Miss #WorldPeace is back in town…

27 Nov

Happy Holidays at The Breakers from Julie Hayek and Laura Kerbyson. Look out Worth Avenue! They’re back…

What a fun night it was…and there’s a story about the dress below…

So Jules and I went to the Palm Beach Civic Association Party. I knew I was going there so I wore my dress to work and then to a meeting at the printers and for a few other places today. Everywhere I went, people said, “Wow! Look at that dress.”

It was one of the 202 dresses that Miss Monica Kaufmann gave to me. I consider it one of my favorite performance bonuses. So I asked her, “Tell me where this dress came from because I’m getting quite a reaction.”

She bought it in Switzerland for $2000. And she was sweet enough to rave about the way it looks on me. So that’s why I’m posting a few of the dress. What you can’t see in the photos is that you have to be slightly daring to wear it because the top is a little see through. I don’t care, I love it. And as you know I picked it out of a closet full of dresses, because I had a lot of dresses before I met Monica and now I could wear a different dress every day for a year and you wouldn’t see the same outfit.

And this is my, “Jules, I am not a model like you are…I just shoot the pictures but here’s the dress shot you wanted…” Why are we so bad at this selfie thing? Give me a professional camera and I rock, but give me a cell phone and passable is the only grade I would give it.

Julie is a good, dear friend. She is also a very accomplished woman and we always have a fun time when we go out. So of course we ended up at The Breakers and a Chanel No. 6 was involved.

The dress looks better when I am not trying to pose. Monica’s boyfriend was kind enough to say, “You look like a model!”

No, SHE looks like the model.

So glad that Miss Julie is back in town. We have two more events this week and The Breakers party on the 10th. We are two girls that just like to have fun.

You see what I mean by it takes some guts to wear this. This is how the light catches the fabric…

What can I say, we’re a bunch of girls who’s business is style.

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