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Game Design Flashback - CrazyDaisy

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This is from the vintage files. I taught game design for many years.

Give your brain a challenge - play your left vs. your right hand. Which side wins?

This game comes from an old version we made with a pool table and some balloons. Positioning one player on one side of the table and tapping multiple balloons simultaneously to score points.

Inevitably, a balloon would float out of bounds, but we could "legally" tap it back into play. Hence the unpredictable daisies that float off the board and come back - those Crazy Daisies!

Unreal Developers Kit
(UDK) - Electronic Chapters

Click on the image below to download three chapters I wrote and designed for the new UDK (Unreal Developers Kit). While I decided not to finish the book, I am letting the three chapters go for free. As of right now (9/23/2011) there are no books on UDK. Hope this helps those of you looking for directions on UDK. The chapters are an example of my layout and design skills.

UDK Chapters


Other Published Titles as Game Developer:

Fleming Castle (Single Player)

Fleming Castle (Multiplayer)

Tertullian's Tomb


I also taught game design for about eight years in various forms.

Game Design