us that she’s sending to me later.

Then the three of us went to Morton’s for dinner and it was like a dinner of coincidences. It seems like another life ago but I was a college professor for nine years. It turns out her friend was too. I had won an award for being the Outstanding College Professor in Ohio and he won the same in New York. He was also into engineering and boats, yachts and airplanes. So it was a fun night with the three of us agreeing that we must do the Palm Beach Boat Show together.

There are some seriously fun pictures of the three of us on Worth Avenue celebrating on Julie’s phone.

It was a good time. It really was.

And Julie sat on Santa’s lap too.

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