What wasn’t fun…

24 Oct

What wasn’t fun were the arrogant programmers I met at the conference that were trying to pass of Rapnet’s code as their own to unsuspecting customers.

I’ve been in design and computer science a long time and I know Rapnet’s code and I use it to – the difference is I don’t claim it as my own. These guys just thought I was going to be some stupid unsuspecting store owner who couldn’t see what they are showing.

I  despise people in the industry like this. They make their sales based on lies. And I can tell you that they don’t know the first thing about actually selling a 10 carat diamond. No one buys a 10 carat diamond without actually seeing the stone. The website is to get them in the store. But we don’t expect that anyone would put that stone in their cart without seeing it. That’s not the way this industry works. That’s reality.

They kept telling people, their customers have that happen all the time. No they don’t. That’s an absolute lie and I’m very sure of it.

I didn’t build my businesses based on lies. I didn’t need to.

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