Omar the Orchid

This rambunctious cast of characters was created by Laura Kerbyson.

The characters and stories are a work in progress - they are the seeds in the creative comedic garden.

They will eventually be animated.


Omar the Orchid

Omar is a buck-toothed Blue Orchid with a sense of humor for telling garden jokes and stories. His jokes are so corny they'll have you saying, "Oh Omar!" in no time. Funny, silly, stupid and just plain ridiculous this cast of characters keeps the garden interesting. Omar is no boutique Orchid; he's a pure farm boy in a country garden.

Omar and his cast of characters are being developed into a cartoon storybook and film script.

In animation, the first step of the process is the character sheets and that's what is posted on this site. These are sheets of the characters without animation used when the script is being developed.

Will the Weed

Will the Weed is always trying to control the garden and get the upper hand. He is a wicked, wicked boy that you don't want to turn your back on. Always thinking he's "Mr. Fabulous" Will conspires to steal the show from Omar. He's thinks he so fabulous that he's demanding his own movie trailer. He wants Eddie Murphy to be cast for his character.

I took screen writing in graduate school. I may have to dust off those skills to satisfy Will. "I want ..., I want ..." that's all I hear from this star. The script is in progress. The only thing that Will the Weed is afraid of is the Mad Mower.

Hazel Hoe

Hazel Hoe is a Dirty Garden Hoe. This femme fatal character is just ripe for making fun. But make no mistake, Hazel likes to play dirty and always seems to save the day.

Polly Poppy

Polly Poppy is the honey to Will the Weed's sting. Sweet and poised she is always the shyest character.

Dan the Daffodil

Dude! That's so great. Our always sunny friend is Dan the Daffodil

Ray the Rose

Towering above the other flowers is Ray with his long and slender neck.

Molly Mum

Mum's the word for Molly as she is a gestures only girl.

Thyme, Rosemary and Basil

Our friends the herbs make a savory guest appearance.

The Stud Spuds

This fab four are the potatoes from the vegetable garden. Who knew potatoes could be this funny.

The Mad Mower

He is a demon to be sure. A lawn mower with anger issues. Mad Mower wants nothing more than cut everything in his path. He longs to chop the heads off of the pretty little flowers. He is not happy unless the grass is SHORT.


He is a hapless hound with dementia. He buried his bone three years ago and has never found it. He digs holes everywhere constantly looking for the mythical bone.

The Farmer

The farmer is so lonely since his wife died. Taking care of the vegetable garden takes all of his time and he hasn't any time left for the flowers. When the Mrs. was alive she lavished her love and attention on the flower garden. Now it is going to the weeds and endangered by Mad Mower. It's all the flowers can do to keep that hapless hound, Rover, from digging everything up.

One joke after another, Omar the Orchid is an animated, musical, comedy about a garden gone a "rye" and the adventures of the flowers and Will the Weed to keep it intact.