I went and looked at it…

02 Sep

I drove all the way to Hollywood to look at the boat and sure enough it wasn’t anything I could recommend. I don’t know why I went except for curiosity.

It was a newer boat, barely any hours on it. You can see where Viking has learned their lessons over time about design. It used to be that the hallway was always done the center of the boat, and lead to bad layouts. Now the hallway is on the right side of the boat and the kitchen has a real layout and the master is a size and position it should be. But the problem is they screwed up all the colors and finishes and to rip all of it out would be too much money for anyone.

The other major downside is the size of the boat. 70 feet is a big boat. Unless you are a very, very, experienced captain, you better have a budget big enough to pay for the dock as you learn how to park it.

Vikings are very well built boats. That tends to be why people overlook their lack of good interior design choices. I noticed they are using more modern, cleaner engines as opposed to the old Detroit Diesels that they used to put in the boats. Detroits had a lot of power but they are dirty engines.

I’m not so much of fan as to when they enclose the flybridge. I know they do it because of the tournaments. But if what you want to do is cruise up and down the blue water line, you’ve lost your relaxation component with the elements.

Those were my thoughts on the design.

I drove back and changed and went to gym and did a work out.

You ever just have things on your mind and you find you can’t shake it even though that’s what you’re trying to do?

That’s kind of how my day turned out.


M. bought a small yacht recently. I had to school her on questions to ask and things to look for – like how to evaluate the engines, the service, and all the important aspects of the boat once you get past the look and cosmetics.

I think she did ok with her purchase. It’s her first yacht.

The first time she had to captain it, I think it scared her but she did it.

I think you definitely could say it’s a friendship where we’ve rubbed off onto each other and each one of us has learned some things.

Her boyfriend is terrified of the boat. I kid him, “What’s the matter? You don’t want to be Sir Docks-a-Lot?” M. is the one that drives and docks the boat.

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