I wonder which plane I am flying Saturday?

10 May

I told Joe, I just want to get on the schedule so I don’t know which airplane it’s going to be. I’ll take whatever I can get.

It’s going to be DA20- C1 or DA40 or twin-engine DA42. I’ve never flown on any of those. These planes are fashioned after fighter jets and have the same kind of canopies. This should be fun. The United States Air Force buys these planes. Their Diamond planes.

I’ll ask him if he can snap of photo of me with this bad boy. These planes are spin certified. Here’s what one of the models looks like:

I don’t care as long as I don’t fly experimental or a Porsche Mooney. That was the worst plane ever made. Incredibly slow. It was a disaster for Porsche.

Until I learn these planes, I’m going to lean very heavily on his knowledge. I hope he teaches me everything there is to know about these things. It’s a stick, not yoke.

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