Ready to play? Here’s the compromise…

08 Sep

There was a giant split in the readership. About half want to play the Zodiac Card- True or Not True Game. And then about half were like, “Hey, I read your blog so I know what you’re doing and thinking. If you play the game where’s the blog?” It can be hard sometimes because people read this blog for very different reasons.

So here’s the compromise.

I will randomly pull a card. You read it and determine if you think it is “True” or “Not True.”  Then if I have any insights or personal experiences with someone of that sign, I’ll make a comment. And yes, I will go ahead and make my usual kind of post as well beneath the card.

How’s that for a compromise?

I will link each card to the site where it came from.

Here’s today’s card. What do you think? True or Not True?

(Sorry this one’s a little hard to read.)

What sign am I? For years I filled everyone’s databases with a fake birthday (January 1, 1970). But then my real birthday got out so now I just own up to it and lock everything. My birthday is July 16th. My sign is Cancer. I’m not necessarily a typical Cancer.

I don’t know if I will have time to make a post tomorrow. If I have time I’ll make one. I’ve got to do a favor for someone I work with in the afternoon and then I have plans to go out with a friend in the evening.

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