The hurricane, the plane crash and other news…

11 Sep

Wow, North Carolina is about to get whomped.

My mother lives in South Carolina and I called today to find out what her plans were. She has a reservation inland but she’s not sure if she’s going to go. Where she lives is outside the “cone.”

Sunday, there was a plane crash right across the street. It shakes you a little bit when you hear that it was a very experienced pilot. I can vouch from personal experience that twin engine airplanes can be dangerous. If you lose an engine, there’s a high likely hood that you’ll invert the plane on landing.

This is the wreckage from the crash. Literally, this could have taken out my home if it happened on my side of the street. They had the same problem – this was a twin engine that had an engine failure.

When I was flying on the Twin Commanche a couple of years ago, we had trouble with the right engine. Before we took off I saw the engine wasn’t firing on all 6 cylinders but then it came roaring back to life. A couple of flights later, the engine quit while in air but restarted. We put the plane in for the annual inspection. They took it apart and found nothing wrong.

Then we continued to fly it and one day we had a right engine failure. And we were lucky, lucky, lucky to get it back down on the ground. But at point I didn’t feel like I could trust that plane again.

This was the day we took it in to be taken apart. I spent a week in the hangar watching them take the whole plane apart.

After all this transpired I read the crash report of theĀ  Twin Commanche who’s pilot was a very experienced Commercial Pilot and his girlfriend had her private pilot’s license. They had an engine failure and inverted the plane on landing and were killed.

So here’s the card in today’s game. I will weigh in on this one since it is my sign and for me this card is definitely true. What do you think true or not true?

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