Breakfast meeting at The Breakers…

30 Aug

I’ve always loved Chamber of Commerce circuits and I love being part of The Palm Beach Chamber now. I was previously a long term member of the Hilton Head Chamber of Commerce and did one year at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. Hilton Head was my favorite.

Breakfast at The Breakers hotel was fantastic as always. The warm air off the ocean with the breeze is enchanting.

I had many great conversations and networking opportunities with colleagues. Everyone loved the dress and the jewelry. One business even talked to me about hosting a “Style Workshop” for them where we could talk about jewelry and what fashions to pair it with. I also got to chat with an executive from the one of the local newspapers. I enjoy the networking and I seem to be good at it after years of practice.

The speaker was a bit of a surprise, but not after I thought about it. Half of the speaking session was a panel discussion on Active Shooters and What to do…In light of the recent events in Jacksonville, this was now our topic of discussion at The Palm Beach Chamber.

I picked up a copy of one of my favorite magazines while I was at the hotel. I love the networking because it’s a chance for me to step away from the computer for a while and make some one on one business leads.

And I was right, by picking a bold color that was against my grain for August, I stood out. I can tell you that you won’t see me in red very often. That’s the first time I’ve worn the color in about 10 years. On Hilton Head, I always wore my signature color to the Chamber events and people got to know me as, “You know Laura Kerbyson, she’s the one in aqua. She always wears that color.” Color leaves a memorable impression.

You need to remember that my tagline for my advertising agencies and design companies was, “I Create Memorable Experiences with Style.” I specialize in luxury brands and how I present them as well as the merchandise or products that I create.

And again, I got to hear the Mayor of Palm Beach speak today which is always enjoyable. She’s an impressive woman.

and look here we are in the magazine….

And as you know the HMF club at The Breakers is my absolute favorite…


In case you missed the update earlier this year – Kaufmann de Suisse Jewelers on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach became the current project after I finished Arnold Palmer Apparel and a home redesign. These have been the projects over the past six months.

At Kaufmann de Suisse, I am doing the new web site, servers, print advertising, online advertising, software kiosk that I put together, packaging, photography of the merchandise and models, model photo shoots,  security, some of the operations, public relations, marketing functions and other design related items.

It’s been a busy first half of the year…

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