Here’s the fashion show and choices of dresses…

26 Nov

I am attending three major holiday parties in Palm Beach between now and December 10th. So I selected a handful of gowns from my closet. I need to choose 3 out of the following choices.

This one looks surprising good when it’s actually on. The dress has an amazing amount of detail in the skirt and the top is like a soft velvet. I’m calling this one “The Black Beauty.”

This gray dress is elegant and fits like a glove.

I also have the same dress in Navy but it’s not tailored quite the same way, so I think I will exclude the Navy for now. But I do like it.

This red dress I am dubbing “The Siren” because the dress really kind of has that look. Anyone for the Lady in Red?

Then I could swing the opposite way into something more elegant like this navy lace dress…

This plum number is a favorite and I think I will wear it to the first party tomorrow. It fits like it was made for me when it’s on. The top is heavily sequined and the skirt has such interesting lines. It has a lot more shimmer and sparkle in person than the photo picks up. The top is 100% silk.

This black and white is very demure…

And this black velvet with the pink satin bow is sweet and elegant.

So which would you choose?

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