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Don’t know why I just had to have it…

27 Jul

I bought these for the online store but I may have to hold them a while.

At an auction last week, five jewelers and I went head to head over these. Everybody wanted these earrings. They are 1940s Art Deco, 14kt gold, handmade, lapis stone earrings. There’s 2.5 grams of gold.  They are Hollywood Regency Style. Hollywood Regency earrings were made in the styles of Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier and Tiffany’s during the retro period.

I just shot this with my phone. Lapis is hard to photograph but it’s navy blue with gold flecks. These need a good picture and a good jeweler’s polishing. I can’t exactly tell you why I had to have them in that auction but I was determined to hang in there.

If these earrings could talk, you would wonder about the stories they would tell. They are a piece of history. I am still wondering what it is about these earrings that made me “had to have it.” I don’t know when I will list them for sale.

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Look what she sent now…

27 Jul

“She” being my mother sent a picture of Dylan.

“Dylan, you’re in my golf cart.”

“That’s Dylan’s cart.”

“And when did Dylan learn to golf?”

“Look dog, you don’t even speak. She didn’t teach you how. She regrets ever having taught me how to speak, therefore you don’t get to learn.”

All joking aside it reminded me of one of my friends who works in New Orleans for the company (Kalencom) that makes luxury jewelry boxes for companies like Tiffany’s. For fun, they started a brand called Damned Dog. I love this brand. It’s not my personal style but I love the concept.  I think it is so cute. Charlotte used to call me on the phone to talk about the jewelry business and I’d ask about “the Damned Dog.”

I love a creative brand.

Dylan – You are officially “the Damned Dog.”

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Happy Friday Night!

23 Jul

N. is in town and we’re going to the Colony and the Chesterfield tonight. This will be fun.

And we have much to discuss. A major publisher reached out to me last night and suggested that I was perfect to write a business book for them.

Who your publisher is makes a huge difference and bigger isn’t always better. Years ago I backed out of textbook deal because they missed meetings, didn’t read emails and constantly changed staff. I didn’t feel like they were committed to the project I was working on. And it was one of the major publishers.

We’ll see.

But Happy Friday Night to everyone and I am so glad to see N!

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That makes me happy…

22 Jul

I got a nice surprise last night. N. came back into town for 2 weeks and we went to dinner.

I was excited to see him. That puts a smile on my face.

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Sorry I’ve been quiet…

21 Jul

I’ve been dealing with a major bully this week and it’s not fun.


No it’s not personal. It’s businesses.

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I have 2 conversations of advice ringing in my ears…

19 Jul

The first one happened last December. You know how in the Pandemic everything went to Zoom calls or Teams calls and no one wanted to use the camera?

That was the situation for a routine meeting I had last December. What was different was that they had no idea there were 2 other people in the room who heard the whole thing.

After the meeting they expressed their concern to me about the level of respect or specifically the lack there of that the other parties just exhibited. I admit that call was pretty bad. I didn’t do anything to bring on that level of disrespect. One of the parties in the room at the time worked for a company where the other company spends a great deal of money. They wanted to have that business relationship terminated after they heard the conversation.

I asked they they not do that and I gave my reasons. I actually had to get down to the pleading level of, “please don’t do that.” One of the parties warned me, “If there’s some of that in an organization, there will be more. You need to think about this.”

I set it aside and months went on and there were some actions that kind of supported that statement above. Yes, they have a problem with respect and treating people like people.

There’s someone that I often go to dinner with who runs a very successful business. I think a lot of his opinion. Before this business he had a very successful company with 3000 employees and a successful IPO. I didn’t solicit his opinion but one night when he expressed his concern based on recent events. Ouch. I had heard that concern twice now. I told him about what happened in December. Obviously, there’s a culture problem.  I admit it. I was also not impressed given recent events. There are people that understand and know how to work and manage with people and there are people who don’t understand what the rest of the business world is really like outside of their own walls. There are people who respect women and see them as equals and there are people who don’t. I certainly was not being appreciated or respected and I had delivered a good performance. There was nothing wrong with the quality of my work.

Those two conversations are now ringing in my ears.

I am thinking about taking the advice of one of them. He said, “You need to join the Palm Beach Chamber and get back to your friends who are in business and get back to a better climate.” He pointed out that they meet at 7:30 a.m. at The Breakers and I would be out of there by 9 a.m. And if I was interested, because it’s now been several years since I attended the Chamber, he would have someone from his office take me to the breakfast to make new introductions.

I am now willing to give it consideration. I think he’s right that it would do me some good to see old friends.

I was very involved in the Hilton Head Chamber. I miss them all every day. I know that Palm Beach is not an active chamber like Hilton Head. Hilton Head has won the National Chamber of the Year award several times, including when I belonged. It really is an outstanding group. I miss them. I will always miss them. Don’t get me started reminiscing about the businesses that I’ve helped or helped start. You feel like you are building a community.

And perhaps the advice is correct, “You were once a familiar face in Palm Beach business. Give it some thought.”

That’s true. I went to the Chamber, the Symphony, the Opera. Dealt with local attorneys and local businesses. I do miss seeing them.

I will consider it.

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I think I’ve figured it out…

18 Jul

One of the things I needed to do recently was figure out the behavior behind Facebook ads. I needed to figure it out to the level of science and predictability. With a new account in hand and a good budget, this was the opportunity to test my theories and see if could control it.

In the past, I was often part of accounts where other people’s decisions impacted those accounts.

I am fairly certain that there were software engineers who designed these algorithms who are pilots. And that is very important in understanding what it’s really doing.

We had substantial problems with an account that was created and managed by someone who is not a software architect. Nor was he a pilot. And to try to impact change in those accounts, they were like seriously overloaded aircraft. One small move within a campaign could bring a disaster with a load shift. And when the campaign hit disaster on it’s own, it was almost impossible to impact the CPL to pull it out. And all the prices were high in this account. Each campaign was too heavy with way too many ad sets. You couldn’t be nimble and quick and you couldn’t control it.

With a brand new account, I could test it like you do a a plane that you’ve never flown. If you’re on the ground you’re going to flip those switches, move those panels and flaps and throttle those engines to learn the behavior of the aircraft. You want to know, “How does it respond?” I like a plane that is lightweight and controllable. To someone who doesn’t understand what you are doing, I’m sure it looks like you don’t know what you are doing because you’re flipping things on and off. You’re doing that to learn the behavior of the data, the tolerance of the campaign, and the level of control you can have. It’s so important to learn the behavior. And you’re only going to learn it by testing things which yes, will cost you some money but consider it R&D. You can’t figure out someone else’s account without doing it.

So that’s how and why I designed the new account. I can bring that CPL down to the absolute low, or I can throttle forward to get new winners. The CPL is the RPM. The more fuel you add the more it revs. You have to learn when to pull back and when to add power slowly and when to do it full throttle, rev the CPL up when you’re creating new campaigns, then cut the losers of the group and then watch that CPL come down right where I need it to be. It’s an airplane. And yes you can “fly” a Facebook Ad Account. If you really want to fly and get that plane up high, you do have to throttle those engines, create a bunch of new campaigns and rev that CPL until you get to cruising altitude.  I am quite sure that some key engineers were pilots because it responds and acts like an airplane. Software like this really does have an engine and software developers are often called engine programmers.

I did a quick Google Search which lead me to LinkedIn. They almost always had either a pilot’s license or they had been game developer. I looked it up after I was already quite sure of it.

If you’ve been a game developer and a pilot, you should be able to get the best prices if you create the account and you have full control because you already have the skill set.

I’m not doing anything with Crypto until Fall. But when I first got in and made some money, one of the things I did was setup an account just to operate like an index fund. Then I had other accounts for active trading. You use the index account to learn because you’re comparing it to the active trading.

One thing that’s a problem with Crypto is that there isn’t an SEC to sanction a founder for saying things they shouldn’t. The reason the SEC has those rules regarding stocks is because of course the things they say influence the price. CEOs in America are advised by people on what they can and can’t say publicly. You guys in Crypto are smarter than this, you need to know when to shut up because you’re wasting other people’s money when you open your mouth. I find the recent article that the founder of Ethereum did to be very unethical and totally insensitive to all the investors. Basically, it wasn’t appropriate to take those comments public.

The same people who are invested in Crypto are invested in the stock market. That market is controlled by human behavior. Crypto is impacted by the same things.  I powered down for the summer and it will be interesting to see what happens in the fall.

I’m always looking for patterns in things whether it be something like Facebook Ads or financial investments and markets.

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It’s my birthday and I could just cry…

16 Jul

Not because I am year older.

I could cry because I am so tired and overworked from this past week. Somebody needed me to put in the long hours to try to turn a situation around.

But I am so tired from it. You know how it goes when you’ve been on the computer way too long. Everything hurts, neck, back, head…And then I’m not sleeping all that well because I am solving problems in my head at night. I hate that. It is turning around but it will take a few weeks to resolve it.

Then sometimes I become a victim of my own success. There are so many phone calls I don’t answer. But I got the message on one. A business on Hilton Head needs my expertise to fix a problem. It is my area of expertise and I do do this better than anyone else I know. But I want to cry because I think, “Where are you going to find the energy or the time?” So I committed to looking at it for an hour on Sunday.

It isn’t the kind of birthday I would have liked. I am however, going to get a massage tonight. I really hope it can undo the past week.

I only got to the gym one time briefly in the past week. That’s not enough.

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Crazy busy…

14 Jul

I have been crazy busy with work this week. Long, long days to tackle some tough problems.

I’ll have a better update this weekend.

Friday night I am taking off to get a massage because it’s my birthday.

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Boy did I get a surprise!

10 Jul

I had nothing but work scheduled for today.

But then Nick showed up before his flight and snatched me for a couple of hours and took me to The Colony on Palm Beach Island for breakfast to celebrate my birthday early because he’s going out of town.

I love this hotel. We ate by the pool.

Colony Hotel

They have the cutest golf cart ever!

Colony Golf Cart

Then he surprised me by giving me something that was on my “eventual purchase list”. It’s a SMEG Cappuccino/Espresso/Coffee machine. I wanted one because I like to make a Sunday brunch and have N. over and sit in my pretty dining room looking out onto the lake and golf course. It’s a nice place to make memories. Now I have to work on being the world’s best Barista! These are made in Italy and I think they are just a work of art. So cute! You know how I love 50s retro.

That was so sweet and so thoughtful. I can’t wait to try the coffee maker tomorrow. I am shopping for espresso cups now. There are so many cute options. It will not be easy to decide on those. I’m a Cappuccino girl myself.

It was my 50th birthday when I had lunch at the Colony with my mother who was in town visiting. This year is number 52.

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Work, and more work…

09 Jul

That’s how my weekend is looking.

I have to babysit some accounts. I also have to finish the project for New Orleans. This has become my weekend project because that’s when I have undistracted, quiet, creative time.

I had more dental work today so we didn’t go out tonight. In two weeks, all that will be over with. I can’t wait. And N. is leaving town for a while. Sad, he will not be here on my birthday, which is in a few days on the 16th. Oh well, that’s the way it goes. I’m feeling lonely already.

I hate that I have no birthday plans this year.

So this weekend and probably this week are not my idea of a great time. It looks like work. And more work…

My whole week has been like this.

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Fabulous day and evening…

04 Jul

We went to the design district in Miami and then to dinner in the evening at The Palm Beach Yacht club.

Here are some of the photos I took in the design district.

Baccarat has a small bar in the district. We stopped for cocktails. I had the Lady B.

Phillipe Patek is moving into the old post office and plans to open later this summer.

I didn’t know they made Tesla’s in gold…

We went into Van Cleef and I fell in love with their furniture. So pretty….

Dinner was perfect at The Palm Beach Yacht Club. It’s a private club and that was my first time there. I wore a long, dark turquoise, sheer, flowing gown with swarovski crystals on the neckline trim. It’s a stunning dress. I carried the silver metal handbag from Paris. I had purchased earrings where the stones matched the color of the dress. I wore my contacts and left my glasses at home. I should do that more often.

He told me I was the most beautiful woman in the restaurant. I loved hearing it the first time and I really loved hearing it the second time. There were people who complimented me coming and I did notice all through dinner that men turned to get a glance in. That means I did my job well. He has often told me I am the best dressed woman in Palm Beach.

The menus were well done and the food was delicious. We had one of the best tables and I had a lovely view of the water in Palm Beach on 3 sides of the restaurant.

We walked the docks and looked at the boats after dinner.

And he felt like showing me off, which I loved. We went to Worth Avenue for a walk and a cocktail at the french place afterward.

It was a very lovely evening.

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It did not go the way we planned…

02 Jul

I had to cancel on work for the day and I had to cancel my date for the evening.

I was supposed to have 2 crowns removed in a 2 hour appointment so we can order new ones.

The dentist pried and pried and pried and it wouldn’t come off even with all the adhesive remover. This was a metal crown. So believe it or not, she sawed off the metal crown. It took four hours and my face is going to bruise. It’s swollen and I have a whopping headache.

But that crown has to come out. It’s not long enough in the back and every time I take a drink of something cold, I get a flash of pain. The other crown is cracked and it hurts too. I’m tired of the headaches. I want new ones.

She told me I was very, very, patient. I am, even with torture. I felt very, very, sorry for my dentist. I really like her. Nice woman about my age from venezuela. Really knows her stuff. But I bet she wishes she was 10 times stronger today. I felt like I owe her a drink. I really like this woman. She’s totally competent and in control and has a very nice personality.

She told me to go get some wine or whisky and she was planning to do the same after that work. Hard stuff.

I have a temporary crown on it now while they make the new porcelain crown. I leaned over a baby 24 years ago and the baby popped up and hit me in the jaw and broke 2 teeth. Crowns aren’t meant to last that long.

Hard and expensive lesson learned.

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How did the cracking of the algorithms go…

02 Jul

Pretty darn well.

I was working on cracking the algorithms and figuring out what gets the best possible Facebook lead price.

Once I figured out what was most important to it, then I could refine it because I have some in depth knowledge in that department..

Of course I can’t tell you who it was for but in that industry $5 to $6 was a great lead.

I hit $1.99 today. And it’s the highest volume generator of leads. It’s like whipped cream.

All of the testing has been very productive.

It was like the sale of the century.

I’ve got one more thing to test that might be another $.25 off of the bottom price if I’m lucky. It might be next week before I test the final step.

That $1.99 fluctuates up to like a $2.25 but still IT WAS A $1.99!

You never see leads that price for that industry.

It’s kind of like opening a safe. You’re listening for the clicks as you go…

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It’s very touching…

01 Jul

I received a phone call today from someone who met me in New Orleans in 2017 and had saved an email from me all that time. Her brother is starting a small business and they wanted to know if I would do the web site, logo and branding.

It’s very touching when you meet someone once and they remember you all those years later and call you. I tend to be a memorable person but I feel really humbled and grateful when that happens.

They were nice people. Of course I will help them. I can’t say no to someone who would hold onto an email for four years. I think that will be one of my afternoons this weekend. It’s supposed to rain all weekend anyways.

I don’t think it will take me long to do. It’s a small business that is currently operating in New Orleans.

I was running my business for a while when I was in New Orleans to build the park, hotel, water park, spa and campground.

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It was a good day…

30 Jun

It was also a good weekend. We went to Cafe L’Europe and I wore a black and white short strapless dress with black hose and long black gloves. It’s such a classy look. It was nice when people commented on the clothes. N. could take me out for a hot dog and I would be happy to see him but it’s even more fun when we get nights like that and drive up A1A in the new convertible. Palm Beach, is, and always was, fun.

Today was a good day because I figured out how to cut the price of a Facebook Ad Lead in half. I now understand what the algorithms favor the most. My background in CG actually lead me to figure it out. That makes for a good day. I work with a lot of tools and platforms but I love to master them all as you know.

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Done deal.

25 Jun

It’s a done deal.

I’m proud of myself when I consider the whole picture.

You have to spend money to make money and I’ve spent and invested a lot in the past year. In the past year I have now, closed a new property loan, bought a sports car, Three crypto trading accounts and a very long list of companies, a new stock trading account, I doubled my investment in the old account, some investments in a small online store, and new piece of Van Cleef to reward myself that is worth more than I paid for it.

I made it through the pandemic and found ways to increase my worth.

Now consider, 3.5 years ago I bought a rat out of probate. It was appraised $30,000 more than what I paid for it days after I bought it. I gutted it and did the design work. 3.5 years later it’s worth 56% more and I just closed a new loan during the craziest period in real estate ever. It’s the cheapest money I’ve seen in my lifetime. I locked in a window contract excluding the increase in the price in aluminum. I got four quotes a year ago. I was able to get my best rate the same as a year ago. By spending that money, it will increase the property values by the same amount. I’ll see increases on that reinvestment in about 2-3 years.

And all this considering two years ago I spent four days in intensive care and four days in the hospital this year due to the coronavirus vaccine (which I am still glad I got). And I managed to turn that disaster around through making the right decisions based on science and knowing when to listen to doctors and when to fire them – which I have done.

I should never be underestimated.

And think back to 2017 when I took on that New Orleans $750 million dollar project and then decided to cancel it and pay the money back that was spent. Guess what? I was right. I could find a way to do it.

You may have guessed my tolerance for risk is much higher than the average person. I feel like risk is calculated.

Job well done. Now, who wants to have a glass of champagne with me to celebrate…

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Collapse of the Condo Building in Miami

24 Jun

Update at the bottom


I am so sorry to see that happen.

One observation is that it collapsed the same as The Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans. If you watch both videos, you’ll see it. This is the condo in Miami falling

If you’ve read the blog for a while you know I met with the engineering firm who was constructing the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans. They did not meet my criteria for an engineering firm. I didn’t find anyone in New Orleans that I thought could build a large scale capital project. You may remember that the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed because of shoddy construction work and ignoring basic building practices.

In Florida, one thing to remember as well is that sandy soil shifts. We had to call an engineering firm in to stabilize a building after sandy soil created a problem. It can create sinkholes or sinking. It was scary but if you catch it early you can do something about it. It cost some money to fix.

If some of the key supports give way on the lower floors you get a domino effect. That will be something they will have to figure out post disaster. That building was built in 1981. The one with the soil problem we fixed was built in the 1970s.

It’s very sad. I feel for everyone involved.


It just appeared on CNN online. They found a professor who had studied the building and he determined last year that Champlain Towers was sinking in the 1990s. I was right on target above according to his report. That’s so scary because that’s such a problem in South Florida. Honestly though I wouldn’t have thought the minor amounts it was sinking would cause all that. I have some personal experience with a building that sank 6 inches and had to be secured by engineers. However, it did not have the massive weight on it that a building as tall as today’s collapse would have had. What you may have is an engineering problem compounded by sinking.

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I am closing late Friday afternoon…

22 Jun

Palm Beach County is going through unprecedented property valuation increases. The counties that surround us have decreased.

The Palm Beach Post reported on it today. The average condo sale price is now $435,000 expected to hit $500,000 and the average single family home is now $845,677. We’re up 39% over last year.

I am closing on a refinance in order to drop the rate and take out some cash. I am getting ready to make a big investment back into the property.  I redid this property several years ago and I thought I hit then what would be the maximum I would ever spend on that property. Not so now. Now it justifies the final major expense – replacing all the windows, to which there are many. Now it’s time to write a big check and take on a big project. This is a property I bought for myself and I don’t think I will ever sell it because the piece of land it sits on is very unique and quite beautiful. Everyone who stands in it falls in love with it. First floor, corner units are also worth more but they have more windows.

This was a fine line because aluminum prices are going up and to time this project for bang for the buck had a narrow window.

I read Linda Gary’s quotes in the Palm Beach post. Her office was directly across the street on Worth from where we were for the 3 years I was on the Avenue. She knows her real estate that’s for sure. This was in the Post today – “The market is hot. It’s on fire. We’ve never seen it like this,” said Linda Gary owner of Linda A. Gary Real Estate. She’s been here 40 years.

Linda, you’re not kidding.

I got into redoing real estate when I was on Hilton Head and had a working relationship with a broker. I’ve taken a hiatus from it. There wouldn’t be any inventory to buy those kinds of properties right now anyways.

Whenever a market rises this fast, you have to worry about a bubble. However, with this particular property and investment, I don’t think it’s a major concern. If I were selling it right now and pricing it according to what I could really get, the next person might have to worry about a bubble. But I still doubt it and I’ll tell you why. For my entire life, Palm Beach County real estate has done nothing but go up. We have seen more billionaires and hedge fund manager move their offices and homes this year to Palm Beach County like no other year. I used to market a luxury asset to all the big names in hedge funds. They know a good investment when they see one and they see it in Palm Beach County real estate.

I sat down last night and looked at everything I had invested in for the past year. I’m looking for my mistakes and I’m looking for my accomplishments. Luckily, the mistakes were minor. But I still think about what I have to do in the next 12 months and how is next year’s review going to compare to this one. It makes me take a deep breath. And then I tell myself but you will step forward and move on with the plan…

I may be mulling over and changing other decisions in my head, but not on this piece real estate.

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19 Jun

That would be the word to describe me today.

I’ve had several friends recently sell their homes and move away and I have to say my goodbyes today to yet another friend.

I had a very long list of items that I wanted to accomplish for the weekend but I am feeling unmotivated. It’s going to be one of those weekends.

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It was perfect…

17 Jun

We went to dinner last night at Le Bilboquet off of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.

It was perfect. The company, the restaurant and a perfect dress. It was a long, flowy, elegant one that I hadn’t worn before. It was a fantastic evening. I love french restaurants and this one was so well done. Tres Bien!

We love the design of that restaurant. The textures, the colors – it’s just fantastic. They gave us the best table in the house. I loved it.

I spent 3 years working on the Avenue and it brings back so many memories to be there. And my dinner date remembers when I was marketing a $20 million dollar necklace from those days. There are a lot of stories from that era. M. put that piece on me several times. You never quite forget wearing a $20 million dollar necklace. And you never forget the people that you tried to sell it to. Some of them have been in the news recently…

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Where did we end up?

15 Jun

We went to Hutchinson Island Resort and we stopped and ate at Michael Jordan’s restaurant on the way back in Jupiter. I think that Jordan owns it with a group of investors.

I used to spend a lot of time in that area many years ago. I was spending a lot of time on a yacht back then (about every weekend). Then when the boat was moved to south to Loggerhead Marina in Palm Beach Gardens I lived it on full time for about 3 months by myself. That’s when I was contemplating my move South permanently.

Jupiter and North is a nice area. It makes for a very enjoyable day. They have beautiful beaches.

We did pass the Stuart airport on the way up and back. It makes me sad to see it now. That’s where Joe’s plane crashed. One day I will stop but not yet. When I’m ready. Progress comes in stages. I finally got back into the cockpit to fly a plane recently. It will be 2 years on November 1st. I hadn’t flow personally since before the crash. For friends who don’t live here – they named the Stuart Airshow after Joe Masessa after his plane went down.

I’ve flown into that airport several times on the Twin Comanche that belonged to G. We used to dock the boat under the Stuart bridge. And of course I had been to the Stuart Airshow. Now the marina’s are all closed. I’m not sure what the complete story is on those marinas.

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Appraisal Came Back

14 Jun

After 3 1/2 years the property has risen in value 56%. My work was a good investment.

And I set another record. For the comps, it is the highest appraisal. Another record. That news makes me very happy.

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Tomorrow will be such a fabulous day…

12 Jun

I bought that great picnic basket that holds a bottle of wine and water bottle and has real china, wine glasses, cloth napkins etc.

I’ve been wanting to have a picnic on the beach.

Nick is back in town from NJ so he’s made arrangements at a hotel on the coast for us to have day passes to use their pool, beach and showers.

So tell me if this isn’t every guy’s fantasy. You buy this really hot convertible sports car and you pickup the lady dressed in a Victoria’s Secret bathing suit and flimsy cover up who’s ready with a gourmet picnic basket and a nice bottle of Prosecco. So you drive up A1A in the convertible and arrive at nice hotel and spend the afternoon on the beach.

You know that cute little turquoise bathing suit I bought? Yes, that’s the one.  So we get to live out our little fantasy experience tomorrow.

I can’t wait. This will be great fun. I hope the weather holds up for us.

Is this the Nick I was going out with a few years ago? Yes, it is.

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11 Jun

I went and got my toes done. I always take my own color. It now takes four bottles of polish to achieve that color and finish. My manicurist said, “You own a whole salon at home.”

“Of course. I have everything but you!”

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Today’s update…

11 Jun

The appraisal will be back next week. I should have an idea then. It showed well. I was exhausted and you know the old saying “feast or famine?” I have an online store that is not under my name and sure enough an order for a full length size Zero Ball Gown came in and had to be shipped that night. That was a dress I could not model because I am not a zero. It’s taken care of now. I have not listed or photographed new inventory in a long time because I’ve been short on time. I should because everything I list, I sell.

Did you see the news articles where they have discovered the covid vaccine is linked to heart problems. I have not turned my medical records over to them to examine but they should keep looking because it causes more than that and we know it from a hard lesson learned. We’re still trying to figure out where all this will leave me. Most people are fine with the vaccine but some of us paid big prices for getting those. It had some benefits too but I don’t know if those will last.

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No sleep tonight…

09 Jun

I am taking the profits out of a real estate investment. They are appraising the property tomorrow. I have to have everything in show condition. I seriously doubt I’m getting much sleep tonight.

I’m either taking the money now or I’m taking it in a year.

I had this property appraised a year and half ago and I set a record for the neighborhood for the highest appraised property with these comps.

Now the big question is, “How much did it go up?” Because that determines the profits of what I can take out. There will never be cheaper money than 2% money. I’m not real happy that they are telling me it could take a month to close because this real estate market is so crazy right now. You are essentially buying your own property again when you do this, so there’s a closing.

Friends who’ve owned businesses for a long time were contacting me about something else last night. I’ll deal with that issue in a month. But for the next month, I need to have my mind on this real estate.

Fingers crossed everybody that I set another record and I set another bar. I’m hoping for it. It’s the only way you know what your work is worth. It takes 2 to 3 weeks to get the appraisal back. I don’t know if they will give me a verbal tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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A piece of my favorite jewelry…

06 Jun

I have this necklace in both gold and silver. A few friends have commented about it lately. It’s a airplane with diamonds. Because it symbolizes that the model airplane that I fly on is a Diamond. You know Aviation is interest of mine and I like to fly.

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I slept until 12:30

06 Jun

That’s in the afternoon. Crazy isn’t it? Go to bed at 8 and sleep until 12:30 the next day.

And I actually think I’ll be in bed by 10 tonight. I am hoping this wears off soon.

My major accomplishment of the day was to clean out the spare bedroom.

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There was a definite shift…

04 Jun

It started about two days ago but I really feel it this morning. It’s like someone shifted me to low gear. I am super tired.

It’s one week out from the second shot. This is the point at which we had a problem last time.

My plan is to go to bed right after work (or early this evening). I just feel like I need sleep badly. I went to bed at 10 last night and got up at 7 and it’s not enough.

I would love to know what’s really going on when this happens,

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More fun with the photo editor…

03 Jun

These three photos actually look like the originals. I decided to write some captions to go with the photos.

Ah Paris..why do I ever need to go home…

You didn’t know I was Miss Ohio did you? More like Miss Pumpkin Patch. LOL!

Paris would be more fun if I weren’t here with my mother. The most romantic dinner of my life and it’s with my mother…LOL


And then you have these gems….

Don’t you love my new kitchen design?

How about this fabulous penthouse I just bought?

And this is like the look you would give your boss. “Seriously? You want me to do what?”

No one gets my Litchi Martini…

Am I lost in the 70s with this dress or what?

I see your point.


And the funny thing is that all the models I’ve shot I’ve done this to all their photos…

Anyone want to snorkel in the Keys?

I can look cool when I have to…

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Laura – Glamorized

01 Jun

All the photos of me on the Internet look like me because they aren’t that edited. If I edited my photos, like I have below, you can see how I would look as a glamorous video game character or as a movie star. These were real photos that have been run through an editor. Call them Laura – Glamorized. A friend and I were having a discussion about how advanced the technology has gotten recently.

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The holiday was awesome…

01 Jun

Decompression. Fun. Relaxation. My three day weekend had it all. I played with recipes, I shopped. I swam. I read. I slept. I texted with friends who are out of town.

I did the full beauty treatment – hair, nails, facial. That stuff relaxes me and I like to look my best. I’m like that all the time.

From a health standpoint I felt really good. It was a happy holiday. Life is good.

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I feel pretty good…

30 May

This went much better than expected. We were ready for it this time and I think the worst is over. I’ve had really good energy all weekend.

I shopped yesterday. That’s always fun. Purses, makeup, items for the picnic basket, teas, syrups for fancy lattes. All fun stuff.

I went to the pool and swam and read magazines. I cooked a fantastic dinner.

I am super enjoying this weekend.

I am thrilled to feeling fantastic.

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I’ll be riding the “roller coaster” all weekend…

28 May

If you read the blog you know what happened after the first coronavirus vaccine.

I was finally cleared to get the second one yesterday. This morning my blood pressure was 79/49 after getting the shot yesterday. Here we go again….

If it drops to 60/40 I’ll go to the ER. I managed to get it up today. Now it’s 149/92. A real roller coaster.

I have a headache and a sore throat. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow is like. I’m just going to have a low key evening. That’s my plan.

Last time it took a week for it to completely tank my blood pressure.

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