Probably no posts for a week…

14 Mar

I’ll be entertaining for a week so there’s a good chance there won’t be any posts.

Check back in a week…

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Very busy weekend…

11 Mar

You know how it is the week before you have company coming to town – there’s a million things to do.

I like to be the perfect hostess. And that takes some planning.

I have been so busy with work. We finished the taxes on the businesses this weekend. I am happy that is done and checked off the list.

I always do them the same time as the personal because the companies are also under the personal.

It’s all owned by Laura Kerbyson…


Next weekend will be a busy weekend. I imagine that we’ll do the grand tour – go to Delray for dinner, check out the beach for a walk, check out Atlantis, take a trip to Worth Avenue. Visit the clock tower and the beach – you know the usual.

I don’t think we’ll have time this trip to go up in an airplane and I fly the aerial tour of Palm Beach, but maybe the next trip to visit. I love doing it. I love to fly up the ocean and down Worth Avenue and come home on the Intracoastal.

We went to the Breakers last time so I don’t know if that will be a stop on the list this time.

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I’ve now modeled a 2.4 Million Dollar Diamond…

08 Mar

17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond Ring

Well they asked me to model the 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond Ring worth $2.4 million today. I will be posting these images all over social media tomorrow for Kaufmann de Suisse as we search for the next owner of this very special ring. No photoshop work was done to the images.

There are only about 10 diamonds in the world on par with this diamond. It’s exceptionally rare to have one in your possession.

I can now say I’ve had a $2.4 million dollar diamond on my hand and I’ve worn a $20 million dollar necklace that’s in the Guinness Book of Records.

If you are in the market for such a perfect stone, come see me at 210 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480. Or you can call the office at (561) 832-4918. Just ask for Laura. This is an investment grade diamond.

Click here to see the video of a 17.57 CTS D Flawless Diamond.


I never thought when I went into computer science and design that I would be asked to model some of the world’s most fabulous diamonds. Usually, I am the photographer and on the other side of the camera.

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Something special we want to start marketing…

06 Mar

There are maybe only 10 diamonds on par with this one on the market in the entire world.

This is a 17.52 CTS D Flawless. We’re going to start pushing this soon.

It’s a fabulous ring. I take it out of the safe put in in the front window every day. This would be an investment grade ring.

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I am supposed to hear tomorrow…

06 Mar

The imaging machine that use for my neck procedure suddenly broke. They are scrambling to get it fixed. They still didn’t know today if my neck procedure for Thursday would still be on.

I don’t like the idea of being first after they fix the machine but the doctor will be on vacation all the following week.

We’ll see what happens when they call me tomorrow. As of today, the machine was still not fixed because the new part did not work.

I’ve had this procedure done four times. I’m always glad when it’s behind me. I like to just get it done and move on.

I want to talk to them tomorrow about possible alternative dates if its an option.

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It was a super funny morning…

05 Mar

It’s just a shame I can’t tell you the story. But it was downright hilarious.

I couldn’t tell you the story without embarrassing someone and I don’t want to do that.

But I will laugh about this for years to come.

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I am really looking forward to it…

04 Mar

I have a very special guest that is going to come and stay at my home for week in about 10 days.

I’m looking forward to all the fun that we’ll have and all the memories that we’ll make.

I can’t wait.

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I have been so busy…

03 Mar

I’ve been so busy, just trying to keep track of it all is a major deal.

I worked all day trying to knock off items on my list.

I know that’s not exciting but it’s life…

But I did manage to squeeze in a little trip to the salon today.

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Private party tonight…

28 Feb

There won’t be a post tonight because we are hosting a private party after work.

It’s just an opportunity to socialize with some clients.

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My neck procedure is approved and on the schedule…

27 Feb

This is like the 4th or 5th time I’ve had this procedure, but this is what actually keeps me going.

It’s been scheduled for March 7th. I’m not allowed to work or drive.

As always, I hope it goes smoothly and the doctor’s having a good day. You always hope that you can still move that right hand and that you can get up and walk afterward.

But a week or so after, I should feel much better if it all goes well. And that’s why you take the risk…

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It’s not exactly true that I’m not a model…

26 Feb

Somebody said, “Why are you always fussing over your appearance, you’re not one of the models?”

I was a reluctant model at first. After all my place has always behind the computer or the camera…I work with lots of gorgeous women and interesting clients.

But I am a model for the jewelry store. When a customer comes in to buy a big fancy diamond ring or a necklace for their wife or girlfriend, they haul me out from behind the computer. I go into the showroom. Christopher puts the piece on me and the client walks around me trying to decide. I was the model for the meeting with a new piece we designed for QVC. He loved it so it worked.

Hard Rock Park did the same thing to me. When it was time to haul the limo out for the Christmas, they determined that I would be the one to be in the parade and do the Miss America wave.

I was a model for the Paraiba but I destroyed the photos and told M. “I’m the one that needs the work and I don’t like the photos. I don’t like what I see and that will change.” And it did. But it wasn’t a good idea for your negotiator and business liaison to be the model for that kind of piece. It’s better if the model is a different person. I’m not for sale, the piece is for sale.

I think the one exception would be if we took the necklace to another country, I might be the only available person to model it. Which I would do if we ended up in that boat without a better option. The business person in me says we’re going to do whatever it takes to make that sale. If you like a green eyed blonde who’s got some maturity on her, then fasten that clasp and evaluate away. With each piece over time I’ve learned how to move to give it maximum sparkle. The same with the rings. This is just business.

Occasionally, businesses like to capitalize on that look.

I’ve had some seriously big diamonds on my hands and those videos get sent all over the place. My ring size is a size 6 and that’s the standard size for a jewelry store.

So that’s one of the reasons that I wear a gown or a very expensive suit or nice dress every day. I dress to the hilt because if someone puts a $500,000 ring on your hand, you need to look like you can sell it.

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Sometimes the truth about things comes out years later…

25 Feb

Over dinner with my mother, the truth finally comes out 38 years later. The reason why all six of us kids in the gifted program in middle school got suspended.

In the old days, gifted kids had class with just themselves. So it was me, Debbie, Gene, David, P.J. and Chris G. Chris was I think 3 years younger than the rest of us. He was so brilliant the kid had skipped like 3 grades. He always had his head in a J.R. Tolkein novel.  However, he had no social skills and didn’t talk to the rest of us. So we called him “The Baby Genius.”

We were on a field trip to the nature trail just outside of town and me, Debbie, Gene, David and P.J. were ALL basketball players. We ALL ran track and we liked to run and horse around. And I was the only cheerleader (they let me do it for the boys season and play basketball for the girls season). It was just the luck of the draw that we were all jocks with brains. And The Baby Genius didn’t play any sports. So we were getting ahead of where we were supposed to be on the trail. And somehow we lost The Baby Genius.

And we all got suspended for it. “I didn’t know, it was my job to watch The Baby Genius. Because he doesn’t talk, we forgot he was there.”

Hence I am sure my parents wondered why the entire gifted program except for Chris was suspended from school for a day.

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Back from South Carolina…

24 Feb

As for the meeting with the attorney, we’re going to skip that conversation for now because it was very unpleasant.

As for seeing my mother, it was a hoot, as it usually is… we went out to eat and shop.

Friday night, we went out for Mexican. South Florida doesn’t really have an decent Mexican restaurants mostly because we don’t have any Mexicans. Hilton Head, however, is loaded with them and there are a few good choices in dining.

Saturday night, when I went to look for my favorite Sushi restaurant on the island, we discovered it was gone. A lot changes in a few years. So we found a new place called Okko’s on the Island and it was very good.

It was an endless comedy scene. My mother was not used to eating Sushi. So I ordered for us and I was trying to teach her how to use the chop sticks. At first she was able to push the food around the plate with them. Then there were the unsuccessful attempts to lift the piece of roll.  “Oh you almost made it to your mouth that time…”

Then there was, “The hell with this. Give me the fork.”

This is complete justice in my mind for all the times my mother had to teach me things in life and I felt stupid and incompetent while trying to learn them and she laughed at my attempts. Which is exactly what I was doing all through dinner.

It was all in good fun. I did also show mercy and order her some Miso soup and a salad (for which she could use the fork).

At the end of dinner she she said she liked the food. So that’s progress.

And I was entertained by the endless stories of her dance lessons with Armondo. Why did I know without even looking that he’s probably 20 years younger and a very good looking dance instructor.

“Yes, I need to go shopping for fishnet stockings.”

“You what?! Are you becoming a Cougar?”

“No, no, it’s not that! I’m dancing in a show and Armondo wants us to have fishnet stockings.”

I suddenly felt like I was on an episode of “The Golden Girls” as I watched my 71-year-old mother shop online for fishnet stockings.

Like I said, she’s a hoot. My mother was 21 years old when I was born. It becomes an advantage when I’m now 49 and she different from everyone else’s mother.


This morning at breakfast she told me there was a plane crash and the NTSB hadn’t released the names yet but there was a passenger on board.

I looked at what was released when I got home. I already know, he wasn’t the pilot. Two reasons, he wouldn’t even land at the Palm Beach County Park airport (where I go to fly) because the runways aren’t long enough in assessment. That crash was at Ridgeland, I can’t see him wanting to land there and number 2) he’s an expert at landings. I’ve never flown with anyone who’s got a touch that soft when it comes to landings. It’s just a shame he never had it with women. It was 3 years ago. I’m over it. But I’m also 90% sure, this plane crash is not his.

No one would be more shocked than me. I take more risks than he does. Eventually, the NTSB will release the names.

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You might not hear from me for a few days…

21 Feb

I’m putting in a full day on Worth and then I’m leaving at 6 p.m. to drive to South Carolina for the weekend.

It’s going to be a very busy weekend.

Network Solutions did some kind of server upgrade last night, right now I can’t even get into my email. Who knows how long it’s going to be like that.

All of my servers are at Godaddy except for my oldest one (which also runs the mail) is at Network Solutions.

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Going to South Carolina…

20 Feb

I’ve been packing to leave for South Carolina tomorrow evening. I’ll be back on Sunday.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. I need to see some clients. I have some business to conduct. I need to stop and have dinner with my mother, etc., etc.

I am having dinner with a friend tonight before I head out of town tomorrow after work.

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The compliments are so nice…Thank You

19 Feb

I’ve been getting a lot of very positive comments on the social media accounts (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc.) for Kaufmann de Suisse. I manage and produce all the content for those sites in addition to the web site, print advertising, software kiosks, marketing, social events, operations, e-commerce, marketing of the Guinness Record Book pieces, and a very long list of other items. Not all of my clients kind afford the kind of time to produce all that content. So it’s really nice to have one where you can let loose. I don’t have time to do my own accounts anymore because I am too busy doing it for everyone else.

I’m getting some really good comments about the quality of my photography with the models and jewelry. Particularly from Instagram. Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Image is everything on the Internet and when you can capture a shot that make people write in, then I’m doing what I need to do.

I’m glad people are noticing. It makes me feel the same way as when people rip the full page ad out of magazine and come to the store asking for the item.


I have a new neighbor, so I invited her in to see my home. She loved my real estate design work. A lot of people don’t realize how good I am a real estate design, until they see it. I know how to maximize an investment. I can take something that most people will run from and it turn it into something that someone couldn’t imagine. It’s not just about the looks, it’s about bang for the buck.

There really isn’t anything I can’t design. I like all of it.


Even the audio – We had an issue today with the jewelry store on worth. We sent a video out to be done because I don’t have the time. There was one word we needed in the old audio track deleted. We got the video back and you could tell it had been spliced. It wasn’t smooth.

So I said, ‘Alright, I’ll do it.”

M. said,  “How would you know how to do audio?”

“Oh because once upon a time, I was not only a design professor, a computer science professor but I was also handed Game Design. An audio is a component of game design. Do you want my lecture on Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation…of course not.”

I split the tracks out, took the word out, blended it and laid down the music track. Problem solved.

I had never used Adobe Audition before today. But I knew what to look for so it only took me a few minutes to figure it out. Audition wasn’t around when I used to teach this stuff years ago.

When we were building Hard Rock Park, I made all the videos that ran on the electronic billboards on highway 501 and in the park. It’s time consuming but I still remember how do it.

Honestly, this is why I make the money I do – because I am worth five employees because that knowledge and experience is so diverse and deep.

I have a good friend and her take on it is this, “You are a Brilliant Barbie and that’s why you make the money.”

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Enjoying my little piece of Heaven on Earth…

17 Feb

It’s a gorgeous day. Just the right amount breeze, the birds are talking away, the Palm trees are swaying in the wind and the water on the lake is glistening….I’m enjoying my little piece of Heaven on Earth with a glass of cucumber water. I shot a few small videos to show you below the photo.

To Play from YouTube

Enjoying the view video 1

Enjoying the view video 2

To download from this server:

Video 1 of the peaceful view

Video 2 of the peaceful view

I went to the Palm Beach Jewelry, Art and Antique Show today. I actually thought this was the most interesting item. It’s a coffee table made from a jet engine. I love it.  Click on the photo to see the video of it move (on YouTube).

Download the video from this server:


Another interesting item was a Faberge Egg.

There were lots of interesting stones and art items as well.

I did also find a potential lead for the sale of the Paraiba.

There’s a little exciting news for Carolina Web Development. One of my good clients called. When he started 2 companies, I created the web sites for him. He’s starting another company and so we’re going to talk on the phone tonight about what to do next. You always have favorite clients that you like to work with. I do really enjoy working with him.

Also the Rolls Royce magazine came out this week. The 2 page spread I did is in the magazine.

After the show I went for Sushi and these were today’s fortunes from the cookies.

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Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show…

16 Feb

I’ll be going to the show tomorrow since I’ve been involved through my profession in the industry this past year.

I’ve not been before so this will be interesting to walk around and see what’s on display.


I just realized that I have to leave for South Carolina Thursday night for the weekend. So I have to spend next weekend in South Carolina.

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I think the worst part of my week is over…

14 Feb

Hopefully, I’m going to get real sleep tonight.

If you followed me a long time, then you know about my neck injury that started 30 years ago.

I do what I have to do in order to keep it all going.

It’s time to do that procedure again where they kill the nerves in the back, right side of my neck.

I went in for the diagnostic this week. That’s where they inject a bunch of stuff in multiple sites and you wait an hour or so to see if they hit the right nerves. You call the doctor back after you’ve left and you tell them the percentage that it worked. Insurance used to pay for 3 levels. Now they only cover 2 levels. So my assessment I gave ended up being 75%, which is still worth doing the real procedure.

Unfortunately, the pain relief from the diagnostic wears off within five hours. Then you can’t sleep well for days because you feel like you were tortured. All you feel is sore.

I think those days are now past and I’m hoping to sleep tonight. Hopefully, we’ll get the real deal scheduled soon. The months right after the real deal are going to be the best months I’m going to have. I always look forward to getting to that point because it’s worth it.

I think this is like my 4th or 5th time of doing this. It has risks, and obviously they can be very, very serious but it allows me to keep moving forward.

But the test worked, no impairment of the right arm or hand.

If they would let me kill the nerves in my right shoulder, I’d do that too. However, I don’t think they can do it without impairment to the right arm.

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My decision on the project is a resounding, “No.”

12 Feb

I was asked to give my advice and opinion on a new business venture a project. The project deals with something that is a hobby of mine – Aviation.

But there’s two things of mine that can never be bought – my integrity and my moral compass.

I read everything and then I researched it and I found that one of the parties had been barred by the FAA and the SEC from every holding a position in an aviation company. They had been convicted of Security and Exchange Fraud and served time for it.

For me, that’s an automatic “No.”

Listen, I take this stuff so seriously that when I went to New Orleans to build a theme park, I had investors lined up to pay for the whole project. As Chef Executive Office and Chief Creative Officer, I had an employment contract that paid me $100,000 for the first year of planning the project (for which I collected part) and $2 million dollars when it broke ground.

But 3 months into the Verve Theme Park project, it came to light that the City of New Orleans had lied to me in a major, major way. Before the project started, I specifically asked the city officials if they had fixed the drainage system after Hurricane Katrina. I was told, “Yes.” Three months into the project, we got a hard rain in New Orleans and there was 3.5 feet of water from a rain, not a hurricane.

I immediately shut down everything that we were working on. Did my investors foot the bill for this? Absolutely not. As much as I hated to do it, I ate the money for the project because that door to investment would never be open again if I asked them to pay for this. I left my good name and reputation in tact. I considered it an expensive lesson. But it was far better for the problem to appear 3 months into the project vs. 2 or 3 years when everything would be built and we would be stuck with a problem we can’t solve.

I had people I know ask me, “Did you ever consider just riding it out to get the money?”


I can tell you that I despise the City of New Orleans for their lack of integrity especially considering the lives that were lost during Katrina. I had to stand there at the end of my personal tour of the old Jazzland property and tell them, “You absolutely need to tear this down. To even consider letting someone try to rehab this equipment will end up costing someone their life. And there’s no question that you can’t keep the water off this land and the equipment.” I never considered that piece of land after I saw it. I immediately found higher and drier land, but even that wouldn’t be good enough if the drainage system wasn’t fixed. I did what I could do which was be honest, and I can tell you they will ignore it. They don’t care.

There’s a responsibility that comes with a CEO title that is like no other. And you cannot shrug your responsibility to your investors. Your integrity must be 100% if someone has entrusted you with their money and if people are entrusting you with their lives.

In terms of my evaluation of the recent project, those standards are still the same.

This gets a resounding, “No” from me. I do not let money define who and what I am. I do not pursue projects because I am after money. I pursue things for the accomplishment and the sense of self satisfaction. My advice would be that you do the same. If you pursue something that you are really passionate about and you do it honestly there’s always the chance that you might actually make some money at doing it. Money however, does not buy happiness. I can actually buy a lot of problems.

But my experience is that if money is the primary motivation, then there’s a lot that can go wrong with big projects.

A project can be a good idea but be executed by the wrong people in the wrong place. And then it will never be a successful project.

Sometimes, it never ceases to amaze me how people would think that I wouldn’t discover important information. I know the Internet like few other people do. I can find things that most people cannot.

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My day today…

10 Feb

What’s on the agenda is to ready through pages and pages of material and give my business opinion.

In the absence of a board what do you do? You ask your “friends” for their opinions…

So I am looking to see if the business idea is attainable, where the short falls in the plan lie, can the problems be resolved another way, how much risk is involved, does the business really stand a chance at surviving and thriving, etc.

So it’s a day of reading and research and a day of thinking about it.

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The photo shoot was good…

09 Feb

I had 3 beautiful models and I got some gorgeous shots. I now have 1800 photos to edit on Monday. Then I’ll be able to select what will work well for social media, the web site, e-commerce, Amazon, etc. I shot with both cameras today.

I came home and made vegetable lasagna and baked a loaf of organic bread.

And then I started on compiling data into spreadsheets for taxes for the accountant. I’ve got a couple more hours of work to finish it.

That was my day.

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09 Feb

I have to do a photo shoot in the morning on Worth Avenue and then my plan is to work on business tax prep in the afternoon.

It’s far from an ideal Saturday but sometimes it necessary to do it.

I’m already looking forward to next weekend….

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The weekend’s not even here and it’s already almost full…

07 Feb

I am only half way through a long work week and already most of this weekend is booked with business.

I have to do a photoshoot on Saturday morning on Worth Ave. Then I have to prepare spreadsheets related to taxes on my businesses.

Then Sunday is looking at a project to give a professional opinion for some “new friends”.

Where did my weekend go????


And M. told me she needs a yacht captain so I’ve got to make time to find her one. Somewhere in a drawer I’ve got cards but who knows where they are now. I need one who’s in South Florida.

If anyone has Quincy’s phone number, please text it to me.

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I can’t believe we’re discussing this again…

06 Feb

I really thought this was a dead issue. I thought we’d discussed it and moved on…

But the discussion came back to going to Qatar today.

I was going to select a country to go to for fun this year, that country wasn’t on my list. But evidently, it might be back on the business list. I’m not sure if I’ll be required to go on that trip or not.

But I was asked to make the inquiries.

It’s not the way I would choose to go about this.

This hadn’t been discussed in months. It caught me by surprise.

She wants to go to Doha.


Why say it publicly? So I don’t end up on a government watch list because of inquiries. There’s been a lot of correspondence between my office and various heads of state recently in at least 10 countries.

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Tax time…

05 Feb

I have to work on taxes for the businesses this weekend. It’s a necessary evil but I need to get it done.

Generally, if I’ve been organized throughout the year, I can get the information together quickly. If not, it takes me longer.

This is just the part I have to do before I turn it over to my accountant.

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Recap of my spa day at The Breakers

03 Feb

This was the kind of room I had for a day. This is one of their marketing photos and then you’ll see my quick pics.

I started at 9 a.m. The room really does look like this.

I had them lower the blinds because I wasn’t interested in giving the visitors at the ocean a free show.

We started off with the body scrub and the signature massage in the morning. Then I took a break to sit out by the pool and ocean to have a snack.

Then after a morning of massage, I took a shower in the steam shower. After that they came to the room and I had a facial. Then I had an hour to myself in the room. I ran a bath and put the tub on “wave” it imitates the waves and feel of the ocean. So I just floated in the tub for a half hour. Then I took another shower and then a brief nap.

In the afternoon, I went for an 80 minute pedicure that also included a foot massage. Then I had a manicure. Then I had about an hour of time, so I went back to the locker room and put on my makeup and selected a dress.

Then at 5:30 they came to do my hair. I had a glass of champagne while they did my hair.

So I snapped a quick pic in the locker room before I left of the look.

Then I went to HMF to meet Julie and Her Date for a cocktail. We chatted for about an hour. She told me Susie was in town so she texted her to come over. Julie and her date left and Susie joined me and we had a very, fun time laughing about funny stories.

Then we met a nice group of guys on vacation here. They were all retired hockey players from the NHL. We really enjoyed our conversations with them.

It was a very relaxing day and nice evening.

The day at the spa was a gift for a performance bonus. The only thing The Breakers didn’t do well was every staff member called me “Mrs. Kerbyson” all day. I’m not “Mrs.” anything. I finally asked a staff member why they were doing that and she said, usually it’s a man that pays this kind of bill. I found that a little irritating because here I am as a single woman, who earned this bonus and the bonus was paid for by a woman business owner. Don’t you find it a little insulting that people would call me “Mrs.”

At any rate that was the only thing that wasn’t done well. It just goes to show that we still live in a sexist world.

But I really enjoyed the day. I felt like melted butter by the end of the day. It was really nice to let go of the tension.

I’ll be picking up a Thank You present today for the bonus.

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Decisions, decisions…

02 Feb

I am spending the entire day tomorrow at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach at their spa. I am starting at 9 a.m. and finishing at 6 p.m. It was a gift. -a business performance bonus.

Now what do I pack to wear to get a cocktail in the evening?

How high should the heels be?

What jewelry should I wear?

What color should I have them paint my nails?

Decisions, decisions…

I am used to dealing with high tech and complicated business matters. It’s funny how the simple stuff gives me pause…

It’s my $1000 dollar trip to the spa…

I can’t wait for the glass of champagne as I get to soak in the tub and look out onto the ocean.

Cheers to working hard and reaping the rewards…

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And the countdown begins…

01 Feb

One more day to go until my performance bonus.

I am spending a full day at The Breakers spa on Saturday.

Massage, pedicure, manicure, hair…

I plan to feel like a new woman on Sunday.

The gift was compliments for my work performance.

It’s a shame I don’t have a date Saturday night. Oh well, I can always get a cocktail at HMF.

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Imagine my surprise…

31 Jan

I was notified that when I purhcased my home a year ago, somehow they managed to miscalculate my property taxes in Palm Beach County.

They were off my thousands of dollars per year because they inadvertently inserted the amount of tax that was last charged when the property was purchased in 1994.

So even with my calculations, I thought I was astoundingly high until I spoke with the Property Appraisers office and I was informed that Atlantis is the highest tax bracket for ALL of Palm Beach County, FL.

I am not surprised because for 2000 residents we have our own police department and our own fire department and our own mayor and council.

We have four golf courses and a pool and cabana house per structure.

They are all expensive items.

But needless to say, there was a miscalculation and now I find myself writing a large check every year.

Not the kind of surprise I look forward to but one that I understand why it happened.

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I have never been so appreciative of heat lamps…

30 Jan

When I bought my property in Palm Beach county, it had heat lamps in all the bathroom ceilings.

I thought, ‘I doubt I will ever use these but I will leave them.”

It’s been so cold this week, they feel great.

I am so appreciative to have them. I think they were a stroke of genius now.

Even with the furnace running the heat lamps still feel good getting out of a shower or tub.

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Off to coffee…

26 Jan

I’m going for coffee this afternoon with a friend in the design business. I just want to see what she’s working on these days.

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How funny…

26 Jan

My Mother in South Carolina had house guests who had a brand new, very expensive Porsche.

Her neighbors all called her and said, “Is Laura in town? Is she back?”

How funny. How truly funny.

No, I am sorry to tell you that what I said to G. many years ago is still true, “I have no plans or intentions to return to Hilton Head permanently.”

G. was going to come down to Palm Beach recently to have dinner with me. I know him well. Very well. I know when he’s bluffing and he was bluffing about a lot in his reasons for wanting a conversation. He could never understand that I always knew when he was lying.

And as I said before and it is still true, I have no intentions of returning for a life on Hilton Head.

Do I still service clients on Hilton Head and Bluffton – yes. But I can do it just fine from Palm Beach.

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What I have to remember…

26 Jan

…is that this too will pass somehow, someway I will find answers.

I’ve had a successful career and life for 30 years because I always seem to find a way to solve some of life’s more complicated problems.

Two things that are always difficult to deal with are my neck and difficult personalities that some people can have. And one can definitely put stress on the other.

With my neck I just have to do what I have to do and then things will get better for a while.

In terms of the personalities, everyone within earshot got a tongue lashing today from a certain individual and no one was deserving of what got handed out. Our only comfort was that no one was spared and we were all in the painful mess together. Even the individual knew they were the problem and reluctantly admitted it by the end of the day. It doesn’t make it any easier for us because it happens a lot.

I’m always sensitive to that stuff. I don’t like it when people aren’t nice. They usually aren’t nice because they aren’t treating themselves well. They aren’t taking care of themselves and they lash out. Or they just aren’t nice people – I’ve had some dealings in my life with that type as well.

All I can ever say to myself is, I don’t want to be like that and I try to have an uncomplicated life that doesn’t cause a lot of problems. A few years ago I simplified my life greatly. It was a wise, wise move. I ended up with a happier life.

Everybody goes through rough spots occasionally. But some people become miserable because they let their lives get unmanageable.

For me, I don’t tend to get attached easily in a romantic relationship because because when I have a rough spot to deal with I send people away. And you don’t get attached to people who aren’t there for the painful days and everyone has them. So unfortunately I’ve learned that I tend to be the one who sticks around for other people’s bad days. And that’s been part of the success equation to a certain extent. But there are times when I doubt my wisdom for doing this.

Everything that has made this week unpleasant will eventually get solved one way or another.

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Neck Procedure

25 Jan

I go every month for my neck, I have for years and years.

I went today and it was obvious that it’s time to do the neck procedure again. I was putting it off as long as I could but this week had so much stress that the additional muscle tension in my neck just turned it into fire.

So we’re going to go ahead and do it. It’s the same one I’ve had done four times. It’s brutal. They can’t give you anything to numb it. The first one is diagnostic. It’s not even like you could take a shot of whiskey. They have to put the needles in when you can feel everything because they have to hit the most painful part of the nerve so they can mark it for the actual procedure. During the actual procedure, they try to kill the nerve. It lasts about a year before it grows back.

It’s brutal. I hate doing it. It gets more painful each time because the needles have to go through scar tissue. But then a week after, I am so glad I did it because there will be some relief.

Right now, it’s just down right unbearable because there’s been too much tension on my neck this week. And of course, we have to wait for approval from the insurance company. They always approve it but it can take over a week to get the paperwork we need before we can do a diagnostic. It may take a month to get all the ducks in a row, but it will feel somewhat better after it’s over with.

I’m going to take a hot shower and put a patch on it to try to get it to let up.

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