I might just keep this one…

28 Sep

Ok, truth be told here’s what’s going on….

I met someone a few weeks ago and it’s been the fastest moving relationship of my life. We had instant chemistry.

He’s from Montreal, Canada. He’s a physician who owned one of the large medical centers in South Florida and sold it. He’s very funny. We have very similar personalities – funny and good at business. He’s cute, sexy, smart, loves rock and roll – and all accounts seems to be over the moon about me. He was educated in British schools and knew instantly I was very “English.”

I gave him a taste of the authentic “Laura Kerbyson” and he cleaned out half his closet and drawers in the bedroom and bathroom for me within knowing me for two weeks.

What can I say – the right doctor is good with people and good with their hands. Friends that have known me my whole life are laughing because the last time I had a fast moving relationship, was my ex-husband who was a doctor and we owned urgent care centers because I had been an administrator at the hospital who bought his practice. That was 22 years ago. I don’t give in easily.

What can I say, I love the fact that a good doctor loves me…

And I love loyalty. He’s a widower.

And I have so much more chemistry with this one than I did with my ex – I might just keep this one.

It’s been a fast, fast moving relationship.

I love a man that’s smart, funny and really, really into me.

And how can I say no to the cute little dog? I call this dog “Georgie Porgie.”

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