The funny notes…

25 Oct

He said, “Before I met you, when I saw a picture of you I saved it and made notes. You want to see the notes?”

They said, “Tall. Scandinavian. Pilot. Beautiful.”

It was a photo of me standing next to one of the planes.

So I had to tell him, “Can you tell now, you got a few things wrong? I’m not tall. In photos I look that way because I have very long legs. I’m 5′4″. And I’m not Scandinavian.”

“You’re English? I can tell by the accent.”

“English, Irish and Scottish, but very American.”

“Oh, I see the very green eyes. A lot of Irish.”

Now he’s trying to convince me to loose my glasses because they hide my eyes.

Then the funniest question was, “Do you like rock and roll?”

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