Some days are just not sexy…

25 Aug

There are a lot of glamorous aspects of my life but days like today, are not one of them.

The glamor side is when I get to shoot the models and dress them up in the world’s finest jewels and then we get to go out to The Breakers in the evening after we’ve had our fun in the sun. I’ve always managed to make my living off of style, in every type of design you can imagine.

But then I take the photos back to the office and edit them and then on a day like today, I put them into the que for the schedule for social media, which I took over recently for the jewelry store on top of my other assignments. So now I have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, The Blog and updating The Palm Beach Chamber web site each day in addition to the new web site for the Kaufmann de Suisse, the kiosk, the print advertising, the new inventory management system and it’s software modifications, the photography and design work, displays for trade shows, opening and closing the office, the servers, some operational duties, dealing with the security systems and companies and representing the business in the Palm Beach Chamber and other public events. I am also going to be organizing and hosting a party in the fall as well as start a schedule of events and parties. I’ve also handled writing many of the first drafts of the legal documents for large deals. I write it and then we give it to an attorney to revise. Sometimes I handle the correspondence in the deal.  My days are busy, but I’ve always liked that – I hate to be bored. It’s fun to work with beautiful products. I’ve always specialized in luxury brands.

So today, I prescheduled my strategy for content for the entire next month. That’s 175 posts. So it’s repetitive but necessary for me to do it because I develop the strategy. I still have to schedule the content I have assembled for October, November, December and January. We have lots of assets because I’m fast at what I do. Now we have to get the assets out into the public.

Ia the strategy working? Yes.

Today’s work is not sexy work, but it’s very necessary work. It was one of those days.

I am waiting on thousands of items of inventory that are being entered into inventory management. Then I’ll tie it to the web and the online store will be much larger. Then we get it into social, the software kiosks, print advertising, etc.

This was a business that was never computerized and hopefully at the end, I will have put some things into place that will revolutionize this business.

After I feel like we have a good structure in place, then we’ll put a computerized system for 3D design of the jewelry into the showroom. Everything has been done by hand since 1954. I want to find a way to transfer the wax molds into 3D files as well as use a system to design custom pieces for customers.

I think all this will ultimately be very good for the business as well as the customer.

As you probably have figured out by now, what started off as a client very quickly took over my life. It’s not uncommon once people get to know me and the depth of my knowledge that they give me more and more items. It’s to be expected.

If you’ve read this blog for very many years you know that I am a “builder.” I like to “build” and design things – companies, merchandise, web sites, advertising, kiosks, boats, cars, theme parks, real estate – you name it. Building and creating things makes me happy.

And that was my day.

Hopefully, this weekend, it will be time to have some fun.

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