Not enough creative for my taste…

21 May

That’s kind of the status of my work slate. I’m still building out that large system and there is nothing, nothing creative in that project.

I love creative work and I’m not getting any opportunities at the moment to apply what I do best.

It’s been like that for a while now and it’s making me kind of restless.

We might have something small coming up. We might be in British Vogue. But it only takes a day or two to make an ad and write some copy.

But you know this is how my career has been – sometimes it’s more computer science, sometimes more design, sometimes more selling, sometimes more management. It goes in cycles and by project.

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It was pretty fun…

19 May

Last night’s escapades that is…

I am wondering today what happened to the couple who really, really wanted to crash a wedding last night.

I told them, “If somehow you wake up with a tiger in the morning. Do not call me. There are certain things in life I can not get you out of…”

They were fun.

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$10 million dollars in deals “like that!”

19 May

I am the Queen of this stuff.

Let me paint you the picture.

I go to the Breakers. I know before I arrive that every woman in that room is wearing a tight, black dress.

So I go white, frilly, and sequined.

Immediately, I turn heads when I walk in the door.——-

Let me say this

if you dare, make one false move and try something you shouldn’t

I will cancel you out.  In a split second. Don’t do it.-


No joke here. A guy walks up to the bar and we’er trying to judge the thickness of his glasses lens because that sure looks like Eric Smidt from Google. Sorry for staring but you’re profile sure meets our mate for business…..

“She’s different. She has the face of an angel. Let’s talk to her.”

The bartenders at the Breakers know me and my reputation well. You take your money to her and she’ll return it 10 times. That’s Laura Kerbyson. You want to talk to her tonight. Go buy her a drink and you’ll walk away with a boat load of advice and new perspective on your business.”

And so they feed them to me. All night long.

Big 8 accounting firms. Fortune 500 who will talk advertising. Couples who’ve been together a few years and are looking for an investment grade diamond. Real Estate firms looking for a seasoned investor and designer who can flip a Palm Beach Property in a matter of weeks for much, much more than you paid for it. Oh, you want to talk to her.

I have the biggest client list of a who’s who in American that anyone could want.

She’s non-threatening. But she moves 100 MPH and can make money on a dime. She’s the Wiz of Palm Beach. Go meet Laura.

And that’s how business is done. And that’s how you make money on a weekend night in Palm Beach that only the rest of the country can dream about.

It takes talent. It takes brains. It takes style. And it takes courage to walk in looking the opposite of everyone in the room.

And that’s how you clean up at The Breakers. An outfit will never compete with me. You must have the whole package.

Very successful evening darling.

Before the evenings over, I’ve been invited to dinner, invited to stay at their homes, invited to accept their investment money. And invited to their upcoming wedding. And they already know one thing – she ALWAYS delivers. When she’s in control, she ALWAYS delivers.

We love her.

And before the night has ended the woman will confess, “I loved your dress more than anyone else’s in the room.”

Fabulous. Thank you so much. I look forward to dinner.

Even a very gracious invite from a 28-year-old. You’re so sweet. Your charming, smart and you’re gorgeous but if you only knew I was 49, I think you would be shocked. I’m very flattered, but a Cougar I am not. You’ll find the right woman, and I’ll probably help you do it.

And they always know. I am genuine. We will be friend a very, very long time as well as great business partners.

And if you try to screw me. I will cut you off. Nothing in a split second. Don’t doubt me.

If you are a player, then play!

Welccome to Palm Beach.\———————-

I know you are here seeking answers,,

The phrase is “Leave me now. Leave me now. Leave me now…..

Put your hand in mine and we become one…

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See you at The Breakers tonight?

19 May

I’m going for a cocktail at HMF. Who knows who I’ll see.

So what do you think of the makeup check and the gown? Am I good to go? As always I ask Nigel, the dog statue, “How’s the dress Nigel?”

How do you think the diet is coming along?


Today’s news – I filled in for M. and Frankie today on Worth and I made a sale. It’s the second time I’ve the shop for a day and a second sale. I like feeling more confident about a new skill. It’s a welcome break from being behind the computer or the camera all day.


Do you like the shoes?

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You want to see the bracelet from England?

18 May

It’s the middle bracelet on my arm.

You know I am obsessive about color. I love pastels. My favorite aqua is not in the two vintage bracelets above because Aqua is Paraiba Tourlamine, which is very expensive and not often mixed with pastel stones. I am wearing these bracelets with my pink and white sapphire ring that I’ve had for years. I think I got the ring right before we built the park about 10 years ago.

I am obsessive about the color aqua. I also like to mix it with white.  So often I am looking for pastel colored jewelry. I just bought the middle one in an auction. It was shipped from England.

I had a friend ask me the other day, “I’m really curious. I’ve seen the photos of your home and I see the way the dress. Obviously you love aqua. And you do it better than anyone else. But can I ask you something personal?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“What color is the lingerie under that dress?”

“Aqua, of course. Occasionally, it’s pale pink.”

Yes, I am obsessive about color and design because it makes me happy. The only other thing I am that obsessive about is perfect, butter soft skin. And that’s why you won’t find a hair on my body that’s not on my head.

Color and texture are important to the way I look.

And that’s more than you needed to know but I get why everyone’s curious.

You know I Photoshop the living daylights out of models when I take photos. When I post these on the blog, there’s no Photoshop.

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Here’s the story with my Saturday…

17 May

M. has to go to Miami for a show. So I am going to fill in for her and open the shop on Worth on Saturday.

I am contemplating coming home after closing at 6 p.m., showering, new makeup and putting on a gown to go to HMF at The Breakers for a cocktail.

My usual a Chanel No. 6.

I have a couple of new gowns in the closet that I haven’t worn yet. Since I lost some weight last week, I would like to see how they look.

My bracelet that I bought at auction arrived today from England. I absolutely love it! It definitely my personality. I can’t wait to wear it.

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When I was soaking in the tub I realized something…

16 May

There’s something about the way my mind stores and recalls information that sometimes bothers me.

I’ve never really understood why it does what it does. For example, this week I had to do a mundane task – stuff marketing packets that I made with literature in a sequence. I would do about 100 packets at a time. I just put myself on autopilot and wasn’t really paying attention. That is until an unusual memory pops up. 33 packets ago I made a mistake and grabbed the wrong letter.

So I opened all 33 packets and sure enough there was the mistake. How does my brain know that when I wasn’t paying attention and why does it wait until after 33 packets to tell me but yet give me the correct information?

When I was 12 years old and being tested for the gifted program that was the first time that an adult had pointed out that I think and store information differently. She gave me a sequence of beads. Each one was a different color and shape. As strung each bead she said a two digit number. She did about 50 beadss. Then she emptied the thread and asked me to restring the sequence and repeat the numbers that went with each bead. I could do 38 in a row before I made a mistake. Her eyes lit up and she frantically started writing notes. That was the meeting in which it was explained to me that most people don’t think the way I think.

That’s not the part I don’t understand. I have Hyperthymesia memory and that’s always been the case. Hence now you know why there’s a blog and why I can remember the strangest things and details. How long has this blog been in existence? Over 11 years. But why do I sometimes not realize the mistake when I make it and then later my memory plays a sequence and then I know where the mistake was made.

Once I was working on a web site project and there was a mistake in the code. I went home and went to sleep. When I woke in the morning, I could clearly see a sequence showing me the mistake was on line 232 of one of the pages. When I went to work and looked, it was correct.

I don’t understand why it stores things where I am seemingly not paying attention and I don’t understand why it comes back later.

I wish I knew what this was called and why it occurs. Sometimes I just don’t understand why I think differently.

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The trip to Paris is booked…

15 May

I’m happy that’s it’s finalized. The trip to Paris for my mother and I has been booked.

I started my diet last week. I told her, “I plan to eat pastry and champagne so I might as well start the diet now.”

I lost 4 pounds last week but this week I went back on the vegetarian diet. I hate to say it but I never lose weight on the vegetarian diet. I’ve been stuck at the same number all week. I should quit looking at the scale. You don’t feel successful when you don’t see progress.

Someone said something to me about counting calories. I said, “Just ask me. I know the numbers for everything.”

I guess it was 2016 when I took on a work project I really regret taking on. I was asked to create a search engine that would rival something like Zip Recruiter. He wanted even more because he wanted the resumes to be automatically parsed and for the engine to be stem-able. I’ve taken on big challenges in my career. Creating a search engine is huge. It took me a year and one other person but we actually built it. I was determined to solve it. I built the web site and the advertising as well. Friends that heard me mention, “the SMART system,” – that’s what it was. And I, as the developer, was STUPID for taking it on even though we were able to create it.

And that was the server system where I had to manually configure Varnish without the $30,000 management panel after we lost an engineer. I’d never seen it before. Yeah, that was a fast read of an 800 page manual. That project was so not worth it. Yes, I did and it ran great. Do I want to do it again? No.

But in my determination, I spent extra time sitting behind the computer (even more than I do now) and with extra stress came the urge to nibble. So I gained some weight that took me over a year to get off. I swore I was never going to do that again. So now I watch the numbers on the scale. If it gets to a certain number, I cut back. Then when I get low enough, I allow myself some indulgences again. It’s just a game. I don’t get the exercise during the day that I used to get when I was professor years ago and would pop out of my seat to help students. But some professional projects just aren’t worth the stress especially when you have a client that appreciates nothing. In the end, this client thought that they could replace the talent of the two us with cheaper “equivalent” talent. The minute you kill of the original developers, you’re going to have tremendous problems.

This client was a total jerk and choose to deliver that message to me when I took the first day off from work in over a year to make burial plans for my stepfather of 38 years. That was a classless, tasteless person who I hope gets that back in return in their world. Sometimes business is ruthless but that was ridiculous. But getting out of that project turned out to be blessing. You just have to remind yourself that when one door closes, another will open.

It never fails that people seem to realize later that they made a mistake. By then it’s too late and I’m like, “No.”

I think a flaw of my personality is that I do really push myself to take on things that are really difficult. Sometimes I have to say to myself, “It wouldn’t hurt you just to do the easy work for a while. It doesn’t always have to be some enormous challenge.” That flaw makes me a really interesting person but it can be a problem because you can become your own worst enemy with constantly pursing those kinds of things. But at the same time, I’m usually the one who can handle things that most people can’t and I won’t bat an eye at it.

I’m about 123 lbs. now, which isn’t bad. I was 115 in my early 20s. At least when I gained weight, I gained it proportionally and in the right places.

In July I’ll have to start planning clothes for the trip. The temperature going to be is cold for me. Palm Beach is much warmer than the predicted temperature.

I need some decompression time this evening. I am thinking about a candle light bath.


But honestly in regards to the “not leaving the status quo alone.” I think it’s inherited. I’ve had relatives who always had to screw with something just to learn how it works or prove they could do. I’ve kind of got the same flaw when you look at some of my past projects – design and fund your own theme park, build an entire computer kiosk system yourself – software, hardware and graphics, develop your own search engine, redesign a Porsche – there’s an endless list of this stuff. It’s not enough to get great photos, I’ve got to get AERIAL shots, etc. etc. I screw with things because I can and because I think I can design better. You know in theme park project, the money was actually the easy part. I always thought that would be the hardest. It wasn’t.

Just too curious for my own good sometimes. It doesn’t make life easy, but it makes it interesting.

A designer’s obsession for perfection is something that they can’t keep themselves from doing. It’s fighting Mother Nature. They are obsessed with the details and they have incredible speed. That’s just part of the package if they are innately a true designer.

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POE…that’s what I keep reminding myself

14 May

Process of Elimination.

Today was all about finding and yanking even more components that appear to be damaged from the lightening strike a few weeks ago.

It’s incredible how damage to electronics can spread like fire.

The security company went bananas today because all kinds of crazy signals were missing or being transmitted incorrectly.

We just had all the phone lines replaced because of that strike. So the security company response lead to calling out a repair crew. And that lead to another repair crew with another system. And that lead to replacing more equipment that appears to be damaged. All the systems are working except for a tertiary satellite communications system. You know it’s been 30 years since I took Satellite Communication in grad school. I’ve had three companies look at it and no one has solved it yet. I have the feeling this is going to fall to me.

When I go to Paris this summer, we are closing the shop for two weeks for all employees. I’m sure there are people who will think, “What? Did they go out of business.” No, we’re all taking a vacation. We’ll have the Palm Beach Police Department cover for us while we are gone.

I had a dinner the other night and I left my car in the gated parking lot. I wasn’t even through the gate and they were there to make sure everything was alright. They are constantly providing surveillance and I appreciate it since security falls into my responsibility. That street is totally covered with cameras.

It takes a lot of security systems to run that kind of operation. I’ve had the police department in the shop. The fire department has been in the shop. Palm Beach does a pretty good job with their response.

Then I got the coolest thing in the mail. It was a marketing package. You open up this thin paper packet and there’s a working LCD TV screen embedded into the card that starts playing a promotional video. It’s so James Bond! I love it. I want to use this technology. It’s so amazing that nano technologies are this small and can now be used for marketing. Fascinating…I wanted to take it apart to see how it works but they only mailed me one copy. I need this to show someone.

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My new favorite breakfast…

13 May

I found this item – Norwegian crisp bread and then I put avocado spread on it. I make sure I find one low in calories and no added fat. The one I am using has 40 calories a serving.

Then I do a plain scrambled egg and a cup of herbal tea. It’s baked apple cinnamon. Tomorrow it will be blueberry. Then maybe Lemon Ginger. Because the herbal tea doesn’t have caffeine and it’s the morning I buy the caffeine tablets in the vitamin isle. I’ve just gotten so burned out on coffee and regular tea.

But I am liking this new breakfast. It’s something different.

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Happy Mother’s Day…

12 May

Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Nothing fancy for my day today. Just finished Yoga, sorry no makeup but I did put on lip gloss. I’m hanging out in my new favorite spot, the pink velvet chaise in the master bedroom.

I will see you in Paris in August…

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OMG, she’s too funny…

12 May

I just opened today’s mail.

Guess what was in it?

My mother purchased two weeks of ballroom dance lessons for me.

She takes ballroom dance lessons. She’s retired.

I’m wondering if they teach this stuff at midnight since I’m not retired…

I also laughed because I don’t think my mother understands that I don’t think I’ve been out with a single guy who knows how to dance. It’s like a lost art.

Oh well, I guess I’m taking dance lessons for two weeks. My mother met her BF this way.

You may have seen recently where I posted the video of the two of them doing ballroom dance. My mother’s been taking lessons for years.

I just got off the phone with Jules. She laughed when I told her. She thinks it’s very cute.

Maybe I should reciprocate and get my mother a flight instructor. Guess what Mom, at 71, you’re going to learn to fly a plane!


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I’ve got that funny feeling again…

11 May

You know, the one I get when I buy something expensive and then I say, “You know this would be so much better redesigned…if I just do this, and this, and this…it would be so much better.”

I’ve got that feeling about this Rolex. After a conversation with the jeweler in New York City, we stopped the current order. Because what I really want to do is to customize the Rolex to the way I would like to have it and after we spoke, we determined that we actually need to start with another model of the Rolex.

I’m sure if this is going to happen yet. 1) We have the find the one we need to customize and 2) There is a limit to how much I am willing to spend to get this look. But of course, you already know that if I end up doing this – the dial will be my favorite color and there will be a number of diamonds on the watch. But I think the big hang up might end up being the band for which I am looking. There are trade offs with this kind of customization. The minute you start adding the diamonds, you can no longer wear that watch in the water. I think I could live with that. I would just have to take it off.

I don’t know if this is going to happen yet but we’re looking for one to customize.

Yes, this is the same kind of story as the Porsche or my home or any of the real estate I’ve worked on. I looked at it and said, “This could be so much better, with some major changes.”

It’s that funny feeling that it could be done better. A Laura Kerbyson Rolex. Mmmm. It might happen.

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Tired but it was worth it…

10 May

I had dinner with someone for the first time last night and we ended up talking to about one in the morning.

He’s got a brilliant mind in tech and making money in the stock markets. At one time he owned a company that was a competitor to Amazon until Amazon was able to far more money into Amazon and we all know big money wins in those cases.  I find the projects that he’s been working on very interesting. He starts tech investment funds now.

Between the two of us we had a lot to talk about.

He travels all over the world and is headed off to Asia soon. But I hope when he gets back in town from Asia we can get together again.

I enjoyed the company.

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Well Florida is the lightning capital of the world…

07 May

…and we took a direct hit at the office. It seems to have fried a number of electrical components in various systems.

I called the telephone company because the line was out and they came out and said that’s what it looks like. The old line was not usable anymore. They had to put us on a line from West Palm and we’re on the island.

That’s when I started finding numerous things in the office that no longer work. Only the items on UPS’s were spared.

That’s the second time in a month they’ve had to work on the line or run a new one. The last time I was concerned that someone cut through it but it also looks like that might have been Mother Nature.

More items added to my list…

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Well I did it…

07 May

the major purchase that is…

Remember I said I’d either be taking a trip to the Maldives or I’d be wearing it on my wrist? It will be the wrist for sure. It’s been ordered.

I still can’t believe I spent that money. M. and I were talking like girls do this morning and we both agree that I’ve worked hard for that purchase. Sometimes you need to indulge a little. And since there was no guy in the picture to take to the Maldives, it’s ending up on my wrist.

We’ll see if this looks right on me when it arrives.

So for travel, my vacation has been moved to summer from September and it will probably be a week in Paris with my mom and one week to myself after that week so I can recover from the Energizer Bunny.

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One of the next projects…

04 May

One of the next projects is that M. and I are going to Miami to look at space for a pop-up shop this summer. I’m making calls about South Beach and areas directly across from South Beach.

I’m the midst of getting that expensive direct marketing campaign out and then we’re booking shows for the summer. The magazines should be rolling out in 2 weeks.

We’re sending M. and Frankie to the Atlanta Gift Show. I’m looking for shows in fashion, design, etc.

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I ordered by chaise…

04 May

I went and looked at the chaise for the master bedroom in person. I needed something low and not oversized to fit under the big picture window.

It’s being delivered next weekend. This gives me a nice little reading spot with a beautiful view. I’ve always wanted a velvet chaise in my bedroom ever since I was little girl. A nice quiet place to lounge, leaf through a design magazine and sip a cup of tea. A place to spend a Sunday morning…

I lead a demanding life during the week. I’m a Chief Technology Officer, a Marketing Director and a Designer. And then I own my businesses…On the weekends, I like some “decompression time” and a shift to something slow from the fast pace of the week.

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I am contemplating an idea I have…

04 May

I have a very large master bedroom.

I am contemplating buying a velvet chaise to put under the window and create a little area where I can have tea with a little porcelain tea pot while I lounge on the chaise on Sundays and look through my magazines.

The window has a beautiful view of the lake and the golf course.

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My very quote by E. Pius Kaufmann…

03 May

I asked him, “What do you love most?”

He once said to me:

“I love to make the ladies happy.” – Emil Pius Kaufmann

My other favorite quote of course was last summer when he was hanging out at my desk and I caught him staring and he said, “You are so pretty.”

Then Eva said to me this summer, “Go give him a kiss. It would make his day.”

The two of them are so sweet.


The awe and admiration comes from the fact that Pius created all of this by hand without a computer. I am a master of the computer and all my great works were created by me and a computer. It’s an appreciation of a sculpture and an art that existed without a computer.

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Operation Proposal was “Executed Perfectly”

02 May

We had a client where we designed a ring and he wanted to propose to her because he actually met her in our store.

So today was “D Day.” Diamonds that is…

He came into the store about a month and half ago to work with us to design a ring, then we had a well placed camera to capture the moment of the proposal in the store. We were trying to keep people out of the showroom because this was all planned.

Congratulations to the happy couple! They are a great match.

M. was feeling the stress of this one because he is a friend. It all went perfectly.

That is the kind of operation, that is fun. I’m very happy for them.

We were thinking about how much they contrasted the couple that only knew each other five days and they were sure they were made for each other. That one blew us away.

When it’s love, it’s love.

It’s nice to take a break from web sites, advertising and marketing to celebrate big moments in life with people. And of course I snapped some photos for them and made a package on the server and delivered them.

A nice couple was in this morning who originally talked to me about creating an emerald ring. I hope they go through with it because she deserves it. Both of them are really, really nice people. We ordered in stones for them to consider.

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Girl Talk…

02 May

Well the hair up-do was a success. It actually takes me less than five minutes to get it all in place. I went to the store this morning and a customer was picking out an engagement ring for his girlfriend and he said, “Your hair looks expensive.”

Perfect. M. liked it too.

I booked a big show for the business. I think it will be a very good thing. Lots of traffic at that show.

The marketing efforts continued on today. Not much invested into the computer science side today…

I came home and did 25 minutes of stretching and grabbed my cucumber water and I was thinking. As much as I want to go to the Maldives in August or September, I don’t have a serious relationship and I’m not going to the Maldives by myself. That would be boring. I’m going with my mother to Paris and that will not be a vacation for me because she’s one of these people that goes on trips to see things. My idea of a vacation is to relax and something romantic. My idea of a vacation does not seem to be materializing.

It’s hard to find a good match for the majority of the areas in your life. I usually only find it for one area. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve met plenty of nice guys but if it’s not enough of a match for me, I don’t start something that I don’t think will work.

There was someone that I clicked with but he lied in the beginning and told me he lived in Florida. He didn’t. He lived in Montreal. We kept it going for two months but the ultimate problem is that he doesn’t have the time to travel to Florida enough to keep a relationship moving forward. I didn’t want to get into a long distance relationship. I have no baggage in my life and he unfortunately ended up having lots of it. I want someone who has time to spend with me, is a good communicator, knows something about business and if I get lucky – one of my interest areas, doesn’t have a bunch of baggage to attend to, is romantic and values knowledge and beauty. It’s very hard to find this. I need someone with a social IQ. The lady seeks a gentleman.

The reality is that I am single with no kids or pets at home, I have a demanding career, and I own a business. Time in my day is limited.

The closest I ever came was G. but after four years, we ended up in a long distance relationship and it fell apart. That’s the reality of life.

So girls, that’s where it’s at – I am losing hope about my trip to the Maldives. If I don’t go to the Maldives, I might buy that Rolex that I want.

I think Jules is right – I need an equal and it’s not easy to find for lots of reasons.

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The fun thing about fashion…

30 Apr

…is that I can go from my gowns, dresses and high heels to a completely different vibe and look.

These just looked fun. It’s not often that I wear a pair of jeans anymore but when I do, I still like something fun.

This week I went from buying a few really nice pearl necklaces for work to “shoes for fun.” I have as many sides to me as I have looks in my closet.


Practicing how to put my hair into an up-do.  I think I’ve got this one figured out…

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I slept 12 hours…

30 Apr

I am that worn out from being sore. I did underestimate how much my previous injuries were going to hurt. Every move I made today hurt.

There is a hot bath with a couple of pounds of epsom salts in my future…

Honestly, I probably should not have gone golfing but I did.

I have some new research and design projects to distract me. There’s always a million things to do. I hate that “the Season” has come to a close. It means fewer people and less business for retailers in Palm Beach. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I get to slow down. That’s usually when people say, “Oh here’s 10 projects I have in the back of my mind all year but I was too busy during “the Season.”

The highlight of my day is now picking out what pretty clothes and jewelry I am going to wear to the office tomorrow. I think I should do something different with my hair for tomorrow…


Sadly Pius and Eva went back to Montreal today. Pius is 91 and Eva is, I think, 86. You never know if it will be possible for them to return in the future. It was good to see them again. They are kind souls.

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Well I went…

28 Apr

Golfing that is and today I am so sore it’s incredible.

I had a golf pro with me who clearly saw that I need to make changes to my grip and my swing because I am actually making things a lot harder on myself. It does really help to have someone evaluate what you are doing.

It sounds easy right? Making a change to the grip and swing. It’s a lot harder than it sounds. It will take some effort and practice to be able to do that. First I’ve got to get over being this sore. My neck really does not like it when I do this stuff. I had fun but I am paying for it.

As for the rib, I think he might be right because I could feel it when I swung the club.

I am going to take it easy today. I’m going to make a nice, light brunch. Do my shopping at the market this week and take it easy.

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I can’t really explain it…

26 Apr

We have a conclusion but I never dreamed it was this one. This has been a very complex problem to determine the origin.

Several weeks ago I had finally had enough and started down the road of visiting doctors and tests to determine why I have pain in my chest all the time now. So we went down the road of tests like mammograms, ultrasound etc. and a specialist.

This picture was complicated because when I was around 28 or 29 I had a lump removed and then ended up with a hematoma. But here’s where the puzzle comes in, this pain isn’t in that spot.

The opinion from today is that it’s not in the breast tissue, it’s below. It appears that I had a blow to the chest hard enough to break a rib, under the left breast and now there’s enough arthritis that has occurred that it’s impinged on a nerve and created Neuroloma which causes pain.

This injury usually occurs when people have had an airbag deployed on them from the front, which I have not.

He asked me how it happened. I don’t know what to say. This was the first I’ve heard of the injury and I didn’t know I had broken a rib. I really don’t have an explanation and I don’t quite know what to say. I’m not disputing that it’s there, I just don’t have an immediate explanation.

I plan on golfing tomorrow and I will pay attention as to whether an activity like that aggravates it in any way but obviously that injury is not fresh All this started to bother me within the past year.  I’m glad it’s not going to kill me but it does still hurt but it maybe it is what it is and we can’t really do much about it.

I think questions have lead to more questions….

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It will be an interesting weekend…

25 Apr

When I say weekend, I am including 3 days. Not that I have 3 days off but that the next 3 days will be interesting.

I’ve got a meeting tomorrow that I’ve been dreading. There will either be really bad news or really good news or “we don’t know what the news is…”

I need to knock that one of my list. Then I have dinner plans tomorrow evening.

And on Saturday, I plan to have some fun golfing. Yes I know that I’m not supposed to golf but I don’t care. There are things in life that I enjoy and I do them anyways. I don’t golf with great frequency but I still like to go.

Sunday will go to my routine items and decompression time.

It will be an interesting three days. You might not get a post until Saturday night or Sunday. Have a great weekend.

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A conversation about men…

24 Apr

Eva may be 86 years old but she’s full of wisdom about men.

She’s always curious about my opinion about men. She asked me today, “What do you think the problem is?”

Well for one, many men are not good communicators. What doesn’t work for me is a guy who only calls you every three to four months to go out and doesn’t call on regular basis. That’s not a relationship.

Nor is the experience I had where we made a commitment to spend a week together and suddenly without warning he leaves three days early to go hang out with his guy friends. Then after that he was cancelling trips and visits due to “family emergencies.” You can’t realistically expect to still have a girlfriend after all that. I felt like I was being “played.” The last thing I want to be in the world is someone’s lowest priority. Some of my girlfriends and I have had discussions, and it’s true, about why it’s not a good idea to date a guy with kids. They will always come before you and it’s not a relationship about being a couple. It ends up being a thankless job and it’s too easy to get used. When I was married 22 years ago, that’s exactly what happened. And worse is when there’s an ex-wife and there are three of you in the relationship. That’s the kind of situation that I don’t want to be in. I want a love story -a romance with one man, nothing else.

I don’t bring any baggage into a relationship. It would be nice to have a man who appreciates that.

I am really not interested in dating someone who has a stack of people in their life that they will be above me. I’m at a stage in my life where I want a relationship that is a couple’s relationship, where things revolve around the two of us. It remains to be seen yet who that person will be in the “us.” But that’s what I want. That’s the kind of relationship that my mother and step father had for 38 years and that’s the kind I want too.

I don’t like men who fancy themselves as “players” with women. I have no interest in that what-so-ever. A man that needs more than one woman certainly doesn’t need me. I think it’s a major turnoff.

I’m not a gold digger. Everything I own, I bought. I treat men very, very well and I want someone who does the same. I want someone who will treat me like I treat them. It’s really not that complicated. I don’t think women like me grown on trees and I need a man that appreciates that.

Above all else, I have to have honesty and integrity. I have several past relationships where the other person was not being honest with me. And they foolishly think that I don’t know.

Character is very, very important to me. I want someone that’s a hand to hold and who will be there you need for someone to be there. I like a man who does what he says and follows through – a man who keeps his word. I’m not looking for a man to change me or any of my physical characteristics. I need a man who understands that as a business woman, I talk to a lot of people – that’s the nature of someone who owns a business. I want a man with a good heart and gentle soul.

And when I find all that, then I’ve found the right person.

That was my answer for Eva.

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It really is very precious…

23 Apr

It’s really very precious to have a visit at the Worth Avenue store by Pius and Eva. Pius is of course E.P. Kaufmann the great jewelry designer. They are visiting from Montreal and I got to spend time today sitting up front and visiting with them. Pius is 91 and I think Eva is 86. I enjoy my visits with them.

My car was in the shop today because it was recalled for an exploding airbag. So upon closing up the store today M. said, “It’s no problem for us to drop you off at the dealership.” So well all piled in the car and of course M. was driving and I was in the backseat with Eva.

On the way there, Eva said something absolutely hilarious. She said, “It’s about time you had a chauffer.”

Moments like that are really precious.

My hair’s an absolute mess and I wasn’t ready to pose for a photo but you have to treasure who was sitting next to me – Laura Kerbyson and E. Pius Kaufmann, April 23, 2019. He opened Kaufmann de Suisse in 1954.

For those of you who don’t know the story. Pius is from Switzerland and Eva is from Germany. He opened Kaufmann de Suisse in Montreal in 1954. He opened on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach in 1994.

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Easter was really lovely…

22 Apr

My friends and I went to the Royal Poinciana Chapel for Easter service. It was a lovely service and everyone had seats. Our seats were quite good. The weather was beautiful. We walked to the church and then we walked back.

Jules made a gourmet breakfast that was just perfect. Jules is actually an amazing chef. The omelet was perfect and the special toast with Avocado was so delicious. She has me beat in the kitchen 10 times times over. It was really very lovely.

Then we went down to the pool and drank a bottle of champagne.

I met another friend for dinner in the evening.

It was a very, very nice day.

Unfortunately, the gears shifted when I went back to the office today. There’a certain individual that I have to deal with that has no control over temper and a very bad scene ensued between two parties today. Unfortunately, that is happening more and more with this person. That temper is very ferocious.

It upsets me when someone can’t manage their life and it starts seriously impacting mine. I have very good Karma. Very positive Karma and that’s how I choose to live my life.

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A day to organize…

20 Apr

Today is a day to clean, do laundry and get organized.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending all day and evening with friends. I am really looking forward to it. Our group as turned into a small little traveling party. It should be fun.

I will probably hit the gym this evening. I’ve done a pretty good job at getting back into the workouts.

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Three glorious weeks…

17 Apr

I think I am going to get 3 glorious, consecutive weeks of vacation in September. I need a vacation so bad.

Right now, I am dreaming up my wish list.

There’s two trips so far I want to do, Paris and the Maldives Islands.

If I go to the Maldives, I might never come back :) …..

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Looking forward to Easter Sunday…

17 Apr

Julie has invited me to stay at The Palm Beach Towers. We’re going to church at Royal Poinciana Chapel on Palm Beach Island Easter Sunday and then brunch at her place. We plan on drinking a fine bottle of champagne by the pool in the afternoon.

I always look forward to spending time with my bestie Miss #WorldPeace. We had a very fun time at Christmas.

It’s the cutest little chapel isn’t it?

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I told you it would be gorgeous…

16 Apr

This is my new 5 CTS Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz is my favorite stone…

Video of the Ring

I went to the Palm Beach Civic Association reception. It was fun to see everyone.

They are into one of my favorite colors:

Remember when we did the boat to match my purse? We paid $40,000 to have that hull painted. I still like that boat dress.

The Civic Association reception was nice. It kinds of reminds me of my time in Rotary on Hilton Head Island.

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Another long day, another workout…

14 Apr

I need makeup….this is the gym rat look…

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