The guilty culprits….

12 May

While the owner of the business was in Montreal, everything was going smoothly until this morning.

Christopher brings his FIVE dogs into the office and they were quickly ushered into the safe room when the first client arrived.

The little one immediately jumped up on my lap. She’s three months pregnant from Benji, one of the other dogs.

Pumba is crying because the door is closed. And then he starts to drool. Yes, that’s 7 inches of drool hanging off that dog…

So that’s Natalie, wiping the drool off of Pumba’s face…

And then there’s Benji. The guilty culprit in everything. He’s the one that got the little dog pregnant. This is Benji.

He chewed up the doorstop to the door.

I said to Natalie, “What am I supposed to tell her when she gets back. I think you have termites or well you know Natalie’s tooth has been bothering her so we gave her this to chew on. I wouldn’t mess with her this week…

I looked at Benji and said, “You are a holly terror.” I swear to God the dog said with a little voice, “Un-hun.”

And then we have this one, the sweetheart. We didn’t know the dogs name so I glanced around and said, “You know they all have tags, what’s on the tag.” Natalie reads it. “Lemo Chillo.”

Only Christopher would name his dog after a drink. “Is the other one named Whiskey?”

I had a dog in 1992. Her name was Tesla. Does that show you the difference?

Then we glance at the security cameras and Christopher is walking around the store with no pants on. His socks are pulled up to his knees and he’s in his boxers.

“Oh, that’s not pretty. What is he doing!”

“I think the tailor is here. Yes, he’s having that ratty pair of jeans altered.”

Oh dear God. The last thing she said to me was, “No funny business while I am gone,” and now there’s five dogs in my office and he’s walking around the store with no pants.

Why does it have to be my day to watch him?


I’m NOT taking a picture of that. I draw the line there.

I get a text from Cesar, “Can I bring the cat?”


And why do we put up with this? Because in the middle of this pandemonium, he actually sold jewelry. Just like he did the day the fire alarm was going off, the fire department was walking through the store and Christopher was selling a Lariat. And the customer bought it.

That’s why we put up with the craziness.

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