And of course I’m putting store in the park…

27 Jun

I love merch design and I can’t stand the horrible music t-shirts that are sold on the web anyways. But since the roots of Jazz are in the Blues, the name of the store will be “Beauty and The Blues.” It’s park Couture for women. I’ll work more on the branding and store after I finish the work on the main park. But just know, it’s coming…

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Apartment in New Orleans

27 Jun

We signed our contract. It’s official. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this.

If you’ve followed me for years, then you know how picky I am about real estate. So for me the space that I will work out of in New Orleans needs to inspire me. I try to make sure that all my spaces I work from inspire me. So for the first year, it looks like it will be this space. It’s Hibernia Tower in New Orleans.

I can’t wait to outfit and decorate it.

Here are the photos of my unit. I am signing this deal sight unseen but will plan on arriving in New Orleans late evening on July 7th. I love natural light. This place has great windows.

I told my Mom to consider my place in Palm Beach county a second home. She can enjoy it on the weeks I am not there.

I am going to go “Minimalist Modern” with some traditional touches.

Easy access to the French Quarter was important since job number one is to soak up the culture and the climate of the city.

The biggest problem with this apartment is that the parking garage is full and they have to put my car into another garage until a space opens. I don’t like the safety of that arrangement but it’s temporary until a space opens up.

I have a lot of packing to do…

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Meet “The Girls”

26 Jun

Every guitar has an owner and every owner has a story.

In the center picture above, is my Number 1 Strat – that’s my 1956 Shell Pink Fender Stratocaster. I came to be the owner of the guitar after we built Hard Rock Park in 2007-2008. That is the guitar that I have the most personal connection with. I haven’t played in years because of a problem with my left elbow. I associate that guitar most with my time at Hard Rock Park.

The white guitar to the right is the guitar that I gave to Al that he played for years in his band. It’s a 2007 Reissue of the 1957 Strat. It’s also a Mary Kaye. Anytime you see a Fender Strat with gold hardware it’s a Mary Kaye – named for the first lady of Rock n’ Roll. Because when Al died, two months ago, he asked for a memorial Jazz concert, I associate this guitar most with Al’s memory and the future rebuilding of Jazzland. In addition to the Rock n’ Roll band, Al also played in a Jazz band.

The guitar to the left is a bubble gum pink, Standard Stratocaster (Squire). I bought it for my daughter in 2008 when she was growing up and she never touched it.  She’s an adult now. I don’t know what that guitar will ultimate come to symbolize other than my daughter.

As for my Number 1 Strat, I have a personal spiritual story about the guitar. I was drawing this picture one night while looking at the guitar when I could feel a hand on my right shoulder. I have always been a Hendrix fan.

When I was the Kickass Web Mistress for Hard Rock, I used to write the “On this day in rock history..” for the newsletter and park web site. So I decided, I should look up what happened on that day since the hair on my arms just stood up. It was in fact the day that Jimi Hendrix died. I will never forget that day as long as I live and that’s why that picture hangs in my home.

The guitars represent a trilogy for me – one represents me, one my stepfather and one my daughter. All of the guitars have feminine attributes so I refer to them as “The Girls.”

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The Announcement You’ve Been Waiting For…

23 Jun

I got word today that this is going to happen so now it’s time to break the news on what I’ve been working on and I am going with it.

It’s time to celebrate.

The angel investors are putting up the money for a 12 month contract for me to rewrite the business plan, redo the creative, re-theme the park, redo the park map, the logo and the web site. I have decided to pursue the Jazzland theme park project in New Orleans before I would build the Florida park. I’m going to come in and rework everything including the revenue models to make this an investible project. It’s been 10 years since I’ve done a park and 2 years since I’ve planned one, but I am ready to take on the challenge.

And I am well aware that we will be seeking the Mother of All Distressed Properties. When the park was owned by Six Flags, it was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The park never reopened and has been languishing for many years. Any property can be rehabbed but the size of this property makes it a big challenge. It’s going to take some creative problem solving to devise ways to keep the property dry and protect the assets. One thing I do know is that Six Flags underinsured the park – they only received 35 million after Katrina and that was not enough to cover the damage.

When the package is completed we will be taking it to my investment group overseas (the same one I dealt with on the financing for the Florida park).

I also have a very big challenge in that I will need to convince the Mayor of New Orleans that my park plan is what’s best for new Orleans.

The plan is that I will be joining Tonya Pope on her journey to reopen Jazzland. The structure that we foresee after the revised materials are presented and financed are that Tonya will serve as CEO and I will serve as Chief Creative Officer. This becomes part of our agreement. I am quite strong on both the business and creative sides and Tonya and I will make a good team.

There is one caveat that can cancel the entire project. If the Mayor decides that the property should not be theme park, then my contract cancels. I am confident that I can put a plan on the table that the Mayor will love.

This is the kind of project that taps into all my areas of expertise.

I was giving thought into pushing the Florida project forward until I was approached by Tonya. I’m glad she contacted me for a variety of reasons. Some times things in life tip the scales for favoring one project over another and that’s what happened. I’ll talk more about that in a later post.

So here’s the plan – I will be taking an apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I still plan to keep my residence in Palm Beach county, FL. I will be dividing my time between the two places.

New Orleans, the time has come to take back your park.

I sat down yesterday and drew something to commemorate my road to New Orleans. This blog will continue to write about the progress I’m making, the challenges we face and how we are going to over come those challenges.

I am looking forward to decorating and outfitting my apartment in the French Quarter.

I am so excited to be doing another park. I think the Florida park can happen after Jazzland is rebuilt.

Here’s to shattering the glass ceiling…


Apartment shopping online for a place in New Orleans tonight…then I will probably walk to Streb’s for a quiet dinner alone. I’ve craving Lobster Bisque.

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Quick Makeup Check…Passport Photo

22 Jun

I have to get a new Passport photo taken today.

Quick makeup check – does this ok to get a photo taken? My passport expired last month and has to be renewed.


The question was, “Why do you always post the ones where you are thinking?” Just relax, quit thinking.

Ok how’s this one then? You know the real passport photo will be awful. That and I have to wear black for contrast.

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20 Jun

I am not expecting that I will have an answer until the end of the week due to the parties travel schedules. Otherwise, life goes on as usual. You know what I mean?


We’ve been working on contract negotiations today. We aren’t there yet but we’re closer.

I think they better understand where I’m coming from at this point.

As soon as I can tell you something concretely, I will.

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My mother loved it…

19 Jun

After listening to my mother say, “Al didn’t pick out the urn or his headstone so now I’m picking it out. You had better tell me what you want.”

So I made the post and sent it to her. She loved the casket. And she understands why I feel I could design a better one because my points were well taken with the fact that the lining would not go with the appropriate outfit.

There’s practically nothing in this world that I won’t design. I’ve done web sites, interactive software kiosks, electronic displays, video billboards, designer merchandise, yachts, houses, interior design, video games, Porsche redos, my plan for the Florida theme park. The slogan of my companies have always been, “We Create Memorable Experiences with Style.”

People who are passionate about design will design practically anything.

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Actually I think this is the answer…

18 Jun

This is the overview of the Catholic Funeral Rites. Since that’s what I am, I am inclined to say let’s follow this:

I would want the mass to be at St. Mary’s and someone would need to get permission since it is a previous parish of record for me. The church is a few hours drive to that cemetery and I attended that church and contributed to it for years. All of my significant life moments were in that church.

Right now I am inclined to say that that would be my answer.

So there’s our serious answer to the question – what will I want?

Mass at St. Mary’s and burial at Beverly Hills.

That means that I will be buried next to my mother, stepfather, grandfather and grandmother.

Should be daughter decide to be buried with me, if the cemetery permits it, then you would have my permission to stack the caskets (hers and mine) into my plot (it’s called a double depth plot) as long as she agrees to let me “Rest in Peace” :)

I knew that would crack a smile.

The plots were purchased a long time ago.

I took out a policy for her years ago that cover whatever her final wishes would be. If she were to desire her own space and one is available nearby, there will be money to cover it if it is available. But that’s the problem with family plots, you never know if an extra space will be available.

And the next question you want to know is what kind of casket do I want? I want one in my color and I like stainless steel. I have no idea if these places will be in business when I die, but you can now order caskets off of the Internet.

But a few pics would give you an idea of what I want.

I like the look of top one best. Places to look at:

Just remember there’s a big difference between blue and aqua. Aqua is my favorite color. I don’t really like the heavily quilted look. I like modern lines like the casket on top. I prefer chrome or silver accents over gold. As a designer, I am kind of famous for that color on the first one.

I mean if I were designing the casket above, I would take the top one but make the interior white so that I can wear aqua. But since they don’t make that, I guess you would have to bury me in white with aqua accents. You never know what they’ll make in the future. I’ll have to give that one some thought…

Maybe I should go into designing these things…

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This post is not about current work…

18 Jun

I’m getting my mind off of work this weekend so this post is about personal and previous work. This is both serious and humorous.

With my stepfather’s passing last month, the subject of burial plans all the sudden became a hot topic within my family.

My picture is now a little more complicated. But first here’s the backstory:

I was born in Ohio. I went to Ohio University for undergrad and grad school. I lived 9 years in a little river town called Marietta. I am a confirmed Catholic. I was married at St. Mary’s Church in Marietta (I’ve been divorced for over 16 years) My daughter was baptized there. She went through first communion at the church. People in town may remember that when I bought my victorian, I changed it from white to yellow, pink and green. It was very soft and feminine. My victorian was 175 years old when I bought it.

The church is particularly special to me because when I was 27, I had a surgery that almost killed me. I did pass briefly to the other side and back and from that point on, I just had such a great sense of peace every week when I went to mass. There was just something that connected me to that church. I was a Eucharistic Minister for the church – that’s the highest position a woman can hold in the Catholic Church. It means we can give communion and I would do that on weekends. Now, don’t get me wrong – I do not believe in everything the Catholic church represents.

During all my years there, I helped to raise several million dollars to renovate the church. I was a single mother working as a college professor and spending all of my weekends doing fundraising for the school and church. I sent my daughter to Catholic school. With everything, I paid $7000 a year for her school. We worked really, really hard to fund a school and the church. This is what it looked like before. It was almost all white, with small accents in red and gold.

With all the money we raised, we brought color into the church and I feel like, really brought the church to life. The Vatican saw fit to reclassify the church and it is now a Basilica. It is now called Basilica of St. Mary of the Assumption. This is the history of the church and the history on the church’s web site. The church is on Fourth Street. I owned a victorian on Third Street. I literally walked around the corner to church.

These are some of the professional photos that I did of the church.

I was there when the alter was brought in – I apologize that these are cell phone pictures of my prints that I found recently in storage. But you can see them brining in the alter. Somewhere I have the originals on a chip. At the time we were doing the restoration, the recession had hit and Hard Rock Park was over and I was back working as a professor because in a recession, people flock to schools and attendance swells.

Here’s additional history from the church’s web site, “The most dramatic episode in the parish’s history occurred on June 13, 2013 when Pope Francis approved a decree establishing St. Mary’s as the 76th basilica in the United States, recognizing its historic significance and artistic splendor. As a basilica, St. Mary’s shares a special relationship with the See of Rome and the Holy Father. Entitled to make use of the Papal symbols, including the Papal Keys, the Umbrellino and Tintinnabulum, a basilica is established as a special place of prayer and pilgrimage.” The actual renovations happened in 2008 and that’s when I took those photos.

So why am I brining all this up (besides finding the photos in storage)?

I am the odd one out in my family. I’m from Ohio and have blonde hair and green eyes. My mother, dad, and brother all had brown hair and brown eyes. They are all from West Virginia and they all graduated from WVU. If you’ve seen the movie Hidden Figures, my dad graduated from the same engineering program at WVU. So you see why I am the different one? I have nothing against West Virginia. As a matter of fact, I used to be a department head for 2 of WVU’s 4 campuses. I have just always identified myself with Ohio because that’s where I am from.

So when my stepfather passed away, my mother tells me that they have a burial plot for me in Beverly Hills Memorial Gardens in WV. Al is now buried there because it all started when my grandfather Lucas purchased a series of burial plots. He gave two of them to my mother and Al. My mother and Al desired to be cremated so they are sharing one of the plots. It is their wish that I be buried in the other plot.

This was part of Al’s dying wishes and this is what my mother wants so I will not say no to my mother.

My grandfather Lucas was not Catholic. He was religious but you would never know it to hear him talk. He designed mining equipment and was a mechanical genius. I spent hours and hours as a kid helping him tear apart and put all kinds of things back together. But as I’ve told my mother many times, “You know I was in the third grade before I learned that my name was not God Dammit. Because every time he needed help it was ‘God Dammit get in here…’”

So I looked at her and said, “And you know, you can not put God Dammit on my headstone.”

She laughed.

Beverly Hills Memorial Gardens is a pretty little cemetery. The deed that my mother sent to me says that I will be buried in the Sermon of the Mount, lot 174-C space number 4.

And I know no one will ever visit that plot to see me.

Except maybe a few cousins who might gather and say, “Look! God Dammit’s back!”

What can I say? I have to poke some fun at this because I have no idea whether I want to be embalmed or cremated. How do you leave in a will, “If I die and I’m pretty then put me on display. If I die and I’m old and ugly then cremate me.” Either way, no one’s going to come to my grave, because I’m from Ohio. But all of the Flemings (my maiden name) are all from Marion County, WV – even the famous ones. And I am sure they are all buried there as well.

I have no idea what to decide – cremation or casket. I honestly don’t know the right answer. I’m going to have to think about this. A long time ago I paid for a life insurance policy that will take care of my funeral expenses. It’s been paid for a long time ago. It’s enough money to cover either option.

I told her I am really unsure about this urn thing. If I die before my older brother, he might just pee in it. We’ve never got along very well as is the case with most brothers and sisters.

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Missing Piece

16 Jun

I haven’t been able to say anything all week because we are still missing something I have to have in order to begin. We are still waiting on the “final green light.”

I was told last night that call might come today.

I know there are people all over the world who are waiting on this announcement. When I know, you’ll know.

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Major Announcement Coming Soon

12 Jun

I’m anticipating that I could have a major announcement to make this week. Stay tuned…

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Unbelievable what I found in storage…

11 Jun

This is a big historical photo story. This starts out small but you’ll see by the end why I am posting all of this. Most of you know that my name is Laura Fleming Kerbyson.

This really gives some insight into my mind during some important times in my life. There are photos from teaching computer science, building Hard Rock Park and my big break at age 16 with The Beach Boys.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Almost Famous” you’ll see why I am the kid from the movie – except the real life story is much more interesting. There are some people who I want to see these photos. I was cleaning out a storage unit and found some things and snapped the photos with my cell phones.

You can tell from notes below in teaching computer science that when I had time, my handwriting is much neater as opposed to when I was at Hard Rock Park and I had to work so fast so my notebooks became organized chaos for my thoughts.

These notes are from teaching Software Development, JAVA, and Trig as a professor.

Before I was in computer science, when I was in high school I lobbied to get a job at a local newspaper as a reporter. They started me as an intern but you can see in my big break at the age of 16 they started changing my byline to reporter. When I was 16, the editor told me The Beach Boys were coming to town. He would give me eight pages of the newspaper for a special edition, if I could fill it. As you will see below – I did. I progressed from The Beach Boys to the Governor of Ohio and more. I wasn’t even out of high school when I did all this work.

Part of the reason I had been hired as a newspaper reporter was because of an article I wrote covering NASA and about the 10 teachers in space. I became well known for the article because it was published three weeks before Challenger exploded and in the article one of the teachers in space talks about being trained, “in all way in which we could die.”

All of this was why I could write my own ticket into college, and I did. I went on 13 awards and scholarships in my undergraduate. By the time I was 24 I had written for publications like The Miami Herald, The Columbus Dispatch and United Press International (at the age of 17 but they didn’t know it).

I was not your average kid. I was bold, daring and audacious. I took to helicopters to get my arial photos. Below are photos of the Blennerhasset mansion, and some flood photos. This was back in the day when we had to develop the film in a black and white dark room. I would have them strap me to the outside of the helicopter to get the photos. I did all that and began college at age 15. I took college courses all the way through high school and was in a gifted program since the age of 12. When I graduated high school, I had a 4.0 in my college courses. I graduated grad school with a 4.0 and this nation’s first place prize.

I progressed from all of that to working for GE at the age of 19. I eventually went to grad school and became a computer science professor and then took a risk and applied to be the Kickass Web Mistress of Hard Rock for Hard Rock Park. When we were building the park, I kept notebooks of my fast throughts and lists. Below are some of the notes I found today. They cover everything from building the park, to building the Kickass Jobs web site, to creating the online puzzle games. The first notes are from when I specked my $10,000 Alienware computer for the park.

This is from something Jon and I were working on…

This was infamous black leather skirt that I wore to my original job interview for the Kickass Web Mistress. The interview was with Steven Goodwin, the CEO. Can you believe I was that little back then. Below that are photos with my daughter (who is now 20 years old). The coaster poster is a piece of my work. My passion has always been for design. The Led Zeppelin poster used to hang in my office at Hard Rock Park.

Right before the park, when I was a computer science professor, I had also coached my daughter’s basketball team. We came in 2nd place this year.

I found her baby shoes in storage today.

And I found the paperwork for the mortgage for my second house.

And the mortgage from my third house….

I found the screen shots of our finished work on the M.I.T. Ballroom Dance web site.

I found a server, some software and the first video game I ever made.

I did game design for a while when I met and became good friends with Howard Dortch, the engine programmer from Sony’s Everquest and AMD fame. I wrote some of this country’s first game design curriculum in Ohio and won the Outstanding College Educator Advancing Information Technology in Ohio. My true strength is in the Internet and in design.

And I found the radio I ripped out of my Porsche when I redesigned all the electronics.

And from my early days in the 1990s in Florida I found a copy of the magazine where I was Managing Editor of The Florida Tech Journal and doing work for Knight Ridder. I did their magazine for the 25/43 project and some advertising for them.

And you know as an artist, I love to create. I found this character I had sketched.

I found a chest that I had purchased after Hurricane Andrew. I bought it for $35. It was real mess. I refinished it. It’s walnut with solid brass hardware. Mom, do you want this?

All in all, I think the trip to storage tells a unique story from my life. They are things a resume could never tell you. Truly inside the imagination and my mind…

I never aspired to be ordinary. I aspired to be legendary.

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The Park Project

09 Jun

I’m going to getting a briefing this weekend on the entire situation. I did not know that there was a bill in the Louisiana House that passed that would have transferred control of the property to another group. As of 6 p.m. last night, it had passed the House and is on the way to the Senate.

That certainly complicates the picture.

I’ve got to tell you – this stuff is never easy. Even in my Florida project I want to do – there were two tracks of land available off of I95 that were made available for sale to me. On one track, I could never fit a park. I could put a waterpark and a campground there but not a park. On the other piece of land, it’s a famous corporate headquarters and they are willing to sell, but they screwed up. It’s a large piece of land, but they sold a narrow piece of land down the middle of the land and some homes were built on it. That was not a good use of the land because who wants a house near I95?

The minute I buy the land to put a park there, those homeowners will sue me. My plan was that I would have to raise enough money to buy them out. But not every homeowner would want to do that plan. This stuff is never easy.

I would hate to see the Louisiana situation end up like a Myrtle Beach or the way that Arizona had tried to go about raising the money for a park.

I’m going to look at everything carefully this weekend. I am certainly willing to help if I can.

Here’s the kicker:

House Bill 262 from state Rep. Jimmy Harris, D-New Orleans, gives the city authority to require that the City Council approve any contract or incentive  — including a sale or lease of property — by the Industrial Development Board.

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Heading over to Bethesda today…

09 Jun

I am going to Bethesda for tests today. We need these in order to make the “fix” plan.

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I have no idea what’s going on…

08 Jun

I left my condo a little while ago to go pick up water and four crime scene police cars arrived. When I returned to my condo building after my errand you can clearly see the officers on a third floor balcony with a dead body.

I have no idea what happened. This is a rather high end building. We don’t normally see police cars here.


I have no idea as to the validity of what was said, but I heard a neighbor say he fell from a balcony. I know I have neighbors who read this but I really have no idea what happened. I do not know the people who live in that unit.  Obviously thoughts and prayers to the family.

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I’m getting it all fixed…

08 Jun

The last 18 months I was so busy that I couldn’t take the time to track down the right doctors to say, “Hey I think I’ve got some injuries that need to be fixed…”

This week and next week have been all about tests.

The good news is, so far it’s all fixable. I’m sharing this because this is what women and doctors need to know.

For years I complained to a doctor about a pain on my left side. They would send me to a gynecologist and the gynecologist would say, “You don’t have any issue.”

After years of putting up with this, I know have a determination to fix everything that hurts, I changed specialists and guess what it was? It’s a hernia. Doctors can be so sexist. If I were a man that would be the first thing they would look for, but being a woman they bark up the wrong tree and tell you that there’s no problem. And you know how bad that hernia must be if you can feel it during a pelvic exam, which I always could.

So now we’re doing all kinds of tests to figure out how far it goes and what we have to do fix it.

All of my blood work was fabulous. Right down the middle of all the numbers you want to have. I don’t want to get cocky about it because one test is still out. But I now know, the kidneys and liver is perfect, sugar is normal, cholesterol is normal – no issues. Fabulous.

But so far we have tennis elbow to fix and a hernia.

The doctor was like, “OMG I can’t believe you’ve been putting up with this?” Putting up with it? I workout and do sit ups three times a week with the stupid thing. Trust me, I am no stranger to pain. I’ve had a serious neck injury for over 20 years and there’s very little that ever tops that pain. I work through and function and no one could ever really tell. The quality of my work still exceeds the quality of someone who has nothing wrong with them. You learn to be very focused and driven because that’s what actually pushes you through everything.

We do “maintenance” on my neck about once a year. I feel pretty good the six months after we do it. I decided that I am going to go ahead and get that done in July. Let’s just fix it all and then I’ll feel like a million bucks. My attitude has always been, do what you’ve got to do and keep on rocking with it.

Between the tennis elbow and the hernia, however, this does make me realize that I really need to spend some time this weekend continuing to sort through the storage unit because after I get this stuff fixed, I don’t want to re-injure it. Most of that stuff, needs to go. This is now becoming a bigger priority to deal with it.

We’ve got more tests this week and next to figure out how far the injuries go before we make a plan to fix them.

I don’t see this as a a big deal because so far, it’s all fixable. Let’s do it.

If they would have listened to me years ago, it would have been fixed years ago. I’m at the age now where if I don’t feel like they are listening, I find another doctor and that’s what I did this time.

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Changing the flow of the energy…

06 Jun

I just finished a Yoga and meditation session. It’s amazing how you can tap into your energy and change it’s direction.

You want to know some of the profound wisdom that I was contemplating?

A couple of years ago (around age 45) I was starting to age in a way that I didn’t like the way it reflected in my face. So I gained some weight. As you are aging, gaining a little weight makes you look younger. When women my age try to lose too much weight, it really makes them look older in the face because they lose their fat in their face. Fat in the face is what fills in the lines and gives a youthful appearance.

I was fortunate that when I gained some weight, I gained some curves that were flattering. In my 20s and 30s, I had no curves. In my 40s, I’ve gotten to enjoy curves. More men asked me out on dates in my 40s then all of my 20s and 30s. It’s true.

So in my great meditation today I was wondering how much weight should I lose?

Catherine Deneuve once said it best, “A older woman has to choose between her face and her ass.”

Meaning – if you are too skinny, you look old. If the face is nice and filled out, you’ve got some curves. Finding that magic number for the balance is key.

So after contemplating my lines, I decided that about 5 pounds would be the right amount to lose. Five pounds may not sound like much, but the first place you lose weight is in your face. I think that’s perfectly achievable within a 10 day time frame. What I really need is more Yoga. And anyone who works with computers or drawing really SHOULD do Yoga.

I’m a person that has an intense personal energy and when I do the Yoga, I tap into it and channel it in just the right way. You really can find your bliss when you know how to tap into it.

Yoga and lose five pounds – that’s what I need. It’s not just personal that that decision affects, when I gained the weight, business was better. People were spending more time looking at my face than ass. Catherine was a pretty smart gal.

I am enjoying my bliss.


On a cold, rainy day Yoga is a great fix because it raises your body temperature.

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Meeting tomorrow

06 Jun

I received an interesting phone call yesterday and I have a meeting scheduled with them for tomorrow.

Someone was wants to tap into an interesting area of my background. I don’t know how serious they are but they asked for hour and half of my time.

As I am sorting through opportunities these days, I’m interested in what many people have to say. I am keeping an open mind.

This is part of the reason why if New Orleans wants to do this project, they need to act quickly. Because as much as I am enjoying my vacation these days, it will not be a permanent one.


Another inquiry came in 15 minutes after I made the post.


So after the interesting things arrived, a bunch of non-interesting things arrived.

I had no idea this post would set off all kinds of things. Let me save some people some trouble. I do not live in Myrtle Beach. I was only there the year we built the park. I have no desire, intention, etc to ever live in Myrtle Beach again. Although I loved Legends, Myrtle Beach was never my cup of tea.

I live in Palm Beach county, Florida. I do travel to see clients.

Other things I do not entertain and have no interest in whatsoever – Java Programming or the banking industry. I do not take clients in those areas.

Thank you, but no thank you.

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The Reef Pictures

05 Jun

As someone who is used to professional photography equipment, I am sorely disappointed in the quality of the disposable underwater camera I used. You can tell the quality isn’t great even in the above water selfie of Mom and I that I tried to shoot. But these are some of the photos from the reef. It’s so hard to shoot a selfie underwater.

But this reef like many in the oceans, is dying. When I went there 25 years ago, it was covered in fish. Now it’s mostly vegetation. We are were careful to use Vegan sunscreen but most people who go to reefs use the regular sunscreen which can kill a reef.

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Funny & Good Stuff – Cleaning out Storage…

04 Jun

It will take me a week or more to get through everything I need to sort through, but there was some seriously funny and some good stuff in that storage unit.

Some of the stuff is dusty and dirty and I just shot it with my phone.

Here’s what I found today. Some of it goes together to tell a story.

My Led Zeppelin the Ride shirt. I bet there are some guys and gals in Vietnam who want to see this shot.

More Hard Rock Park memo. My jackets and hats.

This one is super funny. My daughter was nine years old when we started building the park. She’s 20 years old now. This was a poem that she wrote for me when we were building the park. Her first name is Sarah. Her middle name is Faith. I always called her Faith. I love the part about she needs “at least 11 hours of sleep” and “her video games” and “wants to be 10 already.” Girvan Drive is in Legends because we lived in Legends.

And you will not believe what this is from. There’s a group of four guys who worked for Hard Rock who will laugh when they see this one. Hard Rock corporate put me through a week of management training when we first started the park project. I went to Orlando for it. They broke the group into small groups and we were each assigned stores to spy and scope out their visual merchandizing. So myself and four guys, were assigned to Victoria’s Secret. So walking around the store I said, “You know we have to buy something. Who wants to try this on?” Funny, I was the only taker in the group.  It’s a black silk night gown. So I did, we bought it and they couldn’t stop smiling. It’s not your usual corporate trip. It was fun. I think they eventually used our little story as inspiration for an ad campaign for the Hard Rock Hotel. We kept laughing because I said, “I must look like the biggest hussie ever walking around a Victoria Secret with four guys.”

This one has a story too. This was my Unreal Tournament disc. The story was that prior to joining the park project, I taught all kinds of stuff including game design. So when Steven interviewed me for the park, he asked me, “You ever build anything?”

“Yes, a couple of houses and does this count?” On my computer I had some buildings I had put together in the Unreal Editor. I also had some other games I had built outside of that toolset. I loved always loved this game. That was the original interview when I went from Chicago interviewing at Northwestern University to become a professor to South Carolina and I showed up in a black leather skirt,  gold silk blouse, my gold dolphin ring and my ruby ring. I needed something that screamed “rockstar.” That outfit did the trick and the rest became history. It was an hour long interview. He let me get 10  minutes out of the door before he called me.

Well that and I gave him a bottle of Balls and letter of recommendation from M.I.T. That didn’t hurt either. I guess you gather why I am the “Kick Ass Web Mistress” of Hard Rock.

Then there was this really funny old portfolio disc of mine. It was all the Macintosh applications I wrote from 1990-1994. My name wasn’t Kerbyson then but I packaged them into a portfolio disc somewhere around 2002. The really funny thing is, they are all animated. It takes forever for the objects to move across the screen but I have these cheesy little animations. It’s hilarious. When I started doing this stuff back then the computers were in black and white. Yes, kiddies, I am 47 and my old work shows it.

All that stuff was written when I worked at F.I.U. Here’s a copy of our landmark presentation we did and that’s a black and white photo of me and Sonia Van Dalen going to some lunch event at F.I.U. We were styling that day.

This photo is also from the F.I.U. days. I was 21 at the time and taking one of my employees to visit SCAD in Savannah. She took the photo.

This one I absolutely love. I found my original business plan for Snowboarding Magazine. I won first place in the Writer’s Digest magazine proposal contest when I was a student at Ohio University.

This one is when  I was 17 and did my first aerial photograph from a helicopter. This is the Dupont Plant.

I love this one below. This is from 1989 when I was 19 years old and working for a GE Plastics company. It’s memo I wrote to Bob Bedillion the CEO letting him know that I had ordered the company’s first lapel pins. I can not believe I still have this memo….

This was a sign that used to hang in my Victorian. I love Martha Stewart, I really do but I thought the sign was funny. Maybe I could sell it to Snoop Dog?

In my 20s and 30s I had two dogs. These were my heathens – Tesla (left) and Tobi (Right). I haven’t had a kid or a dog in my house for years. I have such an uncomplicated life now…

This is the cart load of old software books that I am donating to Goodwill. I have no idea who will want these…

Now I am saving the best of today for last here. I found my recipes from when I used to cook. The first one, really and truly, is my secret sauce. It’s a Louisiana barbecue sauce. Yes folks, that’s beer as one of the ingredients. If I do Jazzland in New Orleans we will have to serve this chicken. I wrote these cards in my 20s.

Laura’s Secret Sauce…

Yes, there was some good stuff in today’s finds…

What do I look like today with no makeup on and cleaning out storage. Not as pretty as with makeup….

One of my friends texted me, “Do you still have your long hair???” Of course darling. Always.

See. Does this shot show it better? It’s just not done. A day of cleaning out storage – you know?

Yes, I usually wear makeup.

I also found a great textbook in storage that I taught for over five years written by Debbie Rose Myers. And interestingly enough, she offered me a job last year teaching at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. It was a great honor to meet her.  While I didn’t accept the position, I thought I would snap a photo this evening of the t-shirt she gave me – I sleep in it.

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Sleep cures all things…

04 Jun

I feel much better this morning except for the elbow.

It’s still overcast in Florida so I think today might be a good day to work on cleaning out storage.

I’ve been donating items. We’ll just call today a sleepy Sunday.

Somebody asked when is New Orleans having their meeting? This week.

For me, it’s going to be like a launch window – Go or No Go.

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Not the weekend I had hoped for…

03 Jun

I was afraid this was going to happen and it did.

As I’ve been contemplating what the next big project is going to be I decided to finally go into to get my tennis elbow looked at after 2 years. I’ve tried everything including babying it over the course of two years. It has just slowly continued to get worse. The interesting thing is that tennis elbow tends to happen on your dominant arm. It’s my left arm that got nailed.

In an abundance of caution, I’m sure, the doctor ordered all kinds of tests. It was like, “You know you haven’t had stuff checked in while, let’s get it all done now.” So now my entire next week is blown with a bunch of tests.

The first one I went to this week, to get blood drawn, they blew the vein in my right arm. So now when I walk out of house, everyone is staring at my right arm. It’s fine. It’s just a blown vein. I have little veins. Always have. This was no surprise to me.

What was a surprise was mid morning when it started to pour rain here in South Florida and I started to get a fever and chills. This is why I hate going in for tests because you are going into offices where there have been sick people.

So now I am doing something I never do – spend a day in bed. This was not the Saturday I was looking for, at all. I am not good at staying in one place.

I have the resistance of a mule. I never get sick. I will probably be done with this fever by tomorrow. Nonetheless all this is putting a damper on the weekend and my week ahead. This is not what I had planned but I have to do it to make these doctors happy.

I honestly think what we’ll end up with is doing some Cortisone shots.

This stupid tennis elbow is one of the reasons I haven’t picked up one of my guitars in a couple of years. I just kept thinking it would heal on it’s own because that’s what most of the Internet tells you. I think we have to find out if I tore something or if it just needs Cortizone shots.

It presents a problem for me because I am ambidextrous. I need the full use of that left arm because that’s the way I am. I am tired of putting up with it. So now we’re going to fix it.

So that’s why it’s going to be a low key week. One of the things I have to start doing is find a Plan B for the next big project in case New Orleans can’t put money on the table. Right now, I have no idea what project B would be.

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The Painting

01 Jun

When my mother came to visit for 10 days after my stepfather died, I told her I was going to hook her up when it came to design.

There were many items that she and Al did not agree on in terms of how to decorate. So they compromised. But now she has a chance to do something fun like redecorate the living room to something she likes.

So for years, I’ve had a very famous painting in storage. When I was in my early 30s I went through this period where I owned a huge house on a big piece of property and I filled every inch of that house.

The painting was one of The Singing Butler series oil-on-canvas painting made by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in 1992. He never intended for the copy I had to be sold. He slashed the corner and marked it not for sale. Somehow the painting came up at an auction I attended. I bought the painting and fixed the canvas and finished the oil painting repair. For years it hung in my house in a two story vaulted entry way. The painting is quite large. I was doing a project at the time where I was teaching a graduate course for Northeastern University and my students were redesigning the Ballroom Dance web site for M.I.T. So I bought the painting during that time.

This is an image of the painting that you are probably most familiar with, “The Singing Butler.” My painting did not have the maid. It has the butler, the dancers in the far distance a small sailboat.

So I loaded my mother up with all the yellow, green and canvas toss pillows that used to adorn my sofa. The colors tie in perfectly to the version of the painting that I had. I recommended that she purchase neutral canvas slipcovers for her sofa, hang the painting in the living room and bring out the accent colors. She’s also going to incorporate some new lampshades that I had that tied it all together.

I can’t wait to see how it turns out in her house. I did a masterful job of repairing the painting. You would never know to look at it today that it had damage.

She went home with a complete car full – painting, decorating items and bags and bags of my clothes that I don’t want or need anymore. She’s small enough now to fit in them. I sent her home with towels, accessories, purses and jewelry. Years ago I took a trip to Puerto Rico and I brought back an 18 karat gold garnet and diamond ring and a necklace made from a coin. I sent her back with those and a whole bag of earrings, rings, etc.

My thought philosophy these days is that if I haven’t worn it in years then it needs to go anyway. There are only certain colors that I like and I tend to wear everything with those colors.

I told her, “I know how to hook you up.” And I did.

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So now we wait…

30 May

I had a great meeting over the New Orleans Park project today.

Here’s the plan, they put forward to their angel investors to put up what I think is a modest amount of money for me to start working on the project. I need to redo the business plan, finish and compile the numbers, price attractions, plan footprints, renovations, do the park map, the creative, web site, overhaul the logo, etc. etc.

I would then have a sellable, polished package to present to my investors. At the point at which we are funded, my salary then comes from that pool of money. This is the same process I went through in attracting the funding for the Florida park that I decided to wait to do. The Florida project was funded by my seed money.

The initial modest sum is just enough so that I can rent a condo in New Orleans, spend two weeks there every month and two weeks back in Palm Beach every month. Palm Beach is my quite, creative, development time. New Orleans is my research, culture and leg work.

I see a lot of business potential in this project and I think it has sat undeveloped for far too long in New Orleans. The reason the Six Flags park was flooded during Katrina has now been fixed and there are some additional, cost effective engineering solutions that can be put in place to prevent that from happening. Unlike Six Flags, I would not under insure the park. In order to alleviate investor fears, I’ll willing to double insure the park if I have to do it. There are already companies who are willing to insure the property. Basically, Six Flags only got $32 million for a park that cost several hundred million. There was no way they could rebuild.

I also have ideas for multiple revenue streams.

So I have to sit back and wait for a couple of weeks and see if the modest seed money can be raised. If it is, then it will be full speed ahead. I know other companies have tried to pitch a park project, but the reality is that I am the most qualified person to do this project. Tonya has done a great job of moving the project forward to this point. I think she and I will make a great team.

A number of the assets are salvageable on the property and can be rebuilt.

Now the ball is in the Louisiana court. Let’s wait and see what happens. I hope they can move quickly. And I wouldn’t rule out Florida being the second park.

I have an interest in the New Orleans park because of it’s location, history and the fact that there was a park on that property that was making money prior to Katrina. I think we could make it into something far better than what Six Flags was doing.

So now we wait…

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Mom’s “World Tour”

29 May

You’ll have to wait a week to see the underwater pictures from the reef. I used an underwater camera that you send off.

Mom goes home tomorrow and I get back to work.

Here’s the list of things that comprised Mom’s “World Tour” with me this week:

- Snorkeling in Key Largo at John Pennekamp

- The Breakers for Channel N0. 6’s

- Flagler Museum

- Dominick’s Italian Restaurant for authentic New York Pizza and wine

- Kung Pao Chicken over salads

- Sushi

- Classic cheeseburger’s at the diner

- Shopping – clothes, hiking boots and a stop by the Sleep Number store so she can fix the broken pump in her bed

- The wine store

- Movies – Hidden Figures, Sculley, Dream Girls, Pirate Radio

- A day trip to the beach and swimming in the ocean, picnic lunch

-Live music every Friday night from the shops below my balcony – music from the 60s, Sinatra, Prince, etc. She really liked where I lived. She kept saying, “I can’t believe you get all this entertainment for free every weekend.” You can hear the music really well from my balcony and not at all inside the condo. It’s just perfect and so is the view.

- Dinners cooked at home – crab cake dinners, Irish food, german food

- Ft. Lauderdale – Intracoastal Cruise

- Putting green because I have a full putting green

- Nails at my favorite nail salon

- a Spa Day at home

…So that’s the crash course on my life Mom.

It was fun.


Next week for me – Diet.

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Time to talk about the next big project

27 May

It’s Memorial Day weekend, so I think it’s fitting to let people in on what maybe my next big project. It’s fitting for a lot of reasons. In my usual style, this is an informal post.

A woman who could be my soul sister (Tonya) was a reader of this blog. She contacted me about doing another theme park in New Orleans. Here’s the story. This park was at one time a Six Flags theme park. It was completely devastated by Hurricane Katrina and never reopened. Six Flags cannibalized the property and took all the rides that were still in usable condition off of the property. The city of New Orleans owns the land on which this devastation now sits.

Before the park was a Six Flags park, it was called Jazzland. Tonya owns the rights to Jazzland.

If you’ve read my blog through the years then you know a few facts about me. In my 20s I worked at Florida International University from 1990-1995. I took a graduate course there where I wrote a 25 page paper planning a museum dedicated to the history of The Blues beginning with Robert Johnson. I worked for F.I.U. when Hurricane Andrew hit. After the hurricane, Mitch Madique, myself and some staff members at F.I.U. worked to bring the National Hurricane center to be built on F.I.U.’s campus (which is where it is today).

Many years later, I would become the Kickass Web Mistress of Hard Rock and build a theme park. I was a creative person with technical chops and design experience. Then years later, on my own I wrote an entire business plan, lined up acquiring the land, forming the partnerships, designing all the creative and the park map for a new park in Florida directly off of I95. My overseas investors were ready to put in almost a billion dollars for the project. And I decided to pause for year and do another project first. This project had a park, water park, campground and hotel accommodations.

I also worked for 4 years with someone who flipped properties, so I am familiar with distressed properties and their expense and design problems they can bring..

And as you may know, my stepfather of 35 years died recently and his last request was that a memorial Jazz concert be held in his memory.

So when someone on the Internet is looking for a theme park designer, business woman, has connections to money, understands a category five hurricane, and has an appreciation for music history it was a logical step to contact me. Our discussions are for me to design a park that investors will fund and then serve as the Chief Creative Officer of the park. And rather than flipping a house – we’ll be flipping a theme park in order to bring it’s value back.

Our next steps will be (next week) to 1) agree on money 2) make arrangements for me to go to New Orleans and walk the property and shoot the initial photos. This will be a challenge because there’s about 10 million dollars worth of pilings in the ground that will not match up to new ride footprints. It has damaged structures, etc. This becomes a big jigsaw puzzle for me when I have to plan creative and ride footprints and the cost of rehabbing this property. After I walk the property, I have to run the numbers and feel like this project is a “go.”  One of the most difficult things we have to do is to convince the Mayor of New Orleans to give me signed letter of intent to sell the property. My overseas investors will not fork over large sums of money unless that property can be sold to me. And let me say this – just because they wanted the new park I planned in Florida does not mean they will automatically want to fund a park in New Orleans. I will have to do a rock solid job with the research, the business plan, the creative and how to solve the engineering issues.

I have a really good background in business and creative but most people do not have both sides. This kind of project takes both.

For people who don’t know the history, I worked for the CEO and Chief Creative Officer in building Hard Rock Park. I would never have put the project in Myrtle Beach. Jon (our Chief Creative Officer) owned the land and that’s why the park went into that location. Myrtle Beach is not a community that is large enough to support a park. I think my overseas investors clearly understood that I have better business sense when they read through my plan, map, proposal and property records last year.

I’ll have to put something forward that is just as solid as that plan.

I think it is worth looking and worth considering since Six Flags had a park on that property that was making money prior to Katrina. But in my style of a business plan, it will not be just a park. There will be accommodations and other revenue streams to accompany that project.

I love the idea of creating something that culturally tells the stories of the musicians that create a genre. I love the idea of having things that are encompass a wide array – inspiring, soulful, classy and elegant, passionate and authentic. I love the idea of helping a community that has been through a category five hurricane.

I am giving a heads up on Memorial Day that this might be my next project. There are the memories of the musicians and a great city and memories of a family member who loved Jazz that obviously inspire me to want to do this project. Hard Rock Park was a piece of my soul that will always hold a special place in my heart. When Tonya called me I did think, “Rather than just a concert, maybe I will be able to do a whole park..”

I talked with Tonya for 4 hours. I was truly excited by the possibility of working with her to consider this project. We had so many similarities and I think we are both excited to work with each other.

I am still on my “vacation” with my mother visiting. This weekend we are going to the Keys to an coral reef that has a statue of Jesus underwater. That’s how we are spending Memorial Day.

But this project has been spinning in my head all week and I am looking forward to talking to Tonya about it again on Tuesday.

I think our biggest most immediate challenge will be the Mayor of New Orleans. I think he really needs to meet and talk with me and understand my past work and what this could mean for New Orleans. I need to explain how the process usually works and why I of all people would be the perfect person to to Jazzland. And I guarantee it will not be “just a park.” And I know that this will be difficult with the Mayor because I had heard that Legoland and Nickelodeon had also tried to get the land and it never happened.

So it’s a lot of hurdles, lot of obstacles, big puzzle, big challenge and right up my alley.

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We’re having a great time…

24 May

We’ve been so busy this week having the girls party – Mom is visiting me for a week.

We went to the local dive shop and got our equipment adjusted. We went for sushi. And a trip to my favorite Italian restaurant. We went to the Breakers for an evening out. We went to the nail salon and had our toes done and sat in the massage chairs. We spent a day lounging on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Today we toured Flagler Museum in Palm Beach. We’ve been non-stop.

But somethings never change. Like my mother always getting her finger in every picture. How do you get your finger in the picture off of a cell phone??? I swear Mother… We were not doing so hot shooting the pictures. We either smiling or looking like, “Just take the picture…” It’s hilarious. We finally had to ask someone else to take the picture.

I’m sure I’ll have other photos by the time our “vacation” ends the day after Memorial Day weekend.

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Some exciting things to talk about at dinner

19 May

My mom is arriving in a couple of hours. She’s going to be surprised when I have some exciting things to discuss with her at dinner.

Remember, you may not see a post from me for week because I am making time for her. But if she nods off early one night – you might see a post.

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Do not be surprised….

19 May

As you may or may not know about a year ago, I set aside my plans to build the next theme park in the U.S. I had the funding and I choose to “think about it for a while.”

Many, many, people read this blog. There’s generally something in my background – business, theme parks, web development, games, style, design, real estate, etc. that makes them want to reach out to me.

Less than a week ago, I said, “I’m looking for a new opportunity.”

I had a four hour phone call today from someone who wants me to rescue a theme park property in dire straights. I can fully understand why they reached out to me and the discussions centered around me acquiring the funding and becoming the Chief Creative Officer. You see, there are precious few people in the U.S. who have built a park from scratch and written the business plan to build a new park. As a matter of fact, I am pretty sure I am it in that realm. As for my international investors, who offered almost a billion dollars – let’s just say I might bring you two parks…or maybe only one to start – I haven’t decided until I run the numbers.

I understand why they called me to do this. I do have the connections to pull it off. What is the bigger problem is the local political connections who have stopped the sale of the property. Let me say this – if I fly halfway around the country to meet with you and I hook you up with the international investors to do this project – you had better jump on it when I say jump on it because you won’t get a second chance. I’ve read that you’ve rejected proposal after proposal and that would be a huge mistake to do that to me. I think you will like me very much after you meet me and agree that I won’t take it on if I don’t think I can do it justice.

I sympathize with your situation, I really do. I will know whey I fly out and walk the property if I can save this. And if I can, you will get the best their is…but don’t disrespect me when I show up. Because in order to save you, I have to risk my neck. I know because I’ve been there.

In the meantime, I am not discouraging anyone else from contacting me with the opportunities they want to put forth. If you’ve ever thought, I want to do business with her – now is the time. The day after Memorial Day may be a defining moment in which I have to choose.

There are people that have made an impassioned plea to my soul today and I will weigh that very carefully.

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The week filled up fast

16 May

I have been knocking items off my list of things that I have not had time to get to. It feels so good to have the time to start knocking those items off of a list. Some of it is small ordinary stuff and some of it was things like putting out my feelers for opportunities that may exist.

Tomorrow I am having dinner and drinks with a friend.

Thursday, I am going to a Chamber event for Florida Web Development. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the Chamber circuit. In Hilton Head for years I never missed an event. I would go to work the crowds and drum up business. I used to be really good at this. The local Boynton Beach Chamber is lot smaller but nonetheless, they are having an event Thursday. I built my businesses off of personal networking. My networking in South Florida has been sorely neglected because I just spent a year behind a desk for someone else and the business of Florida Web Development in the past year was primarily existing clients.

Friday around 5 p.m. my mother will arrive and so begins the week long girls party. You might not see any posts from me next week but we will take photos (having a blast) and I’ll post later. Trust me. This is going to fun and long overdue for both me and my mother. Hello stress relief…let the party begin! I’m not doing work, interviews or anything like that until the day after Memorial Day weekend. I haven’t had a vacation in almost 2 years. I cannot wait. Originally, I had a weekend planned but now I get the whole week.

And one of the items I also want to do this next week is get even with my mother for all the junk she has pawned off onto me through the years. It’s my turn now. She’s lost a lot of weight and she likes colors that are opposite of my taste. I generally don’t wear black, brown or beige because of all the years early in my career when I had to – but no more. She likes those colors. I have found that people generally like the colors of their eyes in terms of personal taste. I have a whole storage unit of that stuff that is still in great shape. She lives in South Carolina where it still gets cold in the winters. I have several leather jackets I will never wear again, including a very expensive Victoria Secret one. I told her, now is your chance to shop for free and my chance to start giving you my junk for a change.

She told me she didn’t have anything to wear to the Breakers. No problem. I can hook you up. My business is style Mother. Doesn’t matter what it is – I am always known for my style. I can dress you to the nines. I think I might even have something in the color you like…

I plan to take her shopping while she’s down here too because she hasn’t bought any clothes for herself in a long time. It’s time Mom got a little pampering.

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I’m not opposed to moving up into a CEO role

15 May

I received a phone call today asking my interests might encompass.

I would not be opposed to moving up into a CEO role because I have owned and operated my own businesses for many years as well as run them for other people. I am certainly qualified for that role.

I have that great combination of tech and business background and management is one of my strong suits.

So if you have a CEO role, call me and we’ll discuss it.

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Thank you so much for supporting my mother

14 May

After I placed Al’s obituary in three papers, my mom said that she has literally received hundreds of sympathy cards.

I will never regret taking the few days off and being there when Al died. I am glad that I could handle some of the tougher things like running the obits.

Thank you so much for thinking of my mother.

She is already working on the memorial concert plans for fall. It will be a Jazz concert.

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My mom is coming for a week…

14 May

She will get here at the end of the week and I can’t wait.

I haven’t take any time off in a year and I’m looking forward to this. I’ve been making the list of everything we can do.

Here’s where the list is at so far:

1. Snorkel  trip to the keys – already booked and planned

2. Trip to Boynton Beach to just chill out for day under the umbrellas with a picnic lunch

3. Shopping

4. I’m taking her The Breakers one evening so she can try a Chanel No. 6

5. This one is if she wants to go – The Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood. We can eat dinner at the Cafe. We can talk about my former work life and stories.

6. Some day excursion to Miami – pick whatever you want

7. Sightseeing Twilight Cruise right off Peanut Island

8. My mother loves Bloody Mary’s. So I am taking her to Bradley’s in West Palm Beach because they have the very best Bloody Mary. I told her, then we’ll walk the city for a while.

9. A trip to my favorite nail salon to sit in the massage chairs and get our toes done.

10. I’ve got a list of places I want to take her eat.

We have a lot to do for one week. This is going to be fun. Time to destress for both of us. We both need it.

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OMG – Look Mom!

13 May

(Update – Look at the bottom of the post now.)

If you didn’t read the previous post, read it first and then this one.

This makes my day. I went to storage to get my gear and I can’t believe I can still fit in this wetsuit. The suit is at least 18 years old. It’s an extra small (Size 0-2). It even has a cute little jacket. The snorkel gear is a lot newer.

I plan to loan it to my mother for the trip if she thinks she’ll be too cold in the water.

I still plan on hitting the gym every day now that I have little time to do so.


After I made this post, I just opened up today’s fortune.

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What I told my mother…

13 May

I said, “You know I’m not going to worry about this. In business, I’ve dealt with liars, cheats and scoundrels for years. Somehow these people end up getting what they deserve.”

I’m going to take a few days to unwind before I look for a new major project or opportunity. Every time I’ve gotten screwed over in life, I end up with something better down the road. And honestly, I was just in a long line of people that Jason has owed money to for this project. I know that this project will self destruct without the original creators. I hate to work a year on something and see it gone, but I wasn’t the investor in the project and ultimately, this is his undoing. What happened was not a fireable offense and in our investigation it was clear I didn’t create the problem. The problem was created by two contractors employed by Jason, not me. And I made sure I correct and fixed the problem before going home.

One thing that I am looking forward to is that my Mom will now be able to join me for my trip to the Keys. I made some modifications to the plan and we are going snorkeling. She’s so thin, I think she could wear my old wet suit. I’m going to go get it out of storage this weekend. I think we should laugh at photos when I try to fit my ass into. It’s a size 0-2.

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