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I won’t be making any more posts until Palm Beach…

22 Aug

I’ve got too much to do and tomorrow night I am having dinner with my mother in New Orleans.

I’ll post after I get back home in Florida.

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What do I think about the eclipse?

21 Aug

Well of course I think the moon is one of the coolest things ever, I have a very historical birthday.

I was born when they launched the rocket to the moon. The first thing I ever saw as a baby was my parents pointing upward saying, “Look at the moon. There’s a man on his way to the moon…”

And every year thereafter on my birthday we always talked about it.

Did you know that the moon controls the direction the blood flows through the human body and it controls the direction that water flows down a drain? It also controls the tides.

It’s the magnetic force of the moon that is responsible. The moon has more power than most people think.

July 16, 1969 was a very cool day in U.S. history. I love that it’s my birthday.

I took Astronomy in college as my science courses.

This eclipse is important to scientists so they find out things like how this affect satellites.

I took Satellites in graduate school. I wrote an article for The Columbus Dispatch about how Ohio University took Huntington Banks offline and used the NASA Acts Satellite to find out if this satellite was the first of its kind to be impervious to “rain fade.” This was a former military satellite and we were curious about what the military did and didn’t know.

Actually that year 1995-1996 I learned that the U.S. government knew a lot more than I had ever given them credit for…

My Satellite professor’s son worked for CNN. While taking this course on satellite deployment systems, a Chinese Long March rocket exploded. My professor came to me and told me that his son at CNN had unconfirmed reports that this Chinese Long March had hit their own mission control and killed a bunch of their scientists. Lockheed Martin had a satellite on the rocket that exploded ( I think it turned out to be a Loral satellite). My professor asked me if I could figure out a way to confirm the story.

I thought about it and I figured out a way. We take satellites for granted now because of Google, but back then we didn’t have common access to those satellites that took land maps. But I knew of one – the LandSat. I figured out that LandSat would have a picture of the before and a picture of the after. Either mission control was there or it wasn’t there.

I made a mistake though, I contacted a group of scientists in England by email to see if they had any before photos.

The next thing I knew, the U.S. government had tracked me down at a house that wasn’t mine. They were asking for everything I knew. That was my first indication, way back then that the U.S. government was spying on average citizens. They intercepted and read my email. People from the “Star Wars” program wanted to talk to me.

I figured the story was turning out to be true when they told me to drop the story when I was going to take it to The Miami Herald. I had written for them previously and wasn’t sure where to shop it.

Eventually the dust settled and the story turned out to be true. The rocket had hit mission control. Fines and U.S. sanctions ensued. And I no longer had an interest in working for that side of the government after they basically threatened me. I was told it was a national security issue. As a graduate student, I was gunning for a top research prize in the U.S. and I didn’t want to risk everything I worked for so basically I leaked what I knew to other press. And I did win the 1st place research prize.

Before graduate school, I had spent several years as a writer covering NASA – primarily the space shuttle program.

1995-1996 was a very interesting year. That was the year I began to suspect that they were running a massive spy operation and network of computers.

I never really talked about the government showing up at my door because back then I thought most people would think I was crazy if I accused the government of massive spying on it’s own people.

Then of course after all hell broke loose a few years ago with the NSA, I think people realize what was going on, even back then. So basically, it’s no longer a secret for me.

And that is how the story was absolutely confirmed – through the before and after LandSat photos.


The second article down on this page is the article I wrote about the NASA Acts Satellite

Here’s the info about the explosion of the Chinese Long March Below is taken verbatim from the Wikipedia reports which are pretty accurate:

Intelsat 708 was a telecommunications satellite built by the American company Space Systems/Loral intended to be launched into a geostationary orbit and operated by Intelsat. It was destroyed during a launch failure on 15 February 1996, striking a village and causing a large number of fatalities near the Xichang Satellite Launch Center near Xichang, People’s Republic of China, prompting political controversy around the world.

The Intelsat 708 satellite was to be launched aboard a Long March 3B rocket. This rocket failed at launch due to an engineering defect and crashed into a village near the launch site (probably Mayelin village[1]) in an enormous explosion, destroying much of it and killing an unknown number of inhabitants.[2]

The nature and extent of the damage remain a subject of dispute; the Chinese government, through its official Xinhua news agency, reported that six people were killed and 57 injured. However, outside estimates suggest that anywhere between 200 and 500 people might have been killed in the crash; “dozens, if not hundreds,” of people were seen to gather outside the centre’s main gate near the crash site the night before launch.[3] When reporters were being taken away from the site they found that most buildings had sustained serious damage or had been flattened completely.[3] Some eyewitnesses were noted as having seen many flatbed trucks, loaded with what could have been human remains, being taken to the local hospital and dozens of ambulances.[3] Americans who were there to witness the launch, such as Bruce Campbell (a safety specialist with Astrotech Space Operation), and other eyewitnesses in Xichang reported numerous ambulances and that the satellite post-crash was surprisingly intact along with the opinion that the official death toll only reflects those in the military who were caught by the disaster and not the civilian population.[4] In the years to follow, the village that used to border the launch center has vanished with little trace it ever existed.[5]

Later analysis by the Chinese-based Space Review,[1] however, indicates that the total population of the village hit was under 1000, with most if not all the population evacuated before launch, making it “very unlikely” that there were hundreds of deaths.

Because Intelsat 708 contained sophisticated communications and encryption technology, and because portions of the debris were never located by the satellite’s developers and may have been recovered by the government of People’s Republic of China, Intelsat and the Clinton administration suffered criticism in the United States for allowing a possible illegal technology transfer to China. These concerns prompted an investigation by the U.S. Congress. In 2002, the United States Department of State charged Hughes Electronics and Boeing Satellite Systems with export control violations in connection with the failed launch of Intelsat 708 and the prior failed launch of the APSTAR II satellite. Boeing Co. and Hughes Electronics Corp. agreed to a $32 million settlement.[6]

Members of the US “Loral” security team braved the still toxic environment of the crash site soon after the event to recover software/encryption secrets and returned with complaints of bulging eyes and severe headaches requiring five minutes of oxygen therapy, but were initially reported by the Defense Department monitor to have succeeded in recovering “the [satellite's] encryption-decryption equipment”.[7] It later became clear that the most sensitive FAC-3R circuit boards were not recovered, but, “…were mounted near the hydrazine propellant tanks and most likely were destroyed in the explosion… Because the FAC-3R boards on Intelsat 708 were uniquely keyed, the National Security Agency remains convinced that there is no risk to other satellite systems, now or in the future, resulting from having not recovering the FAC-3R boards from the PRC.382“.[8]


It’s a good thing this whole eclipse thing was going on today and that I wasn’t heading out the door at my usual time. Capital One Bank right by me in New Orleans was robbed today. I cannot wait to get out of Dodge because of the high crime in New Orleans. I am going back to Palm Beach county this week. I can’t wait.

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This is what I’m doing tonight…

20 Aug

The roof top pool over looking New Orleans…

This is what I plan to do this evening. I’m going to get in the pool with a drink and plot my move back to Palm Beach.

I talked to my mother day. She says, “There’s probably going to be a hurricane hitting South Florida on the day you plan to move the stuff from New Orleans back to Palm Beach…”

“Well of course there is! Where’s your sense of adventure Mother?”

This will be fun. I’ll take a hurricane over a flood any day. “Oh, you know me, since when was I afraid of anything?”

The pool is up next to the tower…

I’m going to call and make reservations for us to eat at Broussard’s for the night her plane lands.


Super funny text, “Like what? Your mother expected you to cut her a break because she was in a coma this month?”

Right, like since when do I tolerate any slackers. She can walk and talk now so she can be company for the trip.

I just made reservations for Susan Lucci and I at Broussard’s :)

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Fess up about the psychic…

19 Aug

A few friends want more details about my trip to a psychic in New Orleans. People are finding this really interesting. I admit, I am too because the guy didn’t know me, didn’t know anything about me and he nailed some things.

I asked him how long he’d been doing this and it was since 1972 – so a long time.

I am not going to spill everything he told me. But here’s the additional stuff I will tell you. He shuffled the tarot cards and had me cut them 3 different times with my left hand. Each time I choose the deck he would read. He drew the same cards every time. Three times we did this. I was watching for card counting but I didn’t see any. He showed me that there were plenty of other cards in the deck but he just wasn’t drawing any of those.

He drew the Wheel of Fortune card over and over again. He said I had fabulous luck. I’m wondering if it’s the Irish green eyes…There were some other cards that he drew with them and he said it pointed to great money and success in my career. He said that, “You really know your stuff when it comes to your career.” I agree with that statement. When he looked at my palms he said I was highly intelligent and creative. Well, I grew up in a gifted program and I think I’m pretty creative considering what I do for a living. I’ve always said my passion is for the creative.

He said I was very healthy. I would live a long time. He said I had very, very good Karma. And he said that in terms of a reading, he hadn’t done a reading this good in a very long time. Not a single card was bad. He said this was as good as it gets. And we were seeing the same cards over and over again.

In terms of love, he said I would meet the right person within a year. He actually said I would marry this person. People I know are going, “You? Are you kidding???”

I am not kidding. He really said that. Remember my name is Laura Fleming Kerbyson. Kerbyson was my married name and I’ve been divorced over 16 years. I don’t have a boyfriend at the moment. Whoever it is, will seek me out. That’s what he told me. He said “we” would live in a house on a hill. I’m not sure what that means exactly.

He didn’t tell me if I knew this person or if they would be new – but they would find me. He gave me a couple of clues that I will keep to myself.

I actually knew someone like this from my past but that doesn’t mean it’s that person. He could have been describing someone new.

Like I said, in terms of love, money, career he said I would have it all this year.

He said I would do a lot of traveling this year. And one trip in particular would be international. I know he’s right about the international trip.

He also accurately described my mother to a “T.”

He handed me a half hour long audio CD of the whole thing. It’s going to be interesting to see what comes true from what he said.

I admit it was interesting. For all the good stuff he said, let’s hope he’s the world’s greatest psychic. I’m good with it – love, money from my career, success – I’ll take it.

New Orleans has a reputation for this so I kind of thought I should do it and this place was famous for it.

He drew not a single card with swords.

That’s all I’m telling you of the details.


I was a walk in – he had no idea who I was or what my name was.

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It’s a small world…

19 Aug

This was kind of funny -

As I am closing out New Orleans, I sold my desk today to a a nice lady about my age. We were talking as we were waiting for her friend to arrive with a car to pick up the desk.

She told me that her mother lives in Bluffton, SC. I said, “No kidding, mine too!”

“Where does your mother live?”

“She lives in Pinecrest.”

Then I am really laughing. I said, “I did their web site. I own Carolina Web Development. Carolina Web Development was my original company. I started it in 2012. I also own Florida Web Development. I still sell work through Carolina Web Development.”

My mother doesn’t live in Pinecrest but she’s not too far from there.

What a small world – here we are in New Orleans having this conversation.

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New Orleans…

19 Aug

As I am winding things down out here I’ve been able to do some of the “touristy” things.

First, let me say, I can’t wait to get back to Palm Beach. That place is more “me.” Where I live is just easy and relaxed.

However, some things I have enjoyed while being out here include: coffee and Benets at Cafe DuMonde, dinner at Broussards, Jackque Imos, St. Louis Cathedral, some art galleries and Louis Armstrong Park.

I also got to walk through St. Louis Cemetery number 3.

My mother is coming for a visit this week and I am really looking forward to that visit. We are going to the WWWII museum, St. Louis Cemetery number 1, maybe the Irish museum, back to the Cathedral and more coffee.

I sold a new web site through Carolina Web Development yesterday. They will be ready for me to start on that one at the end of this month.

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A visit to the psychic…

16 Aug

I’ve been doing some touristy things this week in New Orleans before I head home to South Florida at the end of the month.

Since I was in New Orleans, and I had never been, I decided to visit a local tea room that does Psychic readings. I had my palm read and a tarot card reading that went for 1/2 a hour. It will be interesting to see how much of this comes true.

They recorded the session on an audio CD so you can see what comes true.

In looking at my palms he told me that I would have a very, very long life. I was highly intelligent and very creative and that I enjoyed much success in my career and I would in the future.

In the tarot card reading he predicted much success and money in business. The tarot card reading got interesting when he said, “In the next year or so, an English man will come into your life and you will marry him. He will be the love of your life. You will live in a house on a hill and he will treat you like a lady and be very good to your family. This is who you are meant to be with…”

Wow. I’ve been divorced over 16 years. I didn’t ask whether or not I already knew this person. He did tell me, “Don’t try to find him. He will find you.”

The psychic said, “You are going to take an international trip this year.”

I am. I am going to Italy with my mother.

The psychic had her nailed to a “T”. He said my mother was “like the Energizer Bunny.” He said there would be no terrorist activities or physical threats on the trip and that my mother and “are going to have an absolute ball” on this trip.

He told me some things about some other people that I think he very accurately described.

The reading went on for a half hour. It will be interesting to see what happens.

It was a really interesting session. It’s kind of cool that I have a recording of everything he said.

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You wanted an adventure with me…

10 Aug

And it looks like you might get it.

We (and a friend and I) are leaving early Saturday for New Orleans and it might flood again.

This is going to make doing what we need to do very hard to do. I’m having one hell of sale on Craigslist when I get there. But you might need a boat to pick up your merchandise. I have an air mattress. Bring your own paddle.

Oh and by the way, I hope you are a good swimmer…

They declared a State of Emergency in New Orleans based off of that they think it will flood again. The State of Emergency is good until September 5th.

It’s a shame I don’t have a way to get my mother’s kayack into the city…

What I really need is helicopter. We could land it on top of my parking garage…


Let me give New Orleans a little piece of advice that I learned from living 9 years in Marietta – after floods there are all kinds of fires because the electrical gets wet. Go buy your fire extinguishers now. What’s happening is expected.

Marietta would flood consistently because they wouldn’t build a flood wall. My house was above the 100 year flood plane. But every time there was a flood, it would still impact me.

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A friend wants to know what I think about Google…

09 Aug

Oh boy. You had to ask that one didn’t you?

He wants to know what I think of the mess with Google and with the tech industry in general.

I’ve spent my whole life in business and tech. And I was a computer science and design professor for nine years.

Do you want me to be honest?

I have no respect for Google. My personal experience with them is that they are biased. They do discriminate. They think that you are stupid enough not to see the bias. I say that based on several things: I applied for several positions at Google years ago. I also own several companies only to have Google reference me as “someone who works at Florida Web Development.” They actually published that online. I don’t work at Florida Web Development. I own it. I make everything you see. The same is true for Carolina Web Development. There’s a big difference between an employee and someone like me.

The other thing that I would point out is that I never liked Google products because they are so poorly designed. The fact that they have so little female input is obvious. They tend to make really ugly stuff. Yet they think they are so great. I’ve never been a Google fan. I own a Google TV and it’s my most hated device. Their product development can often show a total lack of common sense from a design standpoint.

And yes, if you say what you really think about the company then you risk, some ticked off employee doing something on the backend to damage the ranking of your companies web sites. So yes, I am aware that I say this all with great risk. But here’s the thing, if you would damage my companies listings over telling you what my personal experience is with your company, then you’ve got an even bigger problem than you think.

And this is true because I’ve tested it – if I make a site for a male client, that web site gets listed much faster than if I put a site for a woman. There’s always been some kind of funky stuff going on behind the scenes at Google. I’ve actually written them letters pointing out that it goes on. I’ve been a web developer for over 15 years.

This is my honest opinion – I think Google and the game industry have the same problem. The egotistical males think too much of themselves. My take on that industry is that they’re a bunch of backwards red neck guys who have the same opinion of women that Google has. Now I know I will have friends who are offended by that remark. But here’s the thing – you are asking about my personal experience with an industry. And when you put up with years and years of discrimination in this field, you tend to develop a negative view of that industry. So that’s where it comes from…

I know you think, “Wow! Her opinion is ruthless!” It is, and it comes from deep personal experience throughout my career. I’m not going to lie and sugar coat it and let people think it was easy to get to where I am today. I finally said, “Screw it. I’m going to own my own companies.”

I will never forget applying as a web developer to a game company, and then later meeting the kid who basically had no talent who actually got hired. I was offended. There was like no comparison. This company couldn’t take the time to meet me but they hired that???

But let me tell you, even women can discriminate against women in this field. I had an minority woman, pay me a salary that was $15,000 less than my male counterparts at a state university. When I pointed out that I was their boss and I wanted the same pay, she did it but I don’t think she ever liked me again. That is a true story. And they did not have more degrees than I did.

The story actually gets a little more shocking. I was the head of computer science for two campuses of a school that at the time I was hired, had four campuses. The school was not broken apart when I started working for them. Unknown to the school, my brother was a professor on one of their campuses. We have different last names because Kerbyson was my married name before I divorced 16 years ago. He has one degree more than me (a Ph.D.). They saw fit to pay him $70,000 more a year than me. I was supervising 50 people, two campuses and teaching a full load. My area of expertise is computer science and his is business. And I’m not in any way trying to take away from my brother’s credentials or experience, but I have just as much experience in business as he has. After I worked for that GE subsidiary, he was looking for a job. I called and put in a good word for him. They hired him. I had moved on from the company. GE was very good to me. But yet this school thinks he’s worth $70,000 more a year than me for one three year degree? That never sat well with me. I also had to pursue grants and everything that he had to do.

They were required to list everyone’s salaries on a public web site and that’s when I discovered it. It was horrifying but not surprising. And this is a major state university…And I graduated from grad school with a 4.0 GPA. This school was his alma mater, but not mine. And he flunked out of engineering as a freshman and changed his major to business. And now they were paying him $70,000 more a year than me. I just couldn’t have respect for that – it would have been great if we were equal. And the thing was at the time, I was a department head and he didn’t become a department head until I was almost finished with my contract. They were paying him that to be a professor. I was professor, a department head and had two campuses. Student enrollment under my tenure swelled to the largest the department had ever had. The same thing happened when I was professor in Ohio – record enrollment. I used to pride myself on my retention. I treated education like a business with a customer first attitude.

You can’t even look at it and say computer science had fewer students than business. It does, but I also had Software Engineering, Game Development, Web Design and Graphic Design majors. You add all of those enrollments together and it’s a lot of students. And also let me point out, my software engineering students had to take discreet mathematics – I’ve been to business school and it was easy compared to some of the stuff we do in computer science. So I kind of feel like I can weigh in on this subject…

The pay discrepancy with women in this country is real and it’s been a fight my whole life.

That’s just the reality of women in tech and women in business.

A lot of people say to me, “You make what you do look so easy.”

Nobody likes a complainer. So I don’t always tell people what I think. But someone asks me what I really think of the situation, this time I am inclined to weigh in the matter.

If the federal government finds the wage inequity issue in the investigation, I hope they fine the hell out of them.

I feel like Google has created such a stronghold and basically a monopoly that they really should be regulated because they’ve been running amuck for years. Google Ad Words is the biggest rip off for most businesses. It’s very dangerous the level of control that Google has over American businesses. And when they make decisions that are detrimental to business, the business often has little recourse. It’s not that I have that much faith in the government, it’s that I have that little faith in Google.

They have a lot of problems with their search engine that did not exist years ago. I know they view themselves as bigger than than but that’s what affects most businesses.

I’ve had foolish men work underneath of me in corporate positions and when I delegate something to them, they assume I can’t make it. They don’t realize, they wouldn’t have a job if I didn’t delegate something. Why are they there? But no, they perceive it differently. It blows me away sometimes.

I’ve got stories but I don’t even want to get into the book that one would fill.

I kind of feel like after saying those negative things, I should point out who in my career did have the best corporate cultures. GE and Hard Rock by far were doing the right things and acting the right way. I have so much respect for the people I worked with during those years. And not surprising, they were 2 of the most successful companies so that philosophy does work. I have always subscribed to the “Love All Serve All” motto. It’s a good one.

Now companies change over time. I was with a GE subsidiary in the late 80s and early 90s. I was with Hard Rock for the park project from 2007-2008. It is true, that when people treat you right in life, you become their brand ambassador and you do put in a good word for them.

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I think it was a good decision…

09 Aug

It did turn out to be what I initially thought – that there was no way the drainage system was functioning properly.

I think the Mayor made a good decision in rolling a few heads.

I can tell you this though, there’s still a problem with the honesty of other members of the administration. That’s all I’m going to tell you. When people think that there’s an integrity problem within an administration, they back away from doing business.

I think one of the things that could potentially come out in all of this is that there had been money allocated to do things like clean out basins and what they might find in this investigation is that the money was not spent. It’s just a hunch folks.


People are calling me today and we’re laughing because that’s all you can do at this point. They had looked me square in the eye and told me they had fixed the drainage problems and then we had four feet of water. Everyone’s joking I should have pitched a water park.

What’s not funny is that I lost $25,000-$30,000 and I should consider myself lucky that this fiasco didn’t cost me more money. I also lost a $2.5 million dollar a year contract. But I think we all know that my business ethics are not for sale at any price. That’s the bottom line.

Believe me, I’m worth $2.5 million a year in that kind of role. My skill sets are deep and unique. This was the kind of job where you are going to be working very, very hard for that kind of money. 95% of the projects I do fall into another realm. But this one fell into that 5%.

I’ve had a fabulous career in business and tech. I have a brilliant business mind as well as being able to make practically anything when it comes to technology or design. My clients have never gotten just a web developer or a designer or someone who could build a kiosk. They get an entrepreneur who coaches them on all aspects of their business. I’ve spent my whole life studying how all kinds of things work. Some people in life are readers and doers. That’s me. My business traditionally has been like a Shark Tank for tech, except that I don’t put my money into their businesses, but they come seeking that kind of advice.

In my previous corporate positions, I managed large teams of people. Combined, it’s the kind of person who can put together a very large operation and make it happen. And that’s what we were getting ready to do in New Orleans. It was my project. I sought the investors. I pulled the plug on it. I’ll consider doing it again in the future but I need to feel really solid about the land and location. I’m going to set it aside for a while and come back to it later.

I plan to take on some other projects or roles for a while. Some of those discussions are already happening. If you’ve got something in mind, call me and we’ll talk about it. I’ve got three weeks where I need to close down New Orleans.

But I, like many people, like to change up their lives periodically.

I did devise some really creative, revenue generating solutions while I was in New Orleans that I might build into future projects.

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I have to find a new project…

08 Aug

Well because I placed everything from the New Orleans project on indefinite hold, I’m going to need to find a new project.

I have no idea what that will be.

It will take about 3 weeks to shut everything down in New Orleans and then I’ll return to South Florida and start looking for the right opportunity.

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08 Aug

Yes corrosion – just like what happened in the airplane. First the tell tale signs appear where it doesn’t fire on all cylinders in the right engine. Then a few months later, a right engine failure in midair. Morons take the plane apart and can’t find the problem. I thought the first time I saw it not fire on all cylinders there was corrosion.

Let me tell you what the fool thing to do is – it’s to think that you can just rev up the engines and blow the rust out. You think when it starts firing on all six cylinders that the problem is solved. It’s not. Trust me, it’s just waiting to bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

Then another right engine failure.

Ultimately there was rust in the Servo. Corrosion can be a very silent, deadly killer.

It’s best to respect it.

Theme park rides are no exception.

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Saw the doctor this morning…

07 Aug

My doctor’s in Florida. He said I was doing really, really well on my new medicine for RA. He told me to keep the other medicine for flares ups when the arthritis really hurts and things that can aggravate it.

I said, “You mean like when I’m rowing my boat down the street in New Orleans?’


He asked me what I was going to do after this flood. I said, “Are you kidding me? I’m going to retreat faster then General Custer. I’m pulling out of this mess.”

I don’t even want to think about the money or time that’s been wasted on this project. I might be rowing that boat and cussing out the elected officials and the people who roped me into doing this project as I leave town.

The residents of New Orleans feel the same way I do.

There’s more rain in the future this week. We are hoping to get back into New Orleans this weekend to start shutting things down. I’m not sure how this is going to go with the current weather forecast.

Water was over four feet where the apartment is located.

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And this is exactly why it’s a bad idea…

06 Aug

This is one of the main reasons why I thought it was a bad idea to try to rehab the old Jazzland Theme Park. The report is in from the Ohio State Fair ride failure. Corrosion is what caused the failure of the ride. Jazzland went through Hurricane Katrina. The water, was the big problem with the storm. Those rides have been sitting vacant for 12 years.

You would be better off, and safer, to destroy those rides and start over on a higher, dryer piece of land. It really is not worth the risk. Everything would have to be built one story above ground. I know there are companies who will tell you that the old rides can be fixed but if you miss something like this, then someone dies from it.

Also notice that the corrosion occurred from the inside out. That’s the kind of thing that is very hard to detect on a ride inspection.

But obviously in light of the fact that the drainage issues still exist in the city and they don’t seem to be dealing with the crime issues in an effective manner – I’m not sure a new theme park complex is good idea for New Orleans. All the numbers are there to support it but these out-lying factors could derail a project like the one in which I was working.

I put a lot of work into that plan, but I am not convinced that New Orleans is the place to build it after everything that has come to light.

I’ve got to be honest about what I think. Anytime I ask for investors and spend my own money, I want it to be a solid investment and one in which I have a clear conscience.

Right now, that project will be put on pause and I think other locations will be considered in the future. I have to do my due diligence and that was part of what this discovery process was all about. You don’t really know until you go down the road, the research and the steps that I just took.

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It needs to be said…

06 Aug

It needs to be said, but New Orleans can’t tell me that haven’t heard this before.

I am always very direct about what I think.

The City of New Orleans has had 12 years to address some of the problems that came to light during Hurricane Katrina. The Federal Government has also had 12 years.

After Hurricane Andrew, we got our act together in South Florida and what happened afterwards was about “solving problems” not sticking our heads in the sand. A category five hurricane is not an excuse for not dealing with reality. I’ve been through a category five hurricane.

Between the flooding and the murder rate, the leadership of New Orleans is looking inadequate. How is your city investible until you solve some of those problems? And why haven’t they been solved?

And why hasn’t there been more pressure (or assistance) from the Federal Government to make them find solutions? Why hasn’t the Army Core of Engineers provided a better solution?

“It would take too much money”, is not a good enough answer. If it takes too much money for you to start to find solutions to the murder rate or the flooding then why would we invest our money?

It’s bad enough that I feel like some people in Louisiana deliberately mislead us with a more than sugar coated version of reality. I hate to tell you this but the rest of this country doesn’t do business that way. It never works out with business people who are liars. I’ve had a few experiences with those types. This venture in New Orleans has cost me personally a lot of money at this point. And that was totally unnecessary.

But beside me personally, you need to know that the rest of this country is looking at you right now and wondering why this city seems to not have it’s act together. Yes, it’s a lot of rain. But you’re a major city who’s been aware of these problems and you don’t seem to be dealing with them. How can you have four feet of water in a city and fail to declare it as a Federal Disaster Area?

Like I said, I tell it like it is, but you need to hear it that way. You want me to be as direct as possible? You need to suck it up and find some solutions. Now, not in 12 years. That’s what real leadership is about.

I feel sorry for the people and the business owners who are stuck with the bad decisions of leadership. You are definitely living in a bubble if you think other cities would deal with these problems in this manner.

This is the kind of story that really bothers me

I said I wasn’t pleased and I meant it. Why does it need to be said? Because they obviously haven’t listened every time they’ve been told this. And right now, that’s all I’ve got to say about it.

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Here’s what I’ve decided to do…

06 Aug

We’re going to wait toward the end of this week before I try to get back into my New Orleans apartment. That should give the water time to subside. The apartment is on the 4th floor so I am not anticipating any damage but I’m sure the power’s been out. If there was mail or packages in the mailroom then that is probably trashed.

I am taking a friend with me to New Orleans. Our goal number one is going to be to sell off all the furnishings from the New Orleans apartment and then I plan to shut it down by September 1st. I can’t even get into the apartment right now.

I don’t think I need to be in New Orleans for the decisions that I am about to make.

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It’s a concern…

05 Aug

Update – If you are following along with what’s going on with New Orleans flooding right now, I am so not pleased. I was told two lies by the people who originally convinced me to come to New Orleans. And right now I discover lie number 3 – that they had “fixed the pump system.” It’s so obvious right now that the pump system in the city was not fixed. Having operational pumps is not the same thing as being able to deal with the water. Basically, what caused some of the problems from Katrina are still not fixed.


I am referring to the crime rate in New Orleans. New Orleans is unfortunately in the top 10 cities for crime and has one of the highest murder rates. ( In the first six months of this year, 365 people were shot in New Orleans. ( Last year there were 175 murders in the city.

I was telling a friend about this. I have an apartment in one of the nicest buildings in downtown New Orleans and I can hear the gunshots. I am in Florida this weekend, but just last night in the 3 block area surrounding my apartment there were 3 murders and 4 rapes.

I would never classify myself as someone who’s afraid of things but there are things I would like to do in New Orleans but I wouldn’t go out alone to do them.

So this month I have some friends and family visiting and we will be selectively targeting what we do and how we do it. And I’ve told them, “We need to not look like tourists.”

When I met with the political figures in New Orleans recently, even they admit that New Orleans isn’t safe but where I was looking at putting that park is the safest area (New Orleans East). It has the lowest crime rate.

I think the tourists would like a safe place to go. But I’ve got to tell you after the recent activity that I’ve seen, I’m not so keen about the “living in downtown New Orleans.”

You know what I mean? It’s a concern and a valid one.

Even Florida has regions where I don’t feel comfortable – Riviera Beach is one of them. They had 474 violent crimes last year. But where I live in Florida, it’s safe.

But to put it in perspective, the same web site lists the total number of violent crimes for New Orleans last year as 3,753. That’s a lot.

This article sums it up pretty well when in June 13 people were shot in one 24 hour period.

If you are following the weather right now, downtown New Orleans is literally being flooded by heavy rains. Cars are underwater in mid city right now.

I couldn’t get back into my downtown apartment if I wanted to right now. I’d need a boat.

There won’t be any water in my apartment because I am on the 4th floor. But I don’t see how you could get to the building right now.

These poor business owners, what a mess! They have over four feet of water in their businesses right now.

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What do you make of this???

04 Aug

It’s almost 1 a.m. but I still wired from today so I’ll make this post.

I don’t quite know what to make of the whole day.

I was scheduled to have a neck procedure today. This is routine for me for a problem that’s been in my neck for a very long time.

I have a friend. I’ll call him “M.” We’ve been friends for going on two years soon. And we’re just friends. He’s always asked, “Can I drive you when you need to get that done.”

I have always said, “No” because if you really know me well, I like to erect that wall and handle things by myself – admittedly even when I know I shouldn’t do it. I am always required to have a driver and I have paid for many of them when I get this done on my neck.

M’s wife died a year and half ago and he’s working through a process, and I understand that process. He knows when I was married over 16 years ago, I didn’t go on a date for nine years after that relationship ended. Nonetheless, we’ve established that we are friends, we are becoming good friends over time and there are just some things in life you do for friends.

So he asked again about today, so I finally ok, “You can pick me up at 7:45 a.m.” You know I am a pro at this by now. They take needles and they go all the way down to the bone in my spine and wait for me to tell them where the most painful parts are, then send electricity down there to make sure it won’t touch the arm and they shoot it full of the cocktail. Kill those nerves for nine months. Do it.

I tried to tell him this stuff wires me for 24 hours after it goes in.

So he says, “Come spend the day with me. Hang out in my pool and then we’ll go to dinner.”

We’ve gone to dinner many times before. And so that what we did.

Now here’s the truly bizarre part where I am going, “What do you make of this????”

We go to a nice restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens and we are engrossed in conversation. I’m telling him about hard business decisions that I have to make and we are trading stories.

For about an hour, a woman in the bar is staring at me. I’m pretending not to notice because I am not sure about the intentions.

She finally comes over to the table and asks if she can join us. M. and I look at each other like, well we were planning on any guests, we are in the middle of a conversation. She literally asked three times if she could join us. I didn’t want to be rude or impolite so I finally asked her to join us.

After she joins us she wouldn’t let go of my hand when I shook her hand. Then she proceeds to say (and right in front of M.). “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

I politely say, “Thank you that’s a nice compliment. Every woman wants to hear that.”

M. says, “I tell you that every time I see you.” It’s true he says that. But at this point M. and I are taking the meaning as a polite compliment.

That changed really fast. She proceeded to go on and on about me and the way I look.

We tried to change the conversation several times and she would interrupt to tell me. “You are just stunning. Your absolutely beautiful.”

Finally I said point blank. “I like guys not women but thank you for the compliment.”

She wouldn’t stop. She went on for almost an hour before M. and I could politely get out of the situation. We had been there a while and had over a $100 tab. When the bill came, she took it from the table and paid it.

When we got in the car, it was like – “What was that about???” M. had never seen anything like it and neither had I.

M. says, “You just don’t want to admit you’re beautiful.”

Stop. My believability meter will hit a certain scale and then say, ‘Come on..”

I do have a lot of people who when the actually meet me say, “You are much prettier in person than the actual photos I’ve seen of you on the web and in your blog.”

I actually agree with that statement, but I don’t necessarily think it’s all a bad photos fault. I have a personality and a way I talk in person that doesn’t get conveyed unless you meet me in person. People are more likely to say I am more attractive in person.

But to have a complete stranger gush for an entire hour (I am not exaggerating this at all) about me being the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen. “Come on…” What’s this about???

The woman was a very attractive young, pretty woman. But I think I made my point early on about, “I only date men.” But that did not slow down or deter the gushing compliments.

How do you go and get tortured like a voodoo doll in the morning and then get those kind of compliments in the evening? I do not understand it. It was bizarre.

I think I need to go to lunch with some friends who will say, “Yeah I know you. You are prettier in person but that woman’s as crazy as loon!”

I will admittedly say this – I don’t think it’s the appearance or the look I have. I think what attracted the compliments and maybe some compliments that I might have received in the past – is that it’s actually my spirit that draws that remark. That’s my honest take on it for what it’s worth. I guess the only people who know that answer are the people who’ve met me.

I don’t quite know what to make of it.

M. is like, “It was pretty unbelievable.” Every time she said, “I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world!” M. would get funny and utter to me, “And I’m going to kill you when this is over.”

So it was kind of funny and bizarre.

I sincerely tried to remove us from the situation without hurting anyone’s feeling but I was totally honest.

We laughed because I said, “Look at the slogan I’ve used for years for all of my businesses… I create memorable experiences with style.”

Well M. I think you just had your memorable experience. You won’t soon forget that night will you? Eh?

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Well now that Sleeping Beauty is out of her coma…

03 Aug

I gave her the talk today about, “I thought we agreed that there would be no major decisions for a year after Al died…” She had this surgery, she bought the trip to Italy, she had UV film put on every window in the sun room, she put new AC into the house…

I told her, “Look Susan Lucci, I’m cutting up your Master Card. It’s time for you to chill for a while.”

I, on the other hand am having my yearly neck procedure tomorrow. This is NOT elective. It’s an essential for me. I’ve been through this more times than I can count and it enables me to keep going. It’s the one time of the year when I have to suck it up, shut up, hold still and get it over with.

I told my mother, “Now sit your scrawny little ass it bed and stay there and I’ll call you when it’s over. Try to behave. Be a good girl. I love you.”

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Night from Hell…

02 Aug

First, let me say she’s going to be fine.

My mother had elective surgery yesterday and she scheduled it before she could coordinate it with my schedule and there were some things in which that I absolutely had to be in Florida.

I get a call late at night that they took her to ICU and she was unresponsive and they were unable to wake her up 12 1/2 hours after the surgery.

I just lost one parent in May. It’s the worst kind of phone call a child can receive. They transported her to another facility and the doctor called me all through the night. They were finally able to get her to squeeze his hand and she could nod. She was finally able to talk to me mid morning.

I’m tired. It was a long night. My mother’s head strong ways can be a bit much for me at times. She still thinks she knows more than I do.

But it appears that she is going to be fine now.

This has been the month for dealing with the “unplanned” events in life. Hopefully, this is the end of it.

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It’s a major challenge I didn’t plan on…

01 Aug
I certainly did not plan on this happening but that’s how reality tends to go. I have held back on saying something about this for a while now.

I turned 48 this month. Last month at 47, I was diagnosed with something that completely caught me off guard. The tennis elbow I had had for two years turned out not to be tennis elbow. Surprisingly at 47, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Rheumatoid Arthritis is not like the kind of arthritis that you get as you age. It viciously attacks the joints and other parts of the body doing damage.

It’s not just in my elbow, it’s in my hands which brought about my seeking medical treatment. If anyone has ever seen what I do for a living you can understand the instant fear that came with that diagnosis.

Ok – so what do we do about it? I have a very good rheumatologist in south Florida who is using an aggressive form of treatment to get the disease into remission. I think they refer to it as remission because the drug they use is also used for chemotherapy. And it has the kind of side effects that you would expect – nausea, hair loss, etc. I am taking medicine to counter act the hair loss thing. I am also taking lots of B12 to counteract the energy thing. Basically, I take two does in a week. One at night and one in the morning and then the following 2 days are the days when the side effects hit the hardest. I’ve timed all my travel and work around knowing what those 2 days are each week. But if we can get it into remission, the progression of the disease stops.

I am seeing the doctor again this week and I think I will ask for some medicine to offset the nausea. My understanding from him is that I need to hang in there long enough for my system to get used to the medicine and then the side effects drop back. I think he estimated a month to a month and a half before I would see a difference. I’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks now.

I think it’s going well. When you consider all the work and ground I covered on recent projects as well as the physical demands. I can tell you that it’s been a challenge. I’ve had to put the effort in that’s for sure.

My left elbow is basically destroyed from the disease. But if this is what I’ve got to do to keep this from destroying my hands, knees and organs, then this is what we have to do. That’s just going to be my reality. I do have a lot of pain in my hands, left elbow and sometimes knees. I am hoping that what we are doing will decrease that substantially. I was chalking some things up to “overuse” that were not overuse. I can still do the work. I think recent events have made that obvious. But it I want to continue down that path, we have to follow a plan.

I am still at a loss to explain how I ended up with this at 47 (it started at 45). I had a grandmother who had it but never that young. I sit back and wonder odd things like did all the work we had to do on my neck trigger something like this? They say RA is due to genetics and sometimes environmental factors.

And it definitely explains one thing – I was always the type of person who never gets sick. I had an iron immunity. And believe it or not, that is a symptom of RA. But because of the medicine I have to take I will be more susceptible to common colds and flus than I was before.

At any rate, I am taking this week to adjust, relax a little,  and see all the doctors who are now involved with this and move forward with our plans. Let’s hope it works – only time will tell.
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I appreciate the compliment…

31 Jul

I have people who contact me on a daily basis in regards to the work on Florida Web Development or Carolina Web Development. They always say they love the work and were wondering if I would outsource to them.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for those folks, but none of my work has ever been outsourced. I don’t put anything up on the site that I didn’t make.

As a developer, designer and business woman – I have a lot of depth to my work and a lot of depth to my knowledge and skills. I know that surprises people. But thank you for the compliment. If you should ever need me, then contact me.

I have done more work than I post to the sites but I think there’s enough showing at this time.


A few other things my businesses do not do – I don’t make cold calls. I do not telephone solicit. If you own a business you should never trust a domain poacher. These are the people who sit and wait for you to buy a domain name and then telephone solicit. I’m sure you’ve received the phone calls and know what I am talking about. That’s not a good way to choose a web development firm and in order to get the best quality your web development firm should not be your hosting company.

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The rain turned out to be a blessing…

30 Jul

It started storming and raining this afternoon in South Florida. When I am in New Orleans, it rains at least once a day. When I am in South Florida it rains once a day but it’s more like a storm.

So I went in the kitchen and decided to make a pot a soup. I thought, “Don’t let me screw this up. I haven’t made a pot of soup in a long time.” I decided to wing it.

It turned out to be one of the best I had ever made. So there were benefits to the rain…

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Palm Beach & New Orleans

30 Jul

I am glad to be back in Florida for a week or so. My place here is so quiet compared to New Orleans.

I’m not really enjoying the downtown location of New Orleans because of the noise. The noise from the horns is so loud, you have to work with headphones on or you can’t think.

And I absolutely hate the parking situation.

The original people who brought me to New Orleans turned out not to be so truthful. On the original land we looked at they told me that the existing water on the land was from the filming of Deep Water Horizon. I talked to the city about it, the water on the land was not from that filming. The land does have a serious water drainage problem. I had more than one person tell me some untrue things about the old site.

I think I do have to be very careful about how I approach any project in New Orleans.

I was glad to get out of town for a while.

I am working my way down my list of items to do this week and the list is long.

I do love looking out the window and seeing nothing but a clock tower and a sea of palm trees.

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There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

29 Jul

I’m home and I am so glad. You have no idea how happy I was to come home to my place in Florida. It is perfectly me. Now I have to adjust to the time zone change.

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Progress on my New Orleans design…

28 Jul

If you’ve been following the blog then you know I know have two residences – one in Palm Beach county, FL and one in downtown New Orleans.

Six weeks later, some of the furniture that I ordered still isn’t here. So I will show you a design in progress and then what’s scheduled to arrive. Keep an open mind… Also keep in mind, I live in it – it’s not a model. Also keep in mind in the three weeks I’ve been here, I wrote a 75 page business plan, designed a theme park and created a web site. And yes, yours truly had to build the furniture – nothing was assembled. Not even the metal bar stools.

This is my desk.

This is the living room and ridiculous thing number one – the sofa hasn’t arrived yet. So that’s why you see an air mattress where the sofa goes. This is the sofa I ordered.

These are the end tables. New Orleans has a history with copper so I choose it as my accents. The building I live in is Hibernia Tower – it was Hibernia Bank. It’s a very old historic building that’s been renovated to be apartments.

Because I was working on a theme park, I brought some of my memorabilia from Hard Rock Park. This was a picture I created for the park of the Led Zeppelin Coaster.

These I really love, they are my aqua velvet, living room chairs. The only thing I don’t love is that I ordered 2 chairs and they shipped me 4 chairs. I’ve spent weeks, trying to get Houzz to take back their chairs. I would not order anything from them in the future. Wayfair is more customer friendly.

These are the distress aqua metal office chairs.

This is the tv stand. Yes I am watching Botched. I love that show.

This is the ottoman that I’ve ordered as the coffee table. It’s not here yet either.

This is the kitchen. I used the space above the cabinets to display more memo from the Catholic church in Marietta and Hard Rock Park. Those were the days when Rolling Stone was a real magazine and a real paper size.

This was my favorite picture that I shot on Hilton Head from G’s front yard.

This my hall way and you see that box? That’s my king size platform bed that has not been assembled yet. But here’s how it will look when it’s done.

So right now, here ridiculous number 2 – this is how I am sleeping on my king size bed now.

Pictured above is my makeup table. Why do I need a makeup table? Because here is ridiculous number 3 – a historic bathroom. All I could do is decorate it with historic, french art.

And that’s the nickel and dime tour. And I might sell it all when I’m done with it.

What I like about the place – the living room. I hate the bathroom. And I hate parking downtown. My parking spot has a better view than I do.

Oh, this is one of the views from one of my windows.

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Lining up appointments…

27 Jul

Today has been a good day for business prospects. I’ve got upcoming appointments for design and web work in both Palm Beach county and New Orleans when I get back.

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I cannot wait to be home…

27 Jul

I am looking forward to spending some time at my home in Palm Beach county. I can’t wait to be home. The only one who’s gotten to enjoy it recently is my mother.

I have business to attend to next week.

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It makes my life more complicated…

26 Jul
Well we have better answers today. I did get them directly from the source that needed to tell me the answers. 1) There is not another theme park in the picture. That turns out to be sheer rumors.
2) We cannot be guaranteed that a competing business wouldn’t make an offer while we are in development before round financing.
Therefore, we will proceed with my plan to put together two park projects – a Plan A and a Plan B. One in New Orleans and one in Florida.
If something turns out not to be in the best interest of Plan A, we move to Plan B.
It’s the only safe way to proceed.
And because this now involves two locations and two sets of plans, I have to consider whether or not we need to take on U.S. angel investors for this pre-financing round. My companies covered the expenses for the development of one park. I don’t think we would have to seek a great deal of money but I think we would be advised to see it because this just got more complicated. I know what the expenses will be and what needs to be covered.
That’s where we are at with this project and this project moves forward.
Once the park is offered under the european investment structure, we can’t accept U.S. money – only if I sell some of my shares.
I’ve been getting a royal education in how different each European country is in regards to corporation formation. I’ve had a lot of international business relationships over the past several years. We know at this point:
  • what country the corporation needs to be formed in
  • how much money I have to put into a bank account in that country
  • how much it will cost to establish the corporation
  • and we know who my choice is for doing the paperwork and legal for establishing the corporation

I never thought I would own a company in another country, but that’ exactly what’s going to happen. I’ll have to learn the tax filing process and all the relevant laws.

I’ve got a friend in Charlotte, NC putting out some feelers in regards to the U.S. angel investment. I’m in the process of doing the same thing. We don’t need a great deal of money for this stage. I can borrow the money, but that’s not my first choice at this stage of the game. I’ve put a substantial investment into this at this point already.

I invested a year of my time and all the overhead that goes with it – rent, office, utilities, furniture, domain names, servers, etc. etc. when I spent the year in Florida planning the first park. I’ve been able to cover a lot of ground quickly in New Orleans because I did the first one. Nonetheless, I’ve been footing the bill for all of that.

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You learn something from watching TV…

26 Jul

How funny!

I learned that Drew and Jonathan Scott have family heritage to Scotland.

So do I. My name is Laura Fleming Kerbyson. Our castle in Scotland was Cumbernauld Castle. We also have castles in Ireland – Slane and in England.

We are all designers – cheers boys!


One of my great, great grandfather’s was the eighth Governor of West Virginia – Gov. Fleming – he was a circuit court judge and owner of Consolidated Coal. Scottish heritage.

There were many Lord Flemings in my family. And Mary Fleming was the first cousin of Mary Queen of Scots. That’s my line. I am Laura Lynn Fleming Kerbyson (now divorced for 16 years).

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The Voodoo Queen and My Mother…

26 Jul

My mother is coming to New Orleans the third week of August. We are going to take a carriage ride in the cemetery and I will pay my respects to Marie, The VooDoo Queen and ask for her blessing. Then we will head to the Catholic church and light a candle with a prayer.

My personal rosary was blessed by Pope John Paul II.

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You just never know who you will meet…

26 Jul

I’ve heard all good men are found in bars.

I could see this place from my apartment window in New Orleans called Voodoo Two Lounge. So I went down this evening for a glass of wine and some pizza bread.

And I end up meeting someone who works for one of the largest architectural firms in New Orleans. They build the WWWII Museum. He built a 4D theater. So he’s going to hook me up with his bosses to talk about possibilities.

Perfect. Love it. I need a local take on some of the land from an engineering perspective.

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Here’s what I’ve decided to do…

25 Jul

I view my job as first and foremost protecting the interest of investors.

When I came out to New Orleans a few weeks ago, I asked officials for some basic information on whether or not certain companies or developments were also looking at going into the same area that I was interested in developing.

They have not been forthcoming with those answers. I got a rumors phone call this morning that I didn’t really like very well.

So here’s what I propose – we have a second park that I planned 2 years ago for Florida. The park is not located in Palm Beach county where I live. I think it would be in our best interests if I put the proposal forward as: we like the New Orleans project as plan A, but should there be any difficulty with obtaining what we need then we are willing to pursue Plan B – the Legends project in Florida.

The place where I wanted to put the park has some risk to be mitigated. I am going to be back in Palm Beach county July 29-August 9th. I’m going to drive up and look at the land again. I am going to recontact the people that know that land and A) find out if anything has changed and B) figure up a solution to the problem and C) find out if they still want to sell. If I can achieve those things then we can put both parks forward to investors as a Plan A and Plan B. I did all the work on that project except the web site 2 years ago.

I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to put all our eggs in one basket. I want a backup plan. The location is not what makes these parks profitable. Yes, it’s necessary to have a good location, but it’s also necessary to have a revenue producing plan.

I know this – we will legally protect our investment in our plan. If any firm has the idea of “well we will just do what she’s doing” and try to copy off of what I’ve put forward – then they might find themselves in some legal hot water. I would say those members of park management might find an abrupt end to their careers.

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How’s it look?

24 Jul

We’ll I’ve only got 2 days into the web site so I think it looks like crap because I never like work that I’ve only put 2 days into. There is so much more good content to be built in the future. I’m just not sure right now what to show the outside world and what to show investors privately.

But when you want people to understand just how deep your skillset goes, you can learn alot by watching them work. Lots of people watch me work on sites as they are built. They can see how far the content comes along.

So with that said, if you want to see the first 2 days of work, this is the investor site

There is a very long list of items that I need to do to the site. And of course when I am working on the site, it can slow the server down. Just keep in mind it’s a construction zone.

The business plan itself is definitely for investor’s only at this point.

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I’m hitting it hard because I have to…

23 Jul

I am just now quitting my work for the day to go to bed.

I started on the park web site today. It will have a full creative concept map. It will be animated.

Remember that a creative concept map is not a full build out map. We don’t do that until we have architects on board and before that happens, the land has to be under contract so we can measure out ride footprints. And that creative map will get overhauled and updated as the project goes along. It is not a final version – it’s a first pass version but it will still look good.

I’m using modern day advances in code for the animations. That and I am jus incredibly fast after working in this business for so many years. I’ll have the map animated within two days and probably have the investor site done within a week.

I don’t know anyone who’s as fast as I am at doing this.

I started on this project July 10th. I have 76 pages of the business plan complete including Income Statements. The park logo and map are done. I’ve acquired all the names for the web site, hotel and campground. Now I’m building the investor site and hope to have the site done and map animated within a week. Who do you know who can move that fast?

I spent a year working on my first solo park in Florida. Once you do it once, the second time around, you fly through creating the stuff.

I keep telling people, “Imagine if I end up getting more time, right?”

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