Play with color…very happy

10 Nov

My great passion in life is for design. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Six months ago I took on myself and some significant aesthetic challenges. I was very happy today to discover that something I thought might work, really did work.

I bought some new holiday makeup. This time I bought some a berry, plum, sparkly rich lip gloss. A few months ago, I would have avoided this color. Why? Because six months ago my lips were not symmetrical, one side was slightly larger than the other and dark colors accentuated the problem that my lips were not even. So in June I started the clear aligners to shift my teeth back to the position they had been after I had had braces as a kid. Age and time and caused them to shift.  I will be at the end of my treatment on Thanksgiving.

By correcting the structural problem, not only are my teeth nice and straight but I now have symmetrical, full lips without plastic surgery or fillers.

And I can wear a darker shade if I choose.

I am very happy with the improvements I’ve made over the past year. I think taking off another five pounds might be on my list because it would tighten things up a little further.

My whole goal was to be able to replicate my features from my 20’s and I think I did a good job from the design perspective.

Now in playing with colors, the holiday and winter season is here. I have green eyes with a blue ring on the inside so I’m going to be playing with the lavender, plum and peach palettes (not all at the same time). Those colors work well with blue green eyes.

But overall I’m very happy to have perfect lips and straight teeth again. It seemed like torture when I was doing it but it was worth it for the look.

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