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24 Feb

We did the neck diagnostic this morning for the next two vertebra.

When the needles and the probe were inserted in all the way down, we hit a very, very painful spot.

After I left the medical office, I started getting queasy, which never happens. I actually contemplated stopping the car for a minute. As the day went on I ended up with a whopping headache, neckache and shoulder throbbing.

I’m going straight to bed.

I think I report back on the 9th to give them a follow up and then on the 17th we’re going to kill the nerves around those two vertebra in another procedure. I’ll be glad to get that over with. It’s a very painful spot. But one month later, I’ll be feeling so much better.

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I’ve got wishful thinking going on…

23 Feb

I went to the gym and then came home and did an hour long glorious walk through Atlantis. No two houses are alike. There is nothing cookie cutter about Atlantis. It was such a gorgeous day.

I have a another neck diagnostic tomorrow. We are going to do 2 more vertebra coming up.

As I was out walking, I decided if the next neck procedure goes well, I am going to buy myself a basketball and shoot again. We have a court in Atlantis.

Wouldn’t that be fun? A little HORSE?

I just had to explain the game to someone. They didn’t know about the game of HORSE in basketball. I laughed when I was asked if it’s an Ohio thing. I don’t think it came from Ohio. But it’s a fun game.

If you don’t know the game, this explanation will help

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I finished at 1 a.m….

23 Feb

Almost every form that had been given to me had an error so I had no choice other than to manually tally up all the records and find out who had made the mistakes.

This was not a fun process but I finished at 1 a.m.

I got up this morning and made a smoothie and my plans are to go to the gym today and try to find a couple of hours to start on a new book. It’s all I have left of the weekend.

One weekend a year gets eaten up by doing tax records. Now I am ready for the accountant in March.

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I am getting tired of people’s immaturity…

22 Feb

I am referring to some people in my personal life, not professional. This has happened more than once this week.

I will highlight my mother, since she is the biggest offender.

I work full time. I work long hours. I am a clean freak. I like my house clean. I go to the gym to workout. Sometimes I don’t get home until 10:30 at night after a day at work and at the gym. I take time to destress like taking a hot bath or hot shower. I also need time to eat. I have a right to do the things I need to do in life.

It is so immature of people to get upset when I don’t answer the phone or whatever piece of communication they have sent. Particularly when it’s just to have an ordinary conversation. If I’m not answering, it’s because I am in the middle of something.

I don’t like it when people think they have a right to try and control my time or my life. I don’t answer to anyone. Period. It’s my life. I like a well managed life and I choose what to do and when to do it.

I have no patience for people who are looking to change me. I think it’s very immature. I usually change those people.

I was making time every day to call her when I was in traffic on I 95. Personally, it would have been better to have  decompression and relaxing time to listen to music each day rather than listening to the same boring things I have to listen to every day. But if people are going to complain, I am inclined to cut back even on the time I am carving out.

I am spending today working on taxes for my businesses for last year. I prepare all the spreadsheets for the accountant. There are realities in my life and there are things in my life that need attention.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that I have a well managed life and I am very independent woman and it’s going to stay that way.

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Press can stay around for years…

21 Feb

We were having a conversation about press on me staying around for years.

I’ll give you so examples – this is from when I was teaching holographic applications. If you notice in what I built, I put me pink guitar into it :)

Maybe this weekend I’ll dig up the really sexist headline that read “Woman makes video game”

Stay Tuned…

That’s why it’s important to get the press right.

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Another gym night…

20 Feb

So I put in a long day and then knocked out another gym night.

I am going to need to burn off the calories. Tomorrow night I am heading out after work with a group of people that I work with and last night I had dinner out. I am feeling like I should be working harder to burn this off.

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This is so me…

19 Feb

N. sent down a box of LED candles. When I was at his house I saw them and I fell in love with them. They were all over the house and cast such pretty lights. They look so real and I really love a dimly lit room.

I put the batteries in and set them up. I absolutely love these things. This is so me.

I took a bath and turned out the lights just so I could see them light up the bedroom and bathroom.

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It was a nice weekend…

18 Feb

I had a great time. We had gone to Delano’s in South Beach. I was sorry to see the weekend come to an end. I really didn’t care where we went, I was enjoying the company I was keeping.

But now I am back to working on business problems and there are many to tackle this week. And he had to go back to New York for a while.

And I have vowed that I have to get caught up on some sleep this week. It’s taking it’s toll on my skin. I don’t know how but I need to make some time for some fun stuff like reading or tv – anything to break up the week. Balance in my life is what I am looking for at the moment.

The past two weeks at the office (there are 2 of us on development) and we literally wore ourselves out. Now we have to bounce back from all that.

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Black Shiny Dress for the Date in South Beach…

15 Feb

We are going to South Beach to celebrate Valentine’s Day tonight (on Saturday). This is the dress that Julie bought for me for Christmas.

And these are the photos I was saying that anyone could take with a few pointers.


1) Lighting is everything

2) For older women ask them to look up a bit

3) Have them tilt their head a bit

4) Ask them to straighten their posture a bit

And with a few tips, you will have a much better photo, don’t you agree?

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What a day…but there’s good news…

13 Feb

At least I am hoping it all works out that way…

I got fast tracked into a doctor to look at my elbow and my RA. I haven’t been treated since 2017. I’ve done my own plan on my own of workouts, folic acid, b12, plus orange juice every day, and my last resort was Naperson.

I have no stomach lining left.

He told me that he thought it was going to turn out that I am A-Typical. My joints do not look like joints that haven’t been treated in 3 years. We talked about my left elbow and what happened 3 years ago and I got treated for 4 months and went off the medications when I felt like it was cured. That elbow has never bothered me again. RA is symmetrical and now it’s the right and right wrist. Some swelling in both hands.

Given what I do for a living, having a problem with your hands and your elbows is a problem.

There’s actually a chance that I might just have to do a biologic for 3-4 months and I can quit again. He told me I was doing such a good job of managing this with what I was doing. Except for the Naperson of course. The idea behind treating it for 3-4 months would be so we can ditch the Naperson, which led to the stomach problems. So we might be able to fix the stomach and the right elbow. That’s great news. Perfect.

They fast tracked me for x-rays this evening and we’ll see what they say after those. In the meantime, I hated doing it but they put a big shot of Cortizone into the elbow.

And now the other news…

I was approached about purchasing something for Florida Web Development. The backstory on this is that I own and when it came time for Florida, someone held the domain name hostage so I didn’t acquire the .com for that one. Florida is parked on (notice not the .com). I am not pushing traffic to my own properties because I have enough work right now. That’s why the rankings aren’t higher than they could be – I don’t have a reason to push them higher.

But someone contacted me and offered me And I bought it. I felt like I was paying too much.

The dilemma for me will be do I change Florida Web Development to Florida Web Developer or do I spin it up as another arm of the brands. Unless my income doesn’t increase from the current source, I don’t have a reason to try to launch it. If I don’t see what I need to see in numbers in 30-60 days, then I have to give thought to it.

I don’t know what that answer is right now, but I bought it. The records will transfer in the next couple of days.

As for the client that I took on a few months ago that nobody had ever heard of – they now fully own their name on Google. It’s gratifying to take a company and shoot it to the top of it’s rankings. Traffic is growing very well on that site. I continue to add on to things that people don’t even see from the outside. In Phoenix, Dallas and Houston beginning on Feb. 29th, we’re getting ready to run 2 commercials (an A/B test) in all three markets for two weeks. Those commercials will be appearing on Fox News. In other digital television systems they will follow the user based on their channel. These are lead gen commercials.

What people don’t see if that there are two of us running lead gen via the Internet and Media that fuels this business. I say, because there’s only 2 of us who know how to technically make the whole thing. We are actively driving a lot of traffic and advertising. Other people give opinions into what we’re doing but they don’t make the stuff. Our lead gen efforts now fund 100 employees and multiple call centers. It’s a very fast pace. If I didn’t have game, I could not do this job. But I have game.

When I met Chappy he was thinking that he found his right hand. He had written this industry specific CRM that the call centers flowed into. I told him, “I think you’ve got it wrong. It’s not a left hand-right thing. It’s a front end – back end duo. Your CRM is the backend. I can build a mother of a front end that will drive traffic and power into that back end.”

And that’s what happened and it’s working. Welcome to lead gen on another level. Now let’s become the Conversion King and Queen.

As for the client I dropped a few months ago, well their Internet reputation is going back to the toilet. If you don’t continue to put the right work into it, it fails. And if people have skeletons in their closet – they come back to the surface. That’s how this game works.

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I’m going to fire them all…

12 Feb

My mother. My best friend. The guy I am going out with…

They’ve all shot iphone photos of me in the past year and they are all terrible. I know I need a little work but I don’t need that much work.

I’ve shot a lot of models in my day and I’ve made a lot of people look better in photos than in person. The people around me however, are managing to take this in the opposite direction.

Therefore, I am going to give some free photography lessons. Those unwilling to learn will simply be banned from taking any future photos. “No pictures, please.”

I am also thinking about getting a professional shoot done again just so they might realize the difference.

I love you all but you’re killing my self esteem.

You’ve been demoted to photography assistant.

To prove it, I’ll shoot my own iphone shots on Saturday after I get ready to go to dinner. Black sparkly dress…you’ll see.

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I get to wear the new gown…

11 Feb

Julie bought me a fabulous black, short sparkly dress from C. Orrico’s in Palm Beach for Christmas.

I get to wear it Saturday night for Valentine’s Day. Saturday is better for me than Friday because I put in long hours.

N. has something planned so I asked, “Is is something where I could wear that black sparkly number that Julie bought for me?”

He said that would be perfect. So that’s what I’m wearing on Saturday. I will try to snap a few mirror shots on Saturday to show you how the dress looks when it’s on.

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Photos from yesterday’s polo match and brunch…

10 Feb

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09 Feb

We are going to the champagne brunch at the International Polo Club today. N. is taking me there for brunch.

It’s a bit windy. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to keep my hat on today.

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It wasn’t just the work wearing me out…

09 Feb

I  hadn’t slept well in weeks because my right arm is killing me. It feels like someone has my arm on a rack and they are pulling it apart. That’s what it feels like.

But then when I started throwing up blood, I now get what she was trying to tell me.

RA can attack soft tissues as well as joints and I have no stomach lining left. I told you the name does not describe the disease.

I am already swallowing a small pharmacy of stomach medicines but she added one more to try to stop it. Blood really burns. It just does.

I took the new stuff last night and I made changes to my bed to make it softer so that if I rolled over, it wouldn’t wake me up. I did finally get some sleep last night. I needed to just take a day off today from everything.

I had been trying to control the whole thing with diet, which is pointless. It’s not really a stomach problem just like it’s not really an elbow or wrist injury. It’s your body attacking itself. Back in 2015 it was my left elbow back then. It took 4 months to get it into remission. But RA is symmetrical, so now it’s the right arm.

Someone I know was asking about me creating a piece of artwork for an office building in Palm Beach. I’m wondering if that hand would be good enough to do it right now. It will take me at least a month to get into a specialist and then a month for them to obtain the old records and then at least 3 more months of a new treatment before we’ll have control of it again. That’s just reality. So I may put off artwork requests for a while. We’ll see. I am calling to get an appointment with the specialist this week. I have to. I am crying “uncle.” I can’t take it.

I am such a really hard worker and I work at such a fast pace that I think those things combined together and I’m feeling it now. This stuff comes in cycles. I just have to get control of it. But until then, all acidic foods are coming out of the diet until then.

I tried to hold off as long as I possibly could. Hopefully, we’ll only have to do a treatment for 3 or 4 months.

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So bone tired, it reminds me of being a teenager…

07 Feb

When you mentally tackle problem, after problem, after problem you can end up tired by the end of the day. My field is a field of problem solvers. That’s the way it is.

But that tired feeling today reminded me today of when I was a teenager. I played 11 years of basketball. I was point guard and team captain. Back in those days, girls basketball games were started with a jump ball. I remember one season when we were up against this team and their coach would put their center to jump against me on the game opener. I’m not that tall (about 5′4″) but I have really long legs. I had the same coach for basketball kindergarten through 9th grade. He always thought I was good jumper so he would have me do the opening jump ball. But this girl was 6′2″ and unlike most tall girls, she was flexible and could really jump. She smacked that ball down so fast and was so much higher than me I knew we were in trouble.

They mopped the floor with us in that game because she could get every rebound. We couldn’t block her shots because she could jump and she could move for a tall girl. We worked so hard but of course we lost.

After the game, coach told me, “Well she’s your age. So I hate to say this but you’re going to see her again next season. And unless you want a repeat of this experience, you’re going have to learn to jump higher. You’re going to have to figure out how to fly.”

I thought, “How in the world am I going to learn to jump higher? I’m already giving this everything I have. She’s 10 inches taller than me.”

At the end of the school year, I knew what I would have to do. That was the summer that we started breaking into the gym. I would go up onto the roof that covered the door and then reach up to the second floor and grab a window and pry open. The gym didn’t have air conditioning so the windows were cracked. And I would go into a gym with no lights and no air conditioning in the heat of summer. I started with attaching a rope to an eyehook on the wall and attaching the other end to a free weight on the floor. Now I had a steep “slope” to tackle. And I would start jumping up the rope, left side to right side, trying to work higher and higher on the rope. Believe me, you’re motivated not to miss. And I would do it over, and over, and over again. Then I would go practice on a door frame. Put a visual mark above the door and jump for it. Now move the mark higher. Jump for it.

Then I would work on stretching to get those hamstrings as flexible as I could. Back then I could do a spit so I would work on those. Anything to stretch those legs.

Day in and day out. All summer long. And I would do things like practice foul shots because coach said that games were made or lost on foul shots alone.

If I didn’t have anyone to practice passing with, I would use the wall. And on and on it went for hours every day. As a point guard, I learned my whole game was in my finger tips. Jump balls were won on fingertips. The ice on a foul shot was the finger tips. Controlling the ball around the back or through the legs was finger tips. My touch and learning how to control it would be crucial. Stealing the ball was in the fastest jab I could make and having precise finger tips.

And the next season, Coach was right. She was back with a big smile and smirk as we stood across from one another for the jump ball.

We had positioned our players so that my best guard was behind me to the left, in case she out jumped me and tipped to her point guard. And we positioned our Center to receive my tip if I won because she could shoot from really far away as well as pass really hard if I made a fast break for the basket.

So I got into stance, and when the whistle blew, we both went airborne for as high as we could reach. I was determined not to be humiliated like the year before. My fingers went two inches higher than her highest reach and I tipped to my center.

But in that split second our game was made, because not only was she surprised, she was downright shocked and it flustered her for the whole game. We got the mental edge we needed. My team was no longer defeated mentally or physically.

I wasn’t nearly as tired coming out of that game. I had her game figured out. I did learn to fly. I did it so well that the Track coach in the audience took notice and that year was the year I was assigned not only the 100, 200, 4 x100, 4 x 200 and the relays (which I always did) but now the hurdles. I hate hurdles but I can fly over them. I was always very fast. To practice those, I would run through people’s yards on the way home and jump over their lawn furniture and onto and over the retaining walls. I ended up with the legs of a gazelle – nimble, fast, and with a light touch.

And business can be like that too. Some times you have to spend some time figuring out new systems and software but once you know, the day will be easier next time. There will be a day when you’re not as tired when you figure out the game.

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Today was a reality check…

06 Feb

It was a reality check on more than one issue.

The first issue was my home. I bought it two years ago and I fully renovated it. I did the design work. There were several reasons why I needed to see what an appraiser would put on the property.

The appraisal was almost dead on where I thought it would arrive. It was within 3 thousand of where I thought it would fall. In two years, the property has had an increase in value of 34% due to the redesign. However, I am now the one setting the top of the market for these properties in my neighborhood. It doesn’t appear that anyone took it as far as I did. What the appraisal showed was that the property is worth the money I put into it. It also tells me, don’t put anymore major money into the property or you will not see that return in value. Which is exactly what I suspected.

And it also tells me that Palm Beach’s increase of 24% on my property tax value was within the range. I seriously hope that the newly acquired Homestead Exemption caps that increase for the future.

That was the first reality check. By the way – congratulations to myself for a job well done on the redesign. That’s actually a great number for an investment. And sorry, but you have to pay more now because you bought it to live in, not flip.

Realty check number 2. I got chewed out (and rightly so) by my doctor. It’s been 3 years since I’ve treated my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Most people don’t even know that I have RA. The injuries that I sustained recently from working on my house, are not the result of an injury. The injuries wouldn’t have happened if there was not joint damage present. I was chewed out about the fact that it’s a serious disease and I need to quit sticking my head in the sand and deal with it.

She said, “I hate to tell you this but your on par with a major illness like Cancer but you need to treat it that way.” She explained to me that the federal government sees it the same under the Federal Family Leave Act (which I don’t think applies to me but this was the first time anyone put it to me this way). As far as I’m concerned, the disease is so misnamed.

I quit going for several reasons. The medication they were using is also used for Chemo. I lost so much hair, it dinged my energy and I was nausea. No one noticed at the time because I was in New Orleans to build that theme park I had planned. I churred out so much work so fast, no one noticed. I always manage to push myself.  Then because they have to draw your blood all the time, this became an issue.

So she wants me to find an RA doctor who can draw the blood in their office while I am there and we won’t use the medication we used last time. I absolutely refuse to take anything that will make my hair fall out. I’m done with that. No one notices, but I do.  This time we’ll try a biologic. I hate the thought of even trying this but I really have no choice. So this weekend, I will look for a new doctor. So if they have a medication without that side effect, if they can draw my blood on site, then I’ll try it again.

She asked me, “Does anyone you work know that you have RA?”

“Not really. And I seriously doubt that anyone would care or even understand what it is. ”

She said, “You need to disappear for two hours every month to go see the doctor and get the blood drawn. You have to make room in your schedule for this.” It was put in no uncertain terms to me that if the disease progresses and you’re not treating it, you can’t undo the damage. And guess what, there’s the problem with the right elbow, which actually I knew that.

That’s true about treating the disease but then you have people like Glenn Frey from the Eagles who died from complications from his RA treatment. There are risks in treating the disease as well. I never have to worry about being sick. If you start treating it, you do have to start worrying about that and avoid situations where you can get sick.

So that was reality check number 2.

I don’t want to deal with this but I guess I have to do it. Some people get the disease young. And I was one of them. I hate it. I always have. But I’m such a high energy, high producing person that people don’t notice or know. My output is ridiculously high.


I spend my whole life behind a computer or a camera but do you remember when I had the client who insisted on using me as a model? It always made me cringe. The day I modeled the 17 CT Diamond, my hands were starting to swell. I hadn’t even had time to use hand cream for a week, which makes a huge difference in the appearance of your hands. That video makes me cringe. I was drafted into modeling. I started on one side of the camera and involuntarily ended up on the other side. Do you remember this?

Click here to see the video of a 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond.

But the bottom line was that you are only going to put a diamond that big on someone’s hand who can be trusted. I get it.

We weren’t the Kay Jewelers of the world.

This was the post from back then

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What have I been doing?

05 Feb

Oh, I’ve been quiet this week? What have I been doing you ask?

I’ve been putting the “Go” in Godaddy.

It’s self explanatory. I’ve been doing it for years.

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Did you see it? They’re learning…

03 Feb

I couldn’t stop laughing over the commercial because we had a very similar scene in real life. We had like a 100 Porsches or more at a winery. I was in Porsche Club of America and we all met for dinner. Then afterwards we raced out of there until we got to the spot and everybody relayed the message, “Slow down here because here’s where the cop sits.” And it was laughable how slow we passed the police car. And a little further down the road we just opened them up on the highway. We knew where the police car was because I had a state police grade radar under my dash. That thing was accurate miles away.

But what did I say for years? Rip that dash out and put more tech in. I actually did it with what I could with the one I had. And I said, “I would like it better if it were my color (which is aqua). They are getting warmer but there needs to be a little more green mixed with the blue. It’s close.

The dash is definitely more what I was aiming for in tech features. And they are close to getting the color right.

I like it. I’m not spending $103,000 on a car this year but I like it.

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Definitely needed an evening to relax…

02 Feb

I rushed home last night to clean. I usually do it on Saturdays but the appraiser was coming this morning. So I got home at 7 pm after a long day at work and then cleaned the entire house. It’s been a long hard couple of weeks at work lately.

Then today I did my usual Saturday errands, which I personally think have become a ridiculous routine and some of it should be shifted to ordering online and less time running around. It was gloomy and rained all day. By afternoon, I began to feel like I had been hit by a Mac truck. I realized how much muscle tension I was carrying in my neck and my head. All the rain was not helping this.

So I came home and ran a bath and lit all the candles and put the Spa Radio on. I put a nice bath bomb in the water and I soaked for a while. I did a face mask and then the booties on the feet with avocado oil and Vitamin E. I made a cup of Raspberry Hibiscus tea with Agave and Stevia. I propped myself up on a bunch of pillows in bed and made my mental list for tomorrow and rubbed the back of my neck.

Tomorrow, I am making homemade egg drop soup with egg rolls. I’ll probably make a vegetable pasta primavera that I can take for lunch this week. I found a sauce that is actually made with cauliflower and less of the bad stuff. Then I’ll go to the gym for a while.

What I’ve already decided I am doing next weekend is this – no shopping, no errands. I am going to relax and recharge my batteries. I am feeling run down. I’ve got some books I want to read and I can make some nice teas. I haven’t made time to watch television in over a month so I should find some entertainment, even if it’s only for an hour. I need to spend a whole weekend of doing nothing really. I have to do it.

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Appraiser coming…

01 Feb

Sorry no post tonight. I have an appraiser coming tomorrow. They jacked my property 24% on taxes and I want to know is it worth that or is that unrealistic?

What’s it worth?

If it’s worth more, it should be insured for more.

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Hard Rock Hotel – Anyone for a pink Lambo?

29 Jan

I forgot he had taken these of me as well on our trip to the Hard Rock Hotel. Again, the car looks great and the model needs some coaching. I hate photos of me smiling. This was before I changed into the silver dress.

We saw the Chriss Angel show.

Pretty dress. Bad lighting on the head. I must cut it off….

I snapped these with my iPhone.

And here are the best parts – the videos I shot with my phone of the hotel:

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He just sent me a photo…

29 Jan

I just got this in my email. This is the Ferrari he thinks I should own -my color of course. This is at the Cavallino at The Breakers. Good photographer but model needs work. I’ve got to show him how to straighten outfits and give me direction.

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Helicopter vs. Plane Crashes

29 Jan

In light of the recent tragedy of the helicopter crash with Kobe Bryant, I had a friend ask me what the ratio is for crashes vs. that of a plane.

Helicopters have twice the crash ratio than that of a small plane. I am sure that this crash was weather related and related to visibility of the pilot. In small aircraft, weather causes a lot of problems. You have to have a special instrument rating to be able to fly when there is rain or fog. This pilot had the rating but the weather may have been more than he bargained for in the long run.

I used to fly on the Robinson R44 helicopters because they were a model we could take a doors off and use a harness in order for me to photograph. I was 15 years old when I did my first photo shoot from a helicopter but that was a National Guard helicopter (which are much safer). Primarily the R44’s are not that safe because experienced pilots don’t want to fly anything that small. Their crash rate is higher than other models of copters.

If you look back through some of the web sites that I made through the years, you can spot some aerials. I quit doing it for several reasons. One was that when drones became popular, it didn’t make financial sense anymore. The second reason was that if you have the door off of a helicopter and you’re hanging out to shoot, even though you have a harness, you need to be prepared for a sudden lurch or turn. You need to have one hand free to grab the camera and one hand free to grab the frame to steady yourself and catch your weight because you can swing quite a bit in a harness.

A lot of people don’t realize this but I’ve had RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) for years now. It’s in my right elbow. My right arm is not reliable enough to catch my full weight on some days. So I quit putting myself into a position where my safety might rely on that right arm.

Although I wanted to learn to fly planes, I never thought that I was cut out to be a helicopter pilot. I find the dynamics of the craft to feel unnatural. Some are meant to be helicopter pilots and some are not. Although I looked into Whirly Girls, I decided it was not for me.

You feel very bad for the families and friends when something like this happens.

I have a friend who was just telling me he had a helicopter fly him to the volcano in New Zealand right when that boating accident happened. I wouldn’t want to be there in a helicopter either because if you have a problem, where’s that helicopter going to put down? Not in the volcano I hope. Tourist helicopters are notorious for problems.

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Internet fuel can be exhausting…

28 Jan

I’ve got a client where I am pushing numbers and content to virtually every internet channel you can think of plus a new web site and server.

We’re seeing the sharp uphill climb on the numbers and the results. It’s all about getting it in flight.

But being the fuel in the equation can be a little tiring. It takes a lot of effort. A lot of analyzing, design, creativity and endless development. And the strategy that I make from the beginning has to be spot on to continue to climb.

Build, build, build…

It’s working but I’m going to need a vacation at some point. That’s what the auto schedulers are for….

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For the car fanatic friends and followers and the “what’s up?”

26 Jan

As you know I love looking at the design of almost anything. Here’s my brief recap in pictures and words of yesterday at the Ferrari Cavallino at The Breakers. These are snapshots from my iphone. There weren’t shot with my professional camera.

For dinner we went to St. Ambrose who also had a booth at the Ferrari Cavallino…

At dinner we were having a discussion about that St. Ambrose was our first date a long time ago. I have friends who don’t quite understand the whole story about N. We’ve actually known each other a couple of years. It would have been 2 years ago at the Atlantis Spring Fling that we met at a car show and we were both looking at a Porsche. It turns out I used to own one and he did too. Then it turned out that his second home was literally just right down the street from where I live. It was like, “Well heidi-ho neighbor. It would take me 30 seconds to walk to where you live.” So he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him that night at St. Ambrose in Palm Beach. And that was almost 2 years ago.

N. lives in New Jersey, right across the river from New York. He has businesses in New York, New Jersey and Palm Beach. A couple of years ago he was spending far more time in New York and New Jersey. He wasn’t here very often but when he was in town, we’d go out. Long distance relationships are hard especially when both parties have limited time. So we would go out when he was in town but the relationship never moved forward. Until things changed recently and now we seem to be moving forward.

How to describe him – brilliant, good looking, very successful. MBA from Harvard Business School. Undergraduate in chemical engineering, well spoken, polite, well dressed, very tasteful. IPO’ed one of his companies at 4000 employees in his 30s. No children. Never married. Very long term relationship with a woman who passed away. You know in life you have fast cars and you have fast men. I try not to get involved with fast men. By that I mean are they are secretly players where they have women in different cities and are they are interested in you just to have another notch on the belt. I can be friends with them but that’s where it needs to stay. I think I have known N. long enough to believe that he’s not that kind of guy. He seems to have very good character. He seems to have it all, which in and of itself always scares me that I’m missing something or I wonder if I could ever be something special to someone like that.

I also know that he doesn’t quite have me figured out yet because it’s an issue of not having spent enough time yet to understand me. I’m complicated to figure out and I know that. I am also cautious about finding someone who’s a fit with me. Men in general can be very distrusting of women and I have to have someone in my life that knows me well enough to trust me and not to doubt me. I’ve worked too hard on my career and my character through the years. I don’t view myself as being similar to a lot of women.

So far, there is a lot of compatibility with N. I need to be dating someone who is mature because I can’t deal with immature men. I’m advanced for a woman and those men are not for me. He’s into many of the same interests that I like – design, photography, golf, business, elegant dining, fun places to go, taking care of yourself, and we both living in the same community, etc. He appreciates the effort that I put into my appearance and wardrobe. All my friends that have met him, like him very much.

I think at this point I am willing to risk it and see what happens if we move it forward. I am really hoping that I don’t get hurt by any of this because that’s always the big fear. And with all that distance are we going to be able to see each other enough to move it forward. I think that ball will be in his court. I was surprised when I flipped through my phone to figure out when we met just how many times over the past couple of years that we had gone out to dinner or events. And two years later, we’re still here. I am really hoping at this point that I might be the only woman that’s he’s interested in but I really have no way of knowing that, do I? He has to be a major target for women.

So that’s the story and my friends that live elsewhere are right that something changed recently and we seem to be moving in a forward direction. Only time is going to tell if that’s the direction that he wants to continue to move toward. So there’s your answer to, “What’s up with this?”

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Ferrari Cavallino…

26 Jan

The show at The Breakers was good. I actually have quite a few good pictures.

Right now, all I have time to post is one because we’re heading to dinner in Palm Beach.

I know I owe some friends some phone calls and texts. It’s been a busy weekend. I had so much to do Friday night, I didn’t even get to bed until about 12:45. Late night…

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I think I gave him a mid life crisis…

24 Jan


I wore a very hot dress when we went out to dinner last weekend.

And the next thing I know, he’s ordered a very hot car.

Did I just give him a mid-life crisis?

He ordered one of the new 2021 Corvettes. We’re going to to the Cavilino at The Breakers on Saturday.

I told myself, I better not wear anything sexy or he might be ordering something crazy like a Ferrari or a Lambo.

I’m wearing pants and a linen blazer on Saturday. This could get expensive.


I thought his Mercedes was a nice car. He called it, “the old stogy look.”


The funniest response…

I normally do not post content of text messages but comedians do not write funnier stuff. I had texted what I said above to him. His response was, “Hmmm, I think you are right. Lambo? No. But if you dress any sexier I am going to need an RV to take a cold shower.”

LOL! That is some seriously funny stuff.

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I know what’s on my agenda…

21 Jan

I worked out last night at the gym so tonight I get to take the night off.

I keep some healthy meals that I’ve cooked in the freezer. I am grabbing one of those so I don’t have to cook, a hot bath and some television.

One of my goals for the year was to make more time for entertainment and some relax time.

So tonight is a little decompression time.

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A plane almost hit the building…

21 Jan

I’m tired because I was woken up at twenty til four this morning by the sounds of the engine of approaching plane. One of the reasons I live in Atlantis is because I like to fly small aircraft and the private airport is just right outside the gate. People pay a lot of money to live in fly in communities. I don’t need one of those because it’s so close. So are the golf courses, so is the park and the beach is 10 minutes away. It has everything I ever want.

But some moron really misjudged things last night. I heard the engine getting closer, and closer and closer. I kept saying to myself, “Ok Buddy. Pull up. Pull up. I should not be hearing this.”

And it got closer and closer. I finally got ready to dive out of bed and head under it. He probably came within feet of the building it was so close.

I thought, “He thinks Congress Avenue is a runway. That’s not the landing strip. He’s either too tired or too old to be flying.”

We had one last year that didn’t make it to the airport and crashed across the street. Chalk it up to, “It happens.”

He came so close it scared me. So I never got back to sleep after that.

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19 Jan

I went to the range last night.

I have a golf date today. We’re going to find out how these new clubs play.

It’s a beautiful day here.

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She asked a good question…

17 Jan

My mother asked me, “Didn’t hitting all those golf balls hurt your neck?”

I feel it in four months but not now. Here’s why. I just had my neck procedure done. In the past we’ve done it once a year. Now we’re going to do it twice a year. They kill some of the nerves that go from my vertebra down into my shoulder.

I just had it done about a month ago. So right now, I don’t exact feel what I’m doing. That’s why doctors get upset when they find out I did golf.

What I have found is that I will start to feel it anywhere from 4-6 months later. And now we’re repeating the procedure at the six month mark.

This is the game I play in order to be able to do normal things, like golf.

I’ve had it done so many times and I know it so well, I can predict it.

Yes, my neck hurt some after hitting all those balls but not like if we hadn’t just killed the nerves. The problem with nerves is that they do grow back. Hence, why we repeat this all the time.

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Why it’s such a hot button for me…

16 Jan

We have an absolute moron who’s part of my condo association that still didn’t seem to get the message even after law enforcement talked to him a few years ago.

This is as much of the backstory as I’ll tell you. I had a client who directed me to broker a deal for a multi million dollar piece of luxury goods. The problem started with who they wanted me to take over discussions with. There were two separate deals in two different countries. Both countries are in the Middle East and one of the deals was with someone who was very high ranking but a middle man was involved. The other deal was just questionable characters.

I never thought any of this was a good idea. Nonetheless, I took over the discussions and the negotiations. These people treated me as an American woman so disrespectfully and in a down right hostile manner. I really did not want to do business with them. At one point I was even asked to fly there and the destination was behind a no fly zone. I finally kind of put my foot down and told the client, “Look, no amount of money is worth putting ourselves in a very bad position. I do not like how we’re being treated or the things we are being asked to do. I don’t want to do business with them.”

Some of these negotiations had gone on for months. It was clear to me that we never should have gotten into this in the first place. I checked some sources for the background on one of the parties involved and the results turned up known connections to terrorism. But I think all my client could see was dollars. To make a long story short. We walked away. But it was not without the feeling that someone had sold my safety for greed. Because some parties were very unhappy with the fact we wouldn’t meet their terms.

It wasn’t long after when the first crime occurred. A break-in ensued and a laptop and a set of keys were taken. Nothing of value was stolen. Just keys and laptop that was obviously worth nothing except for data and the contacts of correspondence. The break in occurred at my client’s home. Because the keys were taken and that looked suspicious, I had all the locks on my home changed to the highest level security locks.

This has been years ago now. That case was never solved.

I had a friend at the time who knew about the deal I tried to broker and how I felt about it.

Some time passed and then I became the target of a crime. Again nothing was taken. I was obviously the target. A weapon was used. I was injured but no clear motivation was present. Their plan was foiled because they didn’t get the outcome they were looking for. The person ended up being a total bonehead.

A crime scene was declared and my person effects were taken and sent away to be analyzed. When the evidence returned in bags, the bags had the wrong address on them. This crime was never solved and it’s obviously unclear as to whether the two are connected. Right after this happened, the moron at the condo association sets me off because he asked for a key to my condo claiming that they need access when I’m not home. That was the biggest bunch of B.S. I’ve ever heard. I unequivocally told them that would never happen. No one gets a key to my home. The condo association then went and hired a West Palm Beach law firm to come after me for the key. I was livid. I relayed all this to the police department when they were conducting their investigations. They told me flat out, legally they cannot try to obtain your key. The police department contacted the law firm and the moron and told them “Don’t ask for the key. You have no legal right.” They were advised from law enforcement about why this is a sensitive issue for me.

More time passes and the friend who knew about the deal being brokered, is now dead. Is that death related to the whole situation? My gut says no but my head says you can’t rule it out. There’s a couple more connections between the friend and some suspicions but right now I have nothing hard that ties that death back to the original problem. That death is under investigation.

Then this week the moron from the condo association sends out an email saying that they need access to my condo when I’m at work. You don’t even want to know how mad that makes me. Finally today, someone smarter from the condo association sends out an email that says, “We actually don’t need access to her condo.”

That was a very wise move otherwise, if they had persisted, I would of had to have law enforcement pay them another visit.

I have the right to protect my home. I have the right to defend myself. And I have the right not to be harassed over this same issue. They need to quit asking for access to my home. It isn’t going to happen because I don’t give access to anyone. Period. I have a right to make that home feel safe.

I don’t even discuss this with my family and it’s not a point open for discussion. I handled what happened in the past but this is why there’s no access to my life. This is non-negotiable. I’m still angry about all of it. And don’t ask anymore questions because I’m not willing to provide any more details because I think it compromises investigations that may still be in progress.

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I’m upset about it…

15 Jan

I received an email today that triggered a bunch of memories that I just tried to forget about.

A few years ago, there was a series of serious events that all happened to the people closest to me in my life.

Initially, I chalked it up to unrelated events. But there is a common connection, a one that’s more sinister. I’ve run the scenarios through in my head about where that motivation could come from but in the end I still just have pieces of the puzzle. In the end, I question whether any of it was related or all just bad timing.

I never talk about these events because it would read like something out of a spy novel. And I’m just not a drama queen, but at the same time, there is a question in my mind about, “Are all these events related because there’s a common element that points back to the same place. Could it be that they are related?”

In the end, all I have are puzzle pieces. I gave up examining this a long time ago because I just didn’t have the answers to be sure.

Not knowing is far worse than knowing.

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How fun!….

13 Jan

I was invited to attend the 2020 Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach. This is going to be really fun.

It’s the Ferrari car show. We’ll be going to the day that’s hosted at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.

Next decision – what to wear?

Here’s the Agenda for January 25th:

Saturday – 25:

Concorso d’Eleganza on the Front Lawn at The Breakers – IAC/PFA Judging

- 140 Ferraris presented for Judging or Display

Featuring 60 years 250 GT SWB California, 60 years 250 GTE 2+2, 35 years 328, 25 years F50

Preview display for Alfa Romeo 110th Anniversary

- Presentation of the Cavallino Competition Historic Sprint Awards

Sponsor/vendor lounges at the Concorso

Venetian Lunch

- An extensive buffet lunch in the grand Venetian Ballroom of The Breakers

Piazza d’Eleganza Patrons Lounge

- An exclusive suite in the historic Mediterranean Ballroom of The Breakers, featuring an elegant lunch, dessert buffet, premium wines & specialty coffees.

Awards Reception at The Breakers

- An extensive buffet/sit-down dinner in the new Ponce de Leon Ballroom of The Breakers

- Presentation of the Concorso d’Eleganza Awards

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