The videos will be post in a couple of hours…

12 May

————— 2 hours and 40 minutes remaining on part one upload. Part two is fully uploaded.

You can watch part one at v

You can watch part two at

You can watch part one one of flying video at:

And par two at:

Here’s part 2 –


They are like 40% uploaded. It will take a couple of hours but you don’t want to miss this. I flew by Mara Lago, The Colony Hotel, Worth Ave., the Marinas and a host of golf courses. We flew up the blue water line of the ocean. Chad had to do takeoff and landing because this was my first time with this plane and it’s a stick not a yoke, so you get to see him give me the run down and our chatting in general. It was all caught on Go Pro. There’s 2 videos about 45 minutes to an hour total. It’s a really good scenic tour of Palm Beach.

It will be posted here in a couple of hours.

I was lucky to be able to do it because it was sprinkling and I knew that plane didn’t have IFR rating. But in the end it’s better for us because we aren’t baking int the sun under the glass canopy.

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