Men..what you can and can’t say…

25 Aug

Julie called me from New York this week.

In part we’ve become very good friends because we are both highly successful women who are both single and looking for the right guy and we both own newly renovated real estate in Palm Beach county.

So the conversation turned to “what you can’t say on the first date…”

“Look Jules, you can’t tell them you were Miss USA or first runner-up for Miss Universe on the first date anymore than I can say, ‘I own a couple of companies,  I’m a pilot, I’ve designed theme parks, real estate, and redesigned a couple of Yachts, a Porsche, I work for the most prestigious and expensive jeweler in the world, I started my career at GE, and my client list is a who’s who in luxury…”

My stock answer is, “I’m a web developer and designer. I’m just a girl from Ohio.”

And she laughed her ass off at me. But she knows I’m right. No one, but no one would ask us out if they knew right off the bat. And 95-99% of the guys were going to meet have never been to The Breakers.

It would be nice to find a guy who’s my equal, but that’s a challenge and I know it is for Jules as well. That’s why they call it, “Lonely at the top…”

I also told her, “And make sure your cat isn’t showing in any of your profile photos…”

I’m allergic to them so I don’t have that issue.

She wants the two of us to co-write a book on funny dating stories, because we’ve had many.

I said, “Oh you could write a chapter and then I’ll write one…”

She said her first chapter would be called, “101 Reasons to Get a Cat..”

Very funny Jules.

That’s as funny as my no kids, no pets, no motorcycles list for guys. There went 99.5% of the eligible bachelors….

But I know a guys list starts with, “No crazy cat ladies…”

And then we laughed and said, “This will make a funny blog post…”

I know, I know – I am forever going to be known as the friend that put your cat in the closet.

And now that I think about it, “Give me that crown. Let the cat in the closet wear it. And no #worldpeace for a while.”

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